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Go-Ride Racing is for any rider under 16 who wants to burn some energy on a bike while developing their skills and making new friends.

Events take place across the country, organised by a network of over 350 Go-Ride Clubs (cycling clubs for kids) and British Cycling's Go-Ride Coaches. They are also social get-togethers within your community, with activities appropriate for riders at different stages and a firm focus on fun.

Expect beginner-friendly formats where almost all bikes are welcome and prizes awarded as riders progress and gain confidence. To get started, visit our event finder and type in your location to see what's going on nearby.

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More about Go-Ride Clubs

Information for clubs

Including entry-level Go-Ride Racing opportunities as part of your club activities will give young riders the chance to experience the thrill and excitement of bike racing.

Hosting a Go-Ride Racing event is easy, all you need is a Level 2 coach and some enthusiastic volunteers. There are many fantastic reasons to get involved:

  • Receive British Cycling prizes to award at your events
  • Events promoted on the British Cycling events calendar
  • Use of the British Cycling event organiser dashboard
  • Use of the British Cycling online entry system
  • Public liability insurance for racing competitions
  • Support from British Cycling’s regional Go-Ride team

HSBC UK Go-Ride Racing

Additional free resources for series of races

On top of the equipment bags, we offer a prize package to event organisers holding a two event race series and more. Their contents will help you to reward the effort and achievements of riders and make their racing experience memorable. These include:

2 event race package:

  • 3 x sets of gold, silver, bronze medals
  • 25 x certificates for the series
  • 1 set of gold, silver, bronze trophies.

4 event race package:

  • 6 x sets of gold, silver, bronze medals
  • 50 x certificates for the series
  • 2 sets of gold, silver, bronze trophies.

6 event race package:

  • 9 x sets of gold, silver, bronze medals
  • 75 x certificates for the series
  • 3 sets of gold, silver, bronze trophies.

For further increments of 2 race series you will receive a further 3 sets of medals, 1 set of trophies and 25 certificates.

HSBC UK Go-Ride Racing

Registering a Go-Ride Race

You will need access to the event organiser tab on your British Cycling dashboard. To get access, please contact go-rideracing@britishcycling.org.uk.

You will then be able to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the event organiser tab,
  • Select 'create new event' and follow the online instructions
  • Select 'competitive event' and the relevant discipline
  • Select 'Go-Ride Racing' when you create a race within the event
  • Complete all relevant boxes and proceed to next step
  • Follow all further instructions until the event has been submitted.

A more detailed step by step guide to registering a Go-Ride Race can be viewed here.

These will be submitted to the Go-Ride team for checks and approval. Once approved, you'll receive confirmation, and the event will appear on the events webpage.

Following your event, you are requested to do the following:

Pay event levies priced at £1 per rider via your event organiser dashboard. A more detailed step by step guide can be viewed here.

a) Submit provisional results with name, gender and finishing position for races at your events via your event organiser dashboard or

b) Upload a report that highlights the age and gender breakdown of your event on the event organiser dashboard. 

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