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Go-Ride Racing: An Introduction to Cycle Speedway

Go-Ride Racing: An Introduction to Cycle Speedway

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Go-Ride Racing: An Introduction to Cycle Speedway

Cycle Speedway involves riders racing around a flat oval track ranging from 60-90m in length over 4 laps in an anti-clockwise direction.

Outdoor tracks are traditionally covered in shale, with indoor tracks being on a hard wood surface, however a track can generally be set up on any flat surface.

Cycle Speedway bikes only have a single gear and feature slim knobbly tyres with a similar tread to those used on Cyclo-Cross bikes. The gear is small to allow riders to accelerate quickly after coming out of each curve. The bikes have flat pedals often with sand paper pads providing extra grip to allow the riders to take one foot off the pedal to corner tightly.

Speedway involves a great deal of tactical awareness with the best riders displaying well practiced starting and cornering skills. Heats happen quickly it a high level of competition and in some cases riders need to be ready to race again within minutes of finishing an earlier round. In Go-Ride Racing events all riders should be given an adequate rest period in between heats.

There should be 4 riders in each heat and all competitors should be given the chance to start form each of the 4 starting gates (inside through to outside of the track). Riders compete in a round robin with the top points scorer taking the victory.


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