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Follow these tips for faster, safer descending whether riding solo or in a group.

Because you will typically be riding at faster speeds when descending, it is important to keep scanning ahead for corners, potholes and other obstacles. This will allow you to pick the fastest and safest line.

Getting low on the bike with your hands on the drops and covering the brakes will help you go faster in a straight line and give you a lower centre of gravity and more grip when coming into corners.

If you are descending in a group, it is likely that you will have riders descending faster or slower than you. Be consistent with the direction of your overtaking manoeuvre. Typically pass on the right in the UK, and vice versa if you are riding in a country where they drive on the right hand side of the road.

Want to test out your descending skills? Check out our sportive calendar to find the perfect event for you.


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