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Young leaders' Academy

Young leaders' Academy

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As the HSBC UK Go-Ride programme continues to grow we recognise an opportunity to further develop and invest in the young volunteer workforce.

The Young Leaders' Academy (YLA) is an exciting opportunity for anyone that has completed the Cycling Award for Young Volunteers pathway from Bronze to Gold.

The Young Leaders' Academy has clear aims:

  • Support young leaders’ next steps in their education and careers by helping them to develop essential skills.
  • Create a group of knowledgeable, skilled and enthusiastic young leaders to support the HSBC UK Go-Ride programme in clubs.

This innovative programme encourages sharing leadership experiences, using technology and volunteering at prestigious events, showcasing the incredible talent at the highest level of young volunteers.

The support of regional staff, and the positive input from our Go-Ride Clubs, puts us in a strong position to offer something for everyone.

You’ll also get an impressive rewards package as recognition for all your hard work.

Want to get involved? Read about the full programme and access the Academy membership form below.

Young leaders academy programme

academy membership form

For more information on the Young Leaders' Academy please contact:

Joel on email:

or by phone: 0161 274 2126

If you are yet to start your journey into volunteering, discover the Cycling Award for Young Volunteers.


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