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Start date:
Sun, 7th Oct 2012
Event Type:
Cycle Sportive (Non-Competitive)
Penshurst Place
Penshurst Place, Penshurst, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 8DG
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Event organiser:
Mr Paul Barron
Kent Foundation
Sessions House
Sessions Road
ME14 1XQ
01622 694341
Cheques payable to:
Kent Foundation
Info for Riders:
Two Rides, 44 miles Monarchy Route starting at Penshurst Place and visiting Ightham Mote, Knole Park and Hever Castle or Jousting Route 15 miles starting at Penshurst Place in a loop taking in Hever castle.
The undulating and picturesque rides include the most famous historic buildings in the south east. Both routes include refreshment stations. The well marshalled routes have been proposed by local cyclists and mapped/risk assessed by the Kent Foundation.
The Jousting Route is open to all those over 12 years, however riders under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult rider.
Preview Rides:
Date Start Ride name Grade BCG Duration
7 Oct 12 08:00 Monarchy Route --- --- 1 laps / 70km / 43m
7 Oct 12 09:00 Jousting Route --- --- 1 laps / 24km / 15m

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Event Location:

Penshurst Place,
TN11 8DG

Ride: Monarchy Route

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Online entry closed 2 years 7 months 26 days 23 hours 47 minutes 10 seconds  ago
Date Start Distance BCG Est. Field Size
7 Oct 12 08:00 1 laps / 70km / 43m --- 200

Ride: Jousting Route

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Online entry closed 2 years 7 months 26 days 23 hours 47 minutes 10 seconds  ago
Date Start Distance BCG Est. Field Size
7 Oct 12 09:00 1 laps / 24km / 15m --- 100

Online entry still open for Miles and Smiles - West Kent Heritage Bike Ride

Posted 02/10/2012 - British Cycling

The ride will whizz around the lanes visiting four of the oldest and most historic buildings in this ancient part of the county... [more]

Provisional Results

First Name Surname Route Time Taken
Sherif Aboutouk Monarchy 02:36:23
Fahim Ahmed Monarchy 03:48:04
Maria Albrow Monarchy DNS
Ben Allen Monarchy 02:33:00
James Allen Monarchy 02:37:07
Simon Andrew Monarchy 03:03:58
Steve Archobold Monarchy 03:35:47
Bassil Aslam Monarchy 02:30:55
Sally Aspital  Monarchy DNS
Fran Bailey Monarchy DNS
Marten Baker Monarchy DNS
Patrick Bareham Monarchy 02:11:33
Claire Barker Monarchy 03:01:26
Andrew Barnes Monarchy 02:34:25
Ben Bartlett Monarchy DNS
Roger Bartley Monarchy 03:16:59
Bruce Bell Monarchy 04:35:39
Tim Biddle Monarchy DNS
Thomas Bourne Monarchy 03:42:00
Jane Brooks Monarchy DNS
Julie Callman Monarchy 05:22:22
Ashley Camichel Monarchy DNS
Mark Carty Monarchy DNS
Michael  Carty Monarchy DNS
Simon Conyard Monarchy 02:45:18
Alistair Cook Monarchy 03:31:54
Ian Cormack Monarchy DNS
Joanne Coshell Monarchy DNS
Andy  Coveney Monarchy 04:56:00
Garry Curley Monarchy 03:36:00
John Deller Monarchy 03:26:01
Emma Dwyer Monarchy 03:11:05
Jonathan Earl Monarchy 03:01:10
Chris Fenton Monarchy 03:49:47
Andy  Garner Monarchy 03:36:00
Tim Gomez Monarchy 03:18:10
Belinda Gray Monarchy 05:25:34
Tom Griffiths Monarchy 03:28:15
Nelson Hamilton Monarchy 04:35:39
Tim Hammett Monarchy 03:32:00
Jamie Harris Monarchy 03:22:34
James Hartridge Monarchy 03:52:21
Anthony Hartridge Monarchy 03:52:21
Phill  Hayman Monarchy 02:48:51
John Heams Monarchy 02:23:12
Phil  Heathfield Monarchy 03:36:00
Stephen Hedley Monarchy 02:54:13
Dina Henry Monarchy DNS
Sarah Henry Monarchy DNS
Christopher Henry Monarchy DNS
Chris Heyworth Monarchy 02:28:33
Claire Hibberd Monarchy 03:26:48
Emma Hoad Monarchy 04:04:33
Tim Hoad Monarchy 04:04:33
Matt Hobbs Monarchy DNS
Duncan Hodge Monarchy 03:53:20
Ian Holden Monarchy 02:03:56
Stephen Holden Monarchy 02:03:56
Christopher Homewood Monarchy DNF
Matthew Hunt Monarchy 04:04:33
Wayne Jones Monarchy 02:56:34
Sarah Kingsland Monarchy DNS
Andy Laichbury Monarchy 02:48:39
Paul Lam Monarchy 03:00:58
Paul Lee Monarchy 03:16:58
Elliot  Lewis  Monarchy DNS
Anne  Luxton Monarchy 05:25:34
Rachel Mackay Monarchy 05:22:22
Linda Martin Monarchy DNS
Viv Martin Monarchy 04:59:45
Lisa Maynard Monarchy 05:25:34
Hayley Metcale Monarchy DNF
Alan Metcalfe Monarchy DNF
Gavin Mighall Monarchy 03:08:58
Glenn Miller Monarchy 03:12:07
Rob Mitchell Monarchy 02:45:18
Simon Moore Monarchy 03:53:20
Gurdev Moore Monarchy 02:30:55
Oliver Morris Monarchy 03:43:56
Robert Murray Willis Monarchy DNF
John Newsome Monarchy 03:01:18
Rob O'Callaghan Monarchy 03:48:04
Darren Ostridge Monarchy 02:33:09
Graham Palmer Jousting 01:18:16
Miranda Palmer Jousting 01:18:16
Peter Pearson Jousting 01:15:57
Andrew Pendlebery Monarchy 04:09:07
Tina Pendlebery Monarchy 04:09:07
Vince Ralph Monarchy DNS
Mike  Rayner Monarchy 03:14:31
Sharon Reeve Jousting 02:10:55
Rhys Richards Monarchy 03:28:14
Marianne Rijgwart Monarchy 03:01:26
Paul Riley Monarchy 04:35:39
Steve Rowland Monarchy 03:49:47
Gillian Sadler Monarchy DNS
Karen Searle Monarchy 03:22:50
Neville Sequiera Monarchy 03:08:58
Kirsty Sharp Monarchy 02:39:23
Nicky Silk Monarchy DNS
Jenny Slatter Monarchy 03:53:10
Cormac Sloan Monarchy 04:13:23
Benjamin Steel Monarchy 02:54:14
Lee Stepney Monarchy 03:08:58
Cheri Strudwick Jousting 02:30:15
Trevor Sturgess Jousting 02:24:29
Paul Sweeney Monarchy 02:24:45
Stuart Tanton Monarchy 03:55:20
Simon Taylor Monarchy 03:53:07
Peter Thomas Monarchy 03:32:04
Laurence Tricker Jousting DNS
Sara Turner Monarchy 05:25:34
Michael Twort Monarchy DNS
Jeff Underwood Monarchy 02:56:50
Helen Vaughan Monarchy 05:22:22
Monique Verhoef Monarchy 03:01:26
Dave Wall Monarchy 03:41:25
Elizabeth Wall Monarchy 03:41:25
Mark Walters Monarchy DNS
Dorothy Watts Monarchy 04:16:24
Lee Watts Monarchy 04:16:19
Karl Wicken Monarchy 02:33:03