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Introduction to road cycling

Road cycling has something for everyone, from epic endurance rides, mountainous climbs, and headlong sprints to leisurely rolls along the lanes of Great Britian.

Lizzie Deignan, Chris Boardman, Nicole Cooke, Chris Froome; great champions produced on the roads of Great Britain.

Every journey to a world title, yellow jersey or Olympic glory all began by getting on a bike.

The British Isles have some of the most spectacular, challenging and pleasurable cycling routes in the world; from the coastal roads in the highlands of Scotland, to the flats of the Norfolk Broads – there is a ride to suit everyone.

Road cycling can be enjoyed in a number of ways by cyclists (and non-cyclists) of all abilities.

Whether you fancy trying you hand at racing, want to test your endurance over a sportive, hope to raise some money on a charity ride or simply want to enjoy a peddle with your family, the possibilities are endless.

More and more of us are taking to the roads on our bikes and enjoying the great benefits cycling can bring; a healthier lifestyle, increased fitness levels, reducing emissions, and even saving a few pennies.

British Cycling are working hard to ensure British roads are safer than ever before, help more women get out on their bikes, encourage volunteers and increase national awareness and participation in the sport.

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The venue

The venue for road cycling begins as soon as you leave your front door.

Whether you decide to commute on two wheels, potter around town at the weekend or cover hundreds of miles on your weekends – the roads are there to be used and absolutely free.

Road racing takes place on a variety of different courses. The majority of traditional road racing takes place on the open road, with vehicular marshals marking the nose and the tail of a race.

Circuit racing takes place on closed-road circuits, either purpose built for cycling or repurposed motor racing circuits. Time trialling also takes place on the open road on one of a number of pre-determined time trial courses.

Find a closed-road circuit

The National Cycling Network has approved routes that cross the whole country, providing safe, clean and fun rotes for all riders to enjoy.

Road cycling events

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