Wolfpax Riders Mini Downhill Race Report Saturday 12th June

Wolfpax Riders Mini Downhill Race Report Saturday 12th June

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Wolfpax Riders Mini Downhill Race Report Saturday 12th June

Posted: 28 June 2010

With the dust having settled from the previous weekends glitz and glamour of the UCI World Cup in Fort William, things were a bit simpler for the Wolfpax rider's club Mini Downhill race. Forty one riders gathered in the Laggan Wolftrax car park (with their parents to sign the consent forms) to ride up a hill and race back down to see who was the fastest. No trade stands, no big fancy team trucks, just a hill with a downhill course and 41 riders wanting to win. The atmosphere was as intense as the world cup with the crowds of parents lining the track cheering the riders on, and results being decided on the wire with only hundredths of a second separating some places. Downhill racing in its purest form.

The day started at 9am with riders signing on, getting their bikes checked and pulling on the full face helmets ready to spend the morning practice session riding the track and getting their lines dialled. Then after lunch at the BBQ it was back up to the top of the hill to start racing at half one.

The course was set on the 4x4 track that crosses the lower red at Wolftrax. At first glance it looked simple, but a few sneaky chicanes had been made with tape to force riders to make some line changes. All this plus some sections of bedrock and loose dirt/gravel turns, it really wasn't as simple as you thought. The format of the race was simple three timed runs, three shots to ride the track as fast as you could with the best time deciding the results. After two hours of practice-though the course was looking a bit different with some lines well worn and new ones appearing-many of the riders decided to play it safe on the first run and get a time on the board, then go for glory on the 2nd and 3rd runs.

First through the start gates were the under 10's who were taking the racing as seriously as the older riders, with less than four seconds separating the podium and nearly all the results decided on the 3rd run. Wolfpax rider Myles Reid got 1st place on the top step with a time of 39.07 seconds. Followed by Sam Conolly (34.69 seconds) and Jamie Edmonson (35.69seconds). Megan Daynes was the 1st Girl with a time of 42.14 seconds with Charlotte Bissett 2nd (47.63 seconds).

The under 12's race was also closely fought with only 0.07 separating 1st place Mathew Macdonald (32.91seconds) and 2nd place Ewan Mackay (32.98seconds). Sam Cockman was 3rd place with 36.03 seconds. The Girls held their own with the boys, getting times to place them between the 2nd and 3rd place boys. Wolfpax local Rona Strivens was 1st (33.46seconds) followed closely by Ella Conolly with a time of 34.73 seconds.

Next through the gate were the Under 14 boys who really ramped up the pace with Tomas Van Holten in 1st Place, setting the 2nd fastest time of the day with 24.31 seconds. Neil Stewart another Wolfpax rider, put in a good fight to secure 2nd place with 26.39 seconds followed by Ryan Dickie in 3rd place with a time of 29.72 seconds.

The Under 16's podium was another close call with 2.4 seconds separating 1st place Ewan Simpson and 3rd place Finlay Strivens. 2nd place Alister Logie managed to squeeze himself into this tight gap with a time of 29.96seconds.

The final two riders on the course were the under 18's with Wolfpax local Scot Grosdanoff securing 2nd, with a time of 30.83 seconds but Jake Menday stormed ahead to take 1st place and the fastest time of the day with a run of 24.29 seconds.

Catriona Strivens Wolfpax club secretary said: "I'm really pleased with how the first Wolfpax Mini Downhill race has gone, the event has been a great success. It's been a fantastic day watching all the riders experience their first taste of downhill racing. We are definitely going to be having more mini DH races in the future!"

Wolfpax riders would like to thank:

Lindsay and Gail at Base camp MTB for letting us use the trails, providing uplift and use of the BBQ.


Badenoch and Strathspey Sports council for their continued support of the club

The National lottery fund

John and Diane Grosdanoff for cooking up a storm on the BBQ.

Buff headwear and Steve Peat for providing prizes.

For more info on the Wolfpax riders club visit www.wolfpaxriders.com

If you missed the Wolfpax race but want to have a shot at Mini Downhill racing entries are now open for the Innerleithen MTB Racing Mini Downhill Series. There are 3 rounds on 27th June, 18th July, 22nd August.

To enter the first round on 27th June visit entry central


Or for more info on the series visit the Innerleithen MTB racing website