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Go-Ride Racing: An Introduction to BMX

Go-Ride Racing: An Introduction to BMX

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Go-Ride Racing: An Introduction to BMX

BMX racing is an action packed cycling discipline which tests a rider's skill to the limit at top speed. Races take place over a short course of 300m-400m and can be run with up to 8 riders at a time. A BMX track consists of jumps, bumps and banked corners (berms), but at Go-Ride Racing level events can be held in a number of places with a bit of imagination!

The Go-Ride Racing Handbook illustrates how to run this fast and fun style of racing both with and without BMX specific equipment and facilities. There is also advice on the moto (qualifying rounds) format needed to run a simple race. These guidelines should be tailored to the needs and ability of the riders and aim to outline the bare essentials needed to run a successful entry level BMX race with the main objective being full speed bike racing!


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