The HSBC UK Go-Ride Racing Weekender

The HSBC UK Go-Ride Racing Weekender

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The 2019 UCI World Road Championships are coming to the UK at the end of September and we want to celebrate with the biggest weekend of HSBC UK Go-Ride Racing the country has ever seen!

Be part of the fun by organising your own mini world championships on the weekend of 21-22 September, holding races in your local community and inviting as many young, aspiring racing cyclists as possible.

Inspiring activities and an engaging competitive environment will help to encourage the next generation of Britain’s young riders to take to their bikes up and down the country, replicating their idols who will be racing for the iconic rainbow stripes on the roads of Yorkshire.

There will be limited edition HSBC UK Go-Ride Racing prize packages to help motivate any budding cyclists and show the local community how exciting racing a bike can be.

Get inspired

HSBC UK Go-Ride Racing is the ideal way to engage novice racing cyclists; the relaxed structure and ability to change race styles ensure all who attend the races are catered for. Here are some of our favourite race ideas to help you start thinking about your event.

And remember: at any HSBC UK Go-Ride Racing event riders must have a minimum of two chances to race.

Race Guide

Planning your races, tasks and dates


Always plan ahead. Is your race going to be instead of your regular coaching session or a standalone event? Can your race be part of a club series?  Could you put on a HSBC UK Go-Ride Race as part of a community festival and highlight to a wider audience?


Will you be using your regular coaching venue? A location at a local festival site or a specific cycling facility?



Although we are celebrating the road world championships coming to Britain, practicing multi-disciplines can enhance the development of a rider with the skills learnt in one discipline being transferred to another. Trying something different will keep your riders engaged, too.

Why not have multiple disciplines all at one event? Start with a pursuit and follow it with a cyclo-cross race. Or perhaps a speedway race and then a mini skills race? It may allow for more even race results as everyone can find their strength within cycling.

Age groups

Could you incorporate balance bike riders into your races as well? Or even have a specific balance bike event?

Aims for your racing event

Are you wanting to increase club membership? Provide an environment for young cyclists to practice their skills in a racing situation? Close the gender imbalance or prepare individuals for regional level racing? Make sure your races have purpose.


You will need a few key volunteers to be able to run the races. Ensure that everyone knows their role in the organising and planning of your event and that adequate cover is available for all areas on the day of the event.

Roles and Responsibilities

Make use of our tasks and actions table to organise ahead of the event and make checks on the day.

Register your event

You can register your events by using the event organiser tab on your British cycling dashboard and clicking create new event. 

*If you do not have access to the event organiser tab please contact the Go-Ride team by e-mailing and requesting access

By following the steps below this will provide British Cycling with the information needed to ensure your club can take advantage of all the great prizes, giveaways and resources linked to the Yorkshire Road World Championships. It will also allow potential riders to find your racing event on the British cycling events system.

Get Started

Go-Ride Racing Handbook

After the event

Hopefully you will have had a brilliant day of racing with lots of new faces coming along to have a go. It’s a good idea to plan in advance how you will keep in touch with these riders and their families, to grow your membership and offer local cycling opportunities to even more potential champions of the future.

You could invite them to another activity that you have lined up or give them a voucher to a free session. Explain the great benefits they will gain from signing up to your club and take the opportunity to speak to riders, parents and helpers on the day to understand how it went and what you might change for next time.


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