Science in Sport quickfire questions: Andy Tennant

Science in Sport quickfire questions: Andy Tennant

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Great Britain Cycling Team endurance rider Andy Tennant is the first in the hotseat to face our Science in Sport (SiS) quickfire questions.

What’s your favourite hobby outside of cycling?
Coffee!! I spend my spare time geeking up about coffee. I don’t often go out for coffee as I am a snob there are only a few cafe in Shropshire where I live that I will visit, but my bike ride do go on route to make sure these feature.

I even write the odd blog about coffee on my website People often ask me my fave coffee, I usually like an Ethiopian coffee as they are generally a bit bizarre. I am drinking one at the moment from a London Roaster called Workshop and it tastes like tropical. Blueberry and lemon flavours are quite common in Ethiopian coffees.

What’s your favourite SiS product?
Mint chocolate Advanced Isolate - I like how this product has a refreshing minty taste as sometimes they can be too sweet.

What’s your favourite SiS flavoured gel?

How important is sports nutrition to your performance?
Extremely important.

If you’re out on a ride, gel or bar?

Favourite cheat meal?
I love my desserts! Anything sweet but I love a good tub of Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

Favourite meal that your mum cooks for you?

Out of the team pursuit lads, who is the best cook?
Me! I try and cook different things all the time - a quick Google and off I go, but it never contains fish!

What's the one thing your nutritionist always tells you off about?
What doesn’t she tell me off about?!