Report: Muddy Monday Mountain Bike League 6

Report: Muddy Monday Mountain Bike League 6

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Muddy Monday Mountain Bike League 6
Event:  8 July 2013
Location: Gallagher Park, Bedlington
Report and Images: Stephen Mcintosh

30 riders took to the start line of the 6th race in the Barnesbury CC Muddy Monday MTB League supported by Bernicia and Start Cycles. With the best 5 events to count the overall racing was extremely close for the points towards the series throughout the age categories.

Riders of the night were David Harlin and Cameron Short (MRPSCC) who both had huge improvements in their overall totals to leap up the league standings. Jack Nicholson (MRPSCC) with his consistently high performances closed to within 9 points of series leader Charles Lewis (Newcastle Phoenix) who missed the round, setting up the last event nicely.

In the under 10 category Grace Castle (Newcastle Phoenix) closed in on league leader Daniel Holmes (Tyneside Vags). Holmes winning the time trial and mass start race was let down by the skills race, with Castle scoring consistently throughout the events making up the league.

In the under 14 and under 16 categories Joe Tubby (Tyneside Vags) and Jack Watson (Barnesbury CC) secured a maximum points total in their respective categories, while Jon Morley (Barnesbury CC) secured a win on the night with another above age performance to win his age category prize.

All is still to ride for in the under 8 category. Mea Cleathero’s (Barnesbury CC) strong performance could have altered the league standings drastically, after winning the skills and hill time trial and leading the mass start race Cleathero was on for a maximum nightly points total, however a crash on the last lap meant series leader Edith McIntosh (Barnesbury CC) secured the win and with Joseph Castle (Newcastle Phoenix) getting 2nd it means Cleathero is 60 points off overcalling McIntosh for the title.

The next round in the series will take place on Monday 15th July.  Remember the best five races count towards the overall total and the final overall standings.  For further information, please visit the club website here.


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