Science in Sport quickfire questions: Mark Stewart

Science in Sport quickfire questions: Mark Stewart

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Ahead of the Tissot UCI Track Cycling World Cup, Great Britain Cycling Team endurance rider Mark Stewart took to the hotseat to face our Science in Sport (SiS) quickfire questions.

What is your favourite hobby outside of cycling?
Favourite hobby outside of cycling is spending an absurd amount of money on eating food.

What is your favourite SiS product?
Favourite product of SIS is the Rego recovery.

What’s your favourite SiS flavoured gel?
Favourite SIS flavoured gel is Apple.

How important is sports nutrition to your performance?
Without the proper nutrition it wouldn’t be possible to keep training day in day out, to maintain competing at a high level.

If you’re out on a ride, gel or bar?
Bar for steady riding, gel for efforts.

Favourite cheat meal?
Cookies or big dirty burger.

Favourite meal your mum cooks for you?
Love my mum's lasagne.

Out of the team pursuit lads, who is the best cook?
Kian Emadi (laughs) nah it’s probably me.