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Rider development sessions for under-23s

Rider development sessions for under-23s

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British Cycling has launched its brand new HSBC UK Go-Ride rider development sessions for under-23 riders, extending the existing provision of quality, structured coaching for young people and supporting their transition into the senior ranks.

There is often a drop in the number of people participating in sport – any sport – when they move into senior categories and this is a challenge British Cycling wants to tackle head on. The HSBC UK Go-Ride team is excited to have the opportunity to provide activities for young people graduating from the under-16 categories at youth level and progressing into senior competition.

The Go-Ride programme and Go-Ride Clubs up and down the country have an excellent track record when it comes to increasing the levels of young people participating in cycling:

  • Dramatically increasing the number of young people riding and racing with Go-Ride Clubs.
  • An ever-increasing number of HSBC UK Go-Ride Racing activities, providing the stepping stone into regional youth racing.
  • An overwhelming increase in the number of young people volunteering in Go-Ride Clubs.

However, during the HSBC UK Go-Ride Conferences and club support sessions, volunteers often request support in encouraging young people to keep cycling after they reach the age of 16. The Go-Ride team has responded directly to this feedback, and each HSBC UK Go-Ride Coach will now be hosting one dedicated coaching session every month for young people aged 23 and under.

The rider development sessions for under-23s will be held at traffic-free facilities, providing coaching and advice to riders, which will help them to make the transition into open senior competition.

Both experienced and new riders aged between 16 and 23 years will be eligible to attend the sessions, which are open to young people from Go-Ride Clubs, universities or any other background. Riders inspired to race will benefit from focused coaching at an appropriate cycling facility for up to two hours.

Go-Ride Clubs and coaches have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to work with this age group and many sessions are already planned across the country.

For example, the South West Go-Ride Coach, Justin Knox, will be hosting sessions at Westpoint Arena, which offers wide and long expanses of tarmacked area – ideal for road and time trial training.

Meanwhile, over in the East Midlands, sessions will be taking place at Prestwold Airfield, hosted by Go-Ride Coach, Dean Hughes. 

Find activities in your area by contacting your regional development manager or Go-Ride Coach. You can also find them listed on the events calendar.


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