Dates Set For 2012 Go-Ride Conferences

Dates Set For 2012 Go-Ride Conferences

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The dates for the 2012 annual Go-Ride Conferences have been confirmed.

With a theme of ‘Gearing Up for the Games’ the conferences will focus on the anticipated positive effects of the London Olympics and address how clubs can best benefit from its legacy.

In addition, useful information on areas such as club development, the rider pathway and opportunities for young volunteers will be addresseds although further details on the day’s workshops will follow in the New Year.

Andrew Chaston, British Cycling’s Development Manager for Clubs and Volunteers, said: “Our Go-Ride Conferences provide us with the opportunity to thank all the hardworking club volunteers and hopefully provide them with some assistance and advice to support them with their club responsibilities. It’s also a great chance to meet like-minded volunteers from other Go-Ride clubs from around the country.

“Inevitably, the workshops will have an Olympic focus and will outline how clubs can best utilise this once in a lifetime opportunity for the good of their club and the sport. We obviously would urge all of our club volunteers to attend and to make the most of this free opportunity to learn more and develop their skills.”

Official invitations will go out to all Go-Ride clubs and volunteers in the New Year, but please contact the Go-Ride team if have any questions or queries regarding the upcoming events.

Solihull – 3rd March
Bridgwater – 4th March
Farnborough – 10th March
Cheshunt – 11th March
York – 17th March
Manchester – 18th March

For further information:
Phone: 0161 274 2070

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