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Start date:
Sun, 8th Sep 2013
Event Type:
Road (Competitive)
Easterley RC Bungalow
North Hall Road, Ugley, Essex, CM22 6JD
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Eastern Road Race League
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Sun, 18th Aug 2013
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Victoria/Ciclos Uno.com/CC ( website )
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Event organiser:
Mr Simon Hotchkiss
1 Sharps Cottages
07875 387171
Cheques payable to:
Victoria CC - £16 (pre-entry) or £21 on the day (if accepted)
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Info for Riders:
We're Celebrating our 35th Annual Road Race this year, so why not come and join us ?
Preview Races:
Date Start Race name Classification Band Rider Cat Duration
8 Sep 13 09:00 3/4 Regional B Band 4 3rd, 4th 95km / 59m

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Please find attached link for the race route:-




Arrive at the Race HQ at least 45 mins before the start time to park, register and organise yourself.


We ask all rides to Group together just in front of the Motorway Bridge adjacent to the parking area where a Race Brief will be given, We then roll out together along North Hall Road in Convoy in the Neutralised Zone. Upon the right turn onto the B1383 towards Newport the Commissaires will start the Race.

It is six laps of the circuit indicated with five Primes and a hill finish. Just over 95k and 800 metres of climbing  


All Riders all reminded of the rules governing Race Conditions and that the riding on the wrong side of the carriageway is dangerous and will not be accepted.


One the Race has finished Riders are again reminded that they remain under the jurisdiction of the Race Conditions and Commissaires until then have returned to the Race HQ and retrieved their Licences. 


Entry On the Day - As the field is not complete we will accept entries on the day. The cost for this is £21 plus any licence requirements and will be based upon the governing rules. Entry is from 8.00am and you will be advised after closure as to whether you have a place and given your numbers accordingly.


Due to the cancellation of other Races, there has been a huge interest and you are strongly urged to speak with the Organiser by telephone if you have any questions.  





Event Location:

North Hall Road,
CM22 6JD

Race: 3/4

Date Start Classification Band Rider Cat Duration
8 Sep 13 09:00 Regional B Band 4 3rd, 4th 95km / 59m

Start Sheet

Posted 21/08/2013

Please find as below the start sheet for all Riders.


Each rider will have been sent a confirmation email and will be sent a Race Programme and Riders Brief before the 27th August.


      Riders             Riders      
No.   Name     Club Cat   No.   Name     Club Cat
1 Andy  Beaman   Victoria CC 3   43 Anthony Batt   North Bucks CC 3
2 Richard Bartram   Victoria CC 4   44 Paul McEntee   North Bucks CC 3
3 Sean Gray    Victoria CC   4   45 Amritpal Virdi   Norwood Paragon 3
4 Noah Knock   Victoria CC 4   46 Matt Cowan   PCH UK RT 3
5 Gareth Turner   Autostrader Porsche RT 3   47 Daniel  Scott   PCH UK RT 3
6 Carl Adams   Aylesbury CC 3   48 Gerard Miley   St Ives   3
7 Joseph  Long   Bishop's Stortford CC 3   49 Thomas Gillingwater Strada Sport 3
8 Spencer Nash   Bishop's Stortford CC 3   50 Ben Wright   VC Revolution 3
9 Mark  Harris   Braintree Velo 3   51 James Wylie   Velo Schills Interbike 3
10 Nigel Hobday   Cambridge CC 3   52 Ian Cullen   Walden Velo 4
11 Ralph Keeler   Cambridge CC 3   53 Robert Williams   Walden Velo 4
12 Howard Lightfoot   Cambridge CC 3   54 Scott Gilchrist   4T+ Velo   3
13 Carmelo Luggeri   CC Ashwell 3   55            
14 Peter Green   CC Ashwell 4   56            
15 Louis Gyde   CC Breckland 4   57            
16 Thomas Smith   CC Hackney 3   58            
17 Daniel Babbs   Chelmer CC 3   59            
18 Greg Andrews   Colchester Rovers 3   60            
19 Jeremy O'Sullivan   Crest CC   3                
20 Ian  Samuel   Crest CC   3                
21 Robert Samuel   Crest CC   3     PARKING   PARKING PARKING  
22 Damien Foy   Eagle RC   3                
23 Thomas Dean   Eagle RC   3     NO PARKING AT H.Q.      
24 Matthew Heath   East London Velo 3                
25 Terry Garlinge   East London Velo 3     PLEASE PARK UNDER MOTORWAY BRIDGE  
26 Osama Assem   Finchley RT 3                
27 Oliver Mehmet   Finchley RT 3                
28 Andrew Perrin   Finchley RT 4                
29 Will Heddon   Glade CC   3                
30 John Woyton   Glendene CC 3                
31 Paul Saunders   Glendene CC 3                
32 Nicholas Cramer   Hertfordshire Wheelers  4                
33 Adrian McTiguee   Ipswich BC 4     PARKING   PARKING PARKING  
34 James Stokes   Kettering CC   3                
35 Stuart Whitlam   Lindsey Roads    4     NO PARKING AT H.Q.      
36 Akis Kollaros   London Dynamo   4                
37 Samuel Morgan   London Phoenix 3     PLEASE PARK UNDER MOTORWAY BRIDGE  
38 David Bird   London Phoenix 3                
39 Daniel Jaeggi   London Phoenix 4                
40 Robert Maclean   Maldon & District CC 4                
41 Richard Carrington   Mildenhall CC 3                
42 Jess Harding   Neon Velo 3                


All late entries have been notified that by email and their cheques will not be cashed.


There are seven places available for "Entries On The Day" - Race Entry open at 8.00am and is subject to Race Entries Rules accordingly 

Club Website

Posted 24/07/2013


Race Circuit

Posted 24/07/2013


Provisional Report and Results

Posted 08/09/2013 - British Cycling

Gerard Miley rides to his first ever win in the Victoria Road Race.. [more]

Confirmed Results

Race name: 3/4

Position Name Club name Rider status Category Time Points
1 Gerard Miley St Ives CC Finished 3rd 15
2 Chris Herring East London Velo Finished 4th 12
3 Matt Cowan Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team Finished N/A 10
4 Andrew Perrin Finchley Racing Team Finished 4th 8
5 Vincent Christan East London Velo Finished 4th 6
6 Robert Samuel Crest Cycling Club Finished N/A 5
7 Paul Saunders Glendene CC Finished 3rd 4
8 Gregory Niziskiotis London Dynamo Finished 4th 3
9 Daniel Scott Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team Finished 3rd 2
10 Oliver Caddy Cambridge CC Finished N/A 1
11 Jeremy O'Sullivan Crest Cycling Club Finished N/A 0
12 Daniel Babbs Chelmer CC Finished 3rd 0
13 Richard Carrington Mildenhall CC Finished 3rd 0
14 Stuart Whitlam Finished 0
15 Tim Mason Finished 4th 0
16 Stephen Mahon East London Velo Finished 3rd 0
17 Ben Wright VC Revolution Finished 3rd 0
18 Ralph Keeler Cambridge CC Finished 3rd 0
19 Howard Lightfoot Cambridge CC Finished 3rd 0
20 Matthew Heath East London Velo Finished 3rd 0
21 James Long Bishops Stortford CC Finished 3rd 0
22 Osama Assem Finchley Racing Team Finished 3rd 0
23 Tom Baskaya Finsbury Park CC Finished 3rd 0
24 Peter Green Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) Finished 4th 0
25 Robert Maclean Maldon & District CC Finished 4th 0
26 Ian Cullen Army Cycling Union Finished 4th 0
27 Gareth Turner Fast Test Racing Team Finished 3rd 0
28 Will Hedden Finished 3rd 0
29 Scott Gilchrist 4T+ Velo Club Finished 3rd 0
30 James Wylie Velo Schils - Interbike RT Finished 3rd 0
31 William Smith Finished N/A 0
32 Thomas Smith Cycling Club Hackney Finished 3rd 0
33 Louis Gyde Cycling Club Breckland Finished 4th 0
34 Nigel Hobday Cambridge CC Finished 3rd 0
35 Daniel Jaeggi London Phoenix CC Finished 4th 0
36 Robert Williams Walden Velo Finished 4th 0
37 Andrew Beaman Victoria/Ciclos Uno.com/CC Finished 3rd 0
38 James Stokes Kettering CC Finished 3rd 0
39 Carmelo Luggeri Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) Finished 3rd 0
40 Terry Garlinge Finished N/A 0
41 Bartosz Kawka Finchley Racing Team Finished 4th 0
42 Thomas Dean Eagle RC Finished 3rd 0
43 Gregory Andrews Colchester Rovers CC Finished 4th 0
44 Christopher Smith Python Racing Team Finished 3rd 0
45 Carl Adams Aylesbury CC Finished 3rd 0
46 Ian Samuel Crest Cycling Club Finished 3rd 0
47 Oliver Mehmet Finchley Racing Team Finished 3rd 0
Richard Bartram Victoria/Ciclos Uno.com/CC Did not start 4th 0
Anthony Batt North Bucks RC Did not start 3rd 0
David Bird London Phoenix CC Did not start 2nd 0
Michael Coomber ICycle Cycling Club Did not finish 3rd 0
Nicholas Cramer Hertfordshire Wheelers Did not finish 4th 0
Damien Foy Eagle RC Did not finish 3rd 0
Thomas Gillingwater Strada-Sport Did not start 3rd 0
Sean Gray Did not finish 0
Jess Harding Neon-Velo Cycling Team Did not start 3rd 0
Mark Harris Braintree Velo Cycle Racing Cl... Did not finish 3rd 0
Anthony Jarrett Finsbury Park CC Did not finish 3rd 0
Noah Knock Did not start 0
Akis Kollaros London Dynamo Did not start 4th 0
Colin Mannakee Glendene CC Did not finish 3rd 0
Paul McEntee North Bucks RC Did not finish 3rd 0
Adrian McTigue Ipswich Bicycle Club Did not start 4th 0
Samuel Morgan London Phoenix CC Did not start 2nd 0
Spencer Nash Bishops Stortford CC Did not finish 3rd 0
Edward Rulton Glendene CC Did not finish 4th 0
Andrew Stevenson Inverse/ Cycling Components RT Did not finish 3rd 0
Amritpal Virdi Norwood Paragon CC Did not start 3rd 0
John Woyton Glendene CC Did not start 3rd 0

Provisional Results

Please find the provisional results from the 35th Annual Victoria Road Race.


On behalf of the Club we thank everyone for their fantastic support for our Event - Officials, Marshalls, Volunteers, Club Members and every rider that took part!

Sadly, we lost several riders before the day started with closures on the Rail Network, yet the weather held to give sunshine and a very slight cool breeze - pretty much the perfect conditions for this great racing circuit.

Early punctures and a touch of wheels so the field thin out and the early breakaway of four was soon caught by the chasing main Group. A break towards the later half saw two riders get away and the chasing group closed towards the end, with a great bunch sprint to the line for everyone.





48 Gerard Miley  St Ives CC
2 60 Chris Herring East London Velo
3 46 Matt Cowan  Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team
4 28 Andrew Perrin  Finchley Racing Team
5 59 Vincent Christan  East London Velo
6 21 Robert Samuel  Crest CC - Ilford 
7 31 Paul Saunders  Glendene CC
8 67 Gregory Niziskiolis  London Dynamo
9 47 Daniel Scott  Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team
10 56 Oliver Caddy  Cambridge CC
11 19 Jeremy O'Sullivan  Crest CC - Ilford 
12 17 Daniel Babbs  Chelmer CC 
13 41 Richard Carrington  Mildenahll CC
14 35 Stuart Whitlam  Lindsey Roads
15 57 Tim Mason  Bike Trax
16 55 Stephen Matton  East London Velo
17 50 Ben Wright  VC Revolution
18 11 Ralph Keeler  Cambridge CC
19 12 Howard Lightfoot  Cambridge CC
20 24 Matthew Heath  East London Velo
21 7 Joseph Long  Bishops Stortford CC
22 26 Osama Assem  Finchley Racing Team
23 63 Tom Baskaya  Finsbury Park CC
24 14 Peter Green  Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
25 40 Robert MacLean  Maldon & District CC
26 52 Ian Cullen  Walden Velo
27 5 Gareth Turner  Autostrasse Porsche RT
28 29 William Hedden  Glade CC
29 54 Scott Gilchrist  4T+Velo
30 51 James Wylie  Velo Schils - Interbike RT
31 68 Will Smith  CC Ashwell
32 16 Thomas Smith  Cycling Club Hackney
33 15 Louis Gyde  Cycling Club Breckland
34 10 Nigel Hobday  Cambridge CC
35 39 Daniel Jaeggi  London Phoenix CC
36 53 Robert Williams  Walden Velo
37 1 Andrew Beaman  Victoria/Ciclos Uno.com/Cycling Club
38 34 James Stokes  Kettering CC
39 13 Carmelo Luggeri  CC Ashwell (CCA)
40 25 Terry Garlinge  East London Velo
41 58 Bartosz Kawka  Finchley Racing Team
42 23 Thomas Dean  Eagle RC
43 18 Gregory Andrews  Colchester Rovers CC
44 61 Chris Smith  Python RT
45 6 Carl Adams  Aylesbury CC
46 20 Ian Samuel  Crest CC - Ilford 
47 27 Oliver Mehmet  Finchley Racing Team
DNF 3 Sean Gray  Victoria/Ciclos Uno.com/Cycling Club
DNF 8 Spencer Nash  Bishops Stortford CC
DNF 9 Mark Harris  Braintree Velo Cycle Racing Club
DNF 22 Damien Foy  Eagle RC
DNF 32 Nicholas Cramer  Hertfordshire Whls
DNF 44 Paul McEntee  North Bucks CC
DNF 62 Andrew Stevenson  Inverse RT
DNF 64 Anthony Jarrett  Finsbury Park CC
DNF 65 Michael Coomber  Icycle
DNF 66 Ed Rulton  Glendene CC
DNF 69 Colin Mannakee  Glendene CC
DNS 2 Richard Bartram  Victoria/Ciclos Uno.com/Cycling Club
DNS 4 Noah Knock  Victoria/Ciclos Uno.com/Cycling Club
DNS 30 John Woyton  Glendene CC
DNS 33 Adrian McTigue  Ipswich BC
DNS 36 Akis Kollaros  London Dynamo
DNS 37 Samuel Morgan  London Phoenix CC
DNS 38 David Bird  London Phoenix CC
DNS 42 Jess Harding  Neon-Velo.com
DNS 43 Anthony Batt  North Bucks CC
DNS 45 Amritpal Virdi  Norwood Paragon CC
DNS 49 Thomas Gillingwater  Strada-Sport