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Location: Durham University Cricket Club, Durham
Event: 19 January 2014
Report and Photos: Steve Walton

Team SCOTT UK’s Keith Murray gave himself the perfect foundation for his late charge to move up the tables of the CXNE league standings with a faultless performance to come in alone at the Durham University promoted round 14 on Sunday.

Murray finished with 16 seconds in hand over Adam Martin (Metaltek RT) in his last event before he travels to the World ‘Cross Champs with the rest of the GB squad.

Martin started off a minute after the field had sped away from the start of a course at Durham Football Club which had endured almost 2 days of rain and drizzle before the days events commenced. Midway through the final lap, Martin was tiring visibly which only spured Murray on to stay ahead. Nothing though could take the victory away from the rider who had spent most of the previous day pegging out the course and Commissairing the Vets, Women and Juniors race at the start of the programme.

Murray’s team mate Dieter Droger shot away from the line like a bullet and led James Moss (Node 4-Giordana) an appearance which had everyone wondering if this was his first ‘Cross event ever! No sooner had Moss hit the front though, he slid off and Droger caught him. As the pair approached the hurdles for the first time, Droger regained the lead with Murray, Alan Nixon (Blackhawk Bikes) and Colin Ash (Cestria Cycles) chasing a few seconds behind as they completed the first part lap.

Droger soon found his lack of race fitness wanting and with and Moss’s lack of Cross skils hampering his progress, Murray hit the front with Martin still back in 20th place, having actually lost 20 seconds over the 2nd on Murray, who’s pure speed in conditions which could best be described as ‘bogey’ was a sight to behold and with the rest floundering with a succession of minor slip-ups, it came down to a question of whether or not Martin, having set himself the task, could pull it off. By the end of lap 2, he was still 46 seconds ahead of Murray, who now led Moss by 6 seconds with Ash and Nixon in their now familiar double act already16 seconds back. Martin did cut a 22 second chunk off Murray’s lead over the course of the third lap, but that only served to push Murray on further in what appeared to be a valiant attempt to retain the lead.

The crunch came with a lap and a half to go as Martin, now tiring, slid off twice in less than 100 metres and took the bell with an 8 second deficit. Murray sensing a well deserved win, dug as deep as he dared in the conditions and had plenty of time to raise his arms at the end. Martin, deciding his training was done for the day, left the crowd wondering did he ease up and gifted Murray the win, or was he spent? One look at his face told the true story.

Murray said after the win: “It was a tough, technical course but still had a lot of straight power bits. It was a really good test of handling.

“Adam Martin is a really good sport for taking the handicap. I actually punctured on start line so rode like that for the first half of a lap before changing. So really, I owe the win to the pit crew. By the time seniors were on, it was very muddy so they worked very hard.”

There was a large field for the veteran and junior race and James Anderson (Adept Precision RT) got an early. Anderson had a slight gap but it didn’t last long as Antony Glover swept to the front early on the second lap, taking James Edmond (Ferryhill Wheelers) with him.

Anderson and Edmonds then proceeded to pull clear of Dave Hopper (Cestria Cycles), Kenny Johnson (Team Scott UK) and Matthew Worton (Blackhawk Bikes).

Although Edmond was hot on the heels of Glover, he managed to hold on to his lead and Johnson took third after overtaking Anderson late on. The result means that either Johnson or Glover could take the title in the final round, to be held in Whitby next week.

In the youth race, it was a commanding win for Mark Donovan and fellow Beacon Wheeler Matti Egglestone clocked up yet another victory in the under 12s.

Provisional results:


1 Keith Murray Team Scott UK 00:53:36

2 Adam Martin Knights of Old Racing Team 00:53:52

3 James Moss Veloshure Giordana 00:54:54

4 Alan Nixon Blackhawk Bikes 00:55:38

5 Colin Ash Cestria Cycles RT 00:55:38

6 Dieter Droger Team Scott UK 00:56:00

7 Simon Forster T&WF&R 00:56:17

8 James Alder Velo 29 00:58:34

9 William Brown Velo29-Blackhawk 01:01:00

10 Craig Anderson Achieve-Skinnergate Racing 01:01:19

11 Trevor Schofield Mooglu 01:01:50

12 Peter Hook Cyclescene 01:02:49

13 Richard Cowling Blackhawk Bikes 01:03:33

14 Mark Reed Tyneside Vagabonds CC 01:04:31

15 David Charman Blackhawk Bikes 00:53:42

16 Gav Slack Beacon Wheelers 00:53:59

17 David Stevens Houghton Cycling Club 00:54:10

18 Chris Simpson Derwentside CC 00:54:20

19 Clive Upton Hambleton RC 00:54:27

20 Ross Laidlaw Gala CC 00:54:34

21 Kevin Dawson Hambleton RC 00:54:39

22 Adam Ward unattached 00:54:53

23 Neil Ross Aycliffe CC 00:55:23

24 Dan Small Hamsterly MTB Racing 00:55:30

25 Henry Aarvold unattached 00:55:54

26 Richard Pallister Blackhawk Bikes 00:56:08

27 Laurence Seviour Blackhawk Bikes 00:56:40

28 Andrew Lovell Gosforth RC 00:57:03

29 Ian Thompson MTB Guisborough 01:00:28

30 Kevin Ball unattached 01:01:01

31 Declan Bowler SWCC 01:03:19

32 Raimon Marin unattached 01:06:18

33 Norman Grotz Sunderland Clarion CC 00:53:43

34 Jonathan Walkingshaw Beacon Wheelers 00:54:19

35 Robert Miller unattached 00:54:50

36 Mike Hoy Hetton Hawks Cycling Club 00:59:07

37 Robert Duckworth unattached 01:00:05

38 Alun Brown Border City Whs

39 Julian Waller Cycleways - VC Briganti

40 Gary Robson Gala CC

41 Silas Aarvold unattached

42 George March unattached

43 Dean Ridley Derwentside CC

Veterans and juniors:

1 Antony Glover Derwentside CC MV40 00:43:06

2 James Edmond Ferryhill Whs Mountain H RT Jun 00:43:11

3 Kenny Johnson Team Scott UK MV40 00:43:48

4 James Anderson Adept Precision RT MV40 00:43:50

5 Dave Hopper Cestria Cycles RT 00:55:38

6 Richard Noble T&WF&R MV40 00:44:08

7 Matthew Worton Blackhawk Bikes Jun 00:45:07

8 Brian Johnson Barnesbury CC MV40 00:46:30

9 Ralf Hodgson Marton Race Team Jun 00:46:39

10 Mick Aspey Northumbria Police CC MV40 00:47:19

11 Brad Tooze Derwentside CC MV40 00:47:20

12 Martin Worner Teesdale CRC MV50 00:47:47

13 Ray Honour MTS Cycle Sport MV40 00:47:55

14 Sean Hoban VC Cumbria MV40 00:47:57

15 Bill Kay Hetton Hawks CC MV40 00:48:03

16 Greg Taylor Hetton Hawks CC Jun 00:48:03

17 Jon Bardgett Beacon Wheelers MV50 00:48:24

18 Greg Tognarelli VC Cumbria MV40 00:48:36

19 Michael Hardcastle RAF CC MV40 00:48:44

20 Andy Moss Adept Precision RT MV50 00:49:33

21 Andy Cosgrove Teesdale CRC MV50 00:49:37

22 Ian Jeffferson Infinity Cycles MV40 00:50:06

23 Derek Hurton Beacon Wheelers MV40 00:50:14

24 Stephen Grey Derwentside CC MV40 00:50:28

25 Bob Murdoch Teesdale CRC MV50 00:50:29

26 Graeme Gow Tyneside Vagabonds CC MV50 00:50:38

27 Clifford Featherstone MTS Cycle Sport MV50 00:50:43

28 Andrew May Stockton Wheelers CC MV40 00:51:11

29 Paul Whitehill Houghton Cycling Club MV40 00:51:45

30 Joe Mann Derwentside CC Jun 00:52:11

31 Ian Brown Whitby Whs MV50 00:53:03

32 Chris Dobson Stockton Wheelers CC MV50 00:53:04

33 Richard Atkinson MV40 00:43:13

34 Jason Hurt Stockton Wheelers CC MV40 00:43:18

35 Nicola Davies Beacon Wheelers FS 00:43:23

36 John Gilling MV50 00:43:34

37 Jonathan Allan Here Come The Belgians MV50 00:44:01

38 Paul Robson Houghton Cycling Club MV50 00:44:25

39 Nev Martin T&WF&R MV50 00:44:33

40 Darren Maddison Darlington CC MV40 00:44:37

Matt Cutler Bronte whs MV40 00:44:42

Steven Bullivant Newcastle Phoenix CC MV40 00:44:49

Neil Cranston Newcastle Mtb MV50 00:45:08

Mark Bell MV40 00:45:46

Sean Bell MV40 00:46:49

Paul Storr Whitby Whs MV40 00:47:03

Wayne Coates Derwentside CC Unkn 00:47:12

Bev Blakeman Derwentside CC FS 00:48:07

Ian Jobling Houghton Cycling Club Unkn 00:48:39

David Swainson Derwentside CC MV40 00:48:48

Dave Mclean Hetton Hawks CC MV50 00:50:20

Karen Robertson One Life Racing FS 00:50:22

Graeme Matthews MV40 00:50:25

Paul Bosomworth MTS Cycle Sport MV50 00:51:14

Lisa Waistell Beacon Wheelers FS 00:51:26

Howard Davies MV40 00:51:44

John Hoppez Tyneside Vagabonds CC MV40 00:51:47

Richard Tait MV40 00:51:53

Danny Winthorpe Tyneside Vagabonds CC MV50 00:54:28

Jackie Brady FS 00:44:27

Christine Amos-Adams Northumria vikings FS 00:47:03

Mick Wilson SWCC MV40 00:48:26

Peter Reed Houghton Cycling Club MV50 00:48:46

Pamela Glover Derwentside CC FS 00:50:58

Tony Fawcett Hetton Hawks CC MV50

James Fawcett Hetton Hawks CC Jun


1 Mark Donovan Beacon Wheelers U16 00:28:30

2 Thomas Mein MTS Cycle Sport / Inkland RT U16 00:29:01

3 Miles Worner Teesdale CRC U16 00:29:10

4 Nick Hamilton Teesdale CRC U16 00:29:59

5 Joe Howard Marton Race Team U16 00:30:24

6 Feargus Scherczer Derwentside CC U16 00:31:13

7 Ross Titherington Hetton Hawks Cycling Club U16 00:31:39

8 Fin Robertson Derwentside CC U16 00:31:50

9 Daniel Hadnum Hetton Hawks Cycling Club U16 00:32:31

10 Rhianna Stoves Derwentside CC FU16 00:33:27

11 Connie Hurton Beacon Wheelers FU16 00:33:38

12 Craig Gow Tyneside Vagabonds CC U16 00:34:48

13 Joseph Allan Hetton Hawks Cycling Club U14 00:35:01

14 Ryan James Abbs Hetton Hawks Cycling Club U16 00:35:51

15 Mathew Lynn Hetton Hawks Cycling Club U16 00:36:02

16 Joe Wilson Stockton Wheelers CC U14 00:37:20

17 Anna Kay Hetton Hawks Cycling Club FU16 00:37:34

18 Simon Timmins Hetton Hawks Cycling Club U16 00:37:57

19 Mathew Hadnum Hetton Hawks Cycling Club U14 00:38:49

20 Sophie Enever Tyneside Vags FU16 00:39:03

21 Angus Brown Muddy Brown Events U16 00:39:55

22 Joseph Tubby Tyneside Vagabonds CC U14 00:28:50

23 Katy Ross Hetton Hawks Cycling Club FU16 00:28:52

24 Alexandra Rimmer Hetton Hawks Cycling Club FU14 00:29:53

25 Reece Hesler Hetton Hawks Cycling Club U16 00:30:08

26 Fiona Turnbull Tyneside Vagabonds CC FU14 00:30:10

27 Jessica Watts Marton RT FU16 00:30:37

28 Jack Hoy Hetton Hawks Cycling Club U14 00:31:04

29 Olivia Fawcett Hetton Hawks Cycling Club FU14

30 Patrick Lally One Life Racing U14 00:31:43

31 Connon Eyeington Stockton Wheelers CC U14 00:31:43

32 Jessica Lax Unattached FU14 00:35:04

Under 12:

1 Matti Egglestone Beacon Whs U12 M 00:13:00

2 Hugo Lutz-Atkinson Marton Team U12 M 00:13:32

3 Sam Murray Team Scott U12 M 00:13:40

4 Barnaby Walkinshaw Beacon Whs U12 M 00:13:42

5 Matthew Wells Vagabonds U12 M 00:14:09

6 Harrison Lee Hetton Hawkes U12 M 00:15:20

7 Michael Tait DCC U10 M 00:15:23

8 Max Lutz-Atkinson Marton Team U10 M 00:15:39

9 Hamish Donnelly Beacon Whs U12 M 00:15:48

10 Roisin Lally One Life U12 F 00:13:35

11 Joseph Brown Stockton Whs U10 M 00:13:35

12 Arran Brown Muddy Brom U12 M 00:13:47

13 Connell Ross Hetton Hawkes U12 M 00:13:50

14 Grace Castle Newcastle Phoenix U10 F 00:13:55

15 Joe Castle Vagabonds U8 M 00:13:55

16 Thomas Maddison Unattached U12 M 00:14:40

17 Holly Furplay Derwentside CC U12 F 00:14:42

18 Latitia Hay Hetton Hawkes U10 F 00:14:46

19 Toby Simpson Hetton Hawkes U12 M 00:15:37

20 Sopie Donaldson Derwentside CC U10 F 00:15:44

21 Matthew Brown Unattached U12 M 00:16:09

22 Ben Etherington SWCC U10 M 00:16:14

23 Owen Donaldson Derwentside CC U8 M 00:17:12

24 Daniel Saba Newcastle Phoenix U10 M 00:18:11

25 Dylan Slack Beacon Whs U10 M 00:13:01

26 Katie Hadnum Hetton Hawkes U10 F 00:13:02

27 Faye Titherington Hetton Hawkes U10 F 00:13:10

28 Lucy Glover DCC U8 F 00:13:13

29 Maisie Hurt SWCC U12 F 00:13:15

30 Joel Hurt SWCC U8 M 00:13:15

31 Daisy Freer SWCC U8 F 00:13:30

32 Harry Burrell Outkast BMX U12 M 00:14:03

33 Beau Walkinshaw Beacon Whs U10 M 00:14:05

34 Cody Lee Unattached U10 M 00:14:29

35 Joel Burrell Outkast BMX U10 M 00:15:17

36 Kacey Eyeington SWCC U8 M 00:15:24

37 Campbell Donnelly Beacon Whs U8 M 00:16:22

38 Enya Stoves DCC U10 F 00:16:28

39 Ethan Rimmer Hetton Hawkes U8 M 00:16:59

40 Ben Scott Newcastle Phoenix U8 M 00:17:00

41 Daniel Thompson MTB Guisborough U8 M 00:17:20

42 Alex Lax Unattached U10 M 00:17:28

43 Nathan Castle Newcastle Phoenix U8 M 00:14:16

44 Josh Rimmer Hetton Hawkes U8 M 00:14:59

45 Esme Walkinshaw Beacon Whs U8 F 00:15:25

46 Jace Barry Unattached U10 M 00:20:09

Max Yeowart Unattached U8 M

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