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This just highlights how with clubs delivering Go-Ride activities, cycling can get a real boost. The club will benefit as well because this regular influx of new young members will lead to more parents, relatives and friends getting involved when they see how much fun cycling can be.

Cobnor Go-Ride’s activities are mainly off road with the club specialising in Cross Country riding and racing. To this end the club have based their activities at Cobnor activities centre at Cobnor point in Chichester (PO18 8TE). At this location the club can take advantage of some excellent facilities that allows them to teach basic Go-Ride skills on flat areas and then expand activities into more challenging trails.

In addition to these session Cobnor Go-Ride have expanded their activities to a local school in Childham Primary School, Childham PO18 8TH. These sessions run from 3:30-4:30pm on Wednesdays for ages 9-12 and are an excellent opportunity for young people to get involved in cycling straight after school and then develop that interest in the community cycle club.

Now that Cobnor Go-Ride Club are a Go-Ride Clubmark club they are a beacon club in the South East region. This is because they have demonstrated a set of minimum operating standards in Safeguarding Young People, Sports Equity, Club Management and Coaching.

An example of the standards that the club operates to is that they will always have a qualified coach leading the coaching sessions and that they will always have trained volunteers filling the roles of Coach, Welfare Officer and Club Contact.

This means existing and prospective club members can be confident that their child will be safe, have fun and be challenged when getting involved in cycling with Cobnor Go-Ride.

For more information please contact Liz Wilson on 01243 572 791.


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