Cross: Wearmouth wins again in CXNE

Cross: Wearmouth wins again in CXNE

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Location: Chances Park, Carlisle
Event: 22 December 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

League leader Stuart Wearmouth (MTS Cyclesport) notched up his seventh win in the CXNE Rat Race Series when he stormed to victory at Chances Park in Carlisle of Sunday.

The 36-year-old from Bishop Auckland 2-17 ahead of his nearest rival at the end of the race, with Darlington’s Keith Murray (Scott UK) second and Alan Nixon, the Blackhawk Bikes rider who is second in the overall table, another three and a half minutes back in third.

In the supporting race for veterans, women and juniors, it was Ferryhill Wheelers’ junior ace James Edmond who took the win by 24sec from over-40 veteran James Anderson (Adept Precision), while league leader Kenny Johnson (Scott UK) was third, another three seconds back.

For Edmond, it was his third win in the race this season, and catapults him up to third overall as it was his eighth counting performance, while most of his rivals in the overall table had already got eight rides to their name.

For Anderson, his second spot closes the gap to Johnson in the overall table.

Sarah Murray (CX was fastest female, five and a half minutes ahead of her nearest rival.

As well as Wearmouth winning in the senior race, MTS Cyclesport were celebrating victory in the youth race with Thomas Mein taking the win by almost six minutes from Fergus Scherczer (Derwentside CC) with Daniel Hadnum (Hetton Hawks) third.

Rhianna Stoves (Derwentside CC) was fastest of the girls, and also took a great fourth place overall.

And in the Under-12s race Beacon Wheelers’ Matty Eggleston won by about a minute from Hugo Lutz Atkinson (MRT). Beau Walkingshaw (Beacon Wheelers) was fastest of the girls in that race.



1 Stuart Wearmouth MTS Cyclesport 00:52:54.90

2 Keith Murray Scott UK 00:55:11.80

3 Alan Nixon Blackhawk Bikes 00:58:48.90

4 James Alder Velo 29 00:59:05.05

5 Darren Binks Blackhawk Bikes 00:59:34.85

6 Craig Anderson Achieve Skinnergate Racing 01:01:56.55

7 Dean Penfold Newcastle Univ CC 01:02:53.90

8 Simon Forster Tyne and Wear Fire 00:53:42.75

9 Steve Cooper 00:54:03.25

10 Jonny Fletcher M Steel Cycles 00:54:56.20


1 James Edmond Ferryhill Wheelers J M 36:59.1

2 James Anderson Adept Precision RT V40 M 37:23.8

3 Kenny Johnson Team Scott UK V40 M 37:26.7

4 Richard Noble Tyne and Wear Fire CC V40 M 38:04.1

5 Antony Glover Derwentside CC V40 M 38:30.8

6 Morgan Donnelly Beacon Wheelers V40 M 39:24.4

7 Franco Porco Team Leslie Bike Shop V40 M 40:52.1

8 Gary McCrae Leslie Bike Shop V40 M 40:55.0

9 James Melville Glasgow United V40 M 41:04.0

10 Matthew Worton Blackhawk Bikes J M 41:09.0

11 Colin James Beacon Wheelers V40 M 42:14.8

12 Stephen Jackson Glasgow United V40 M 42:36.9

13 Andy Wrigley Keswick Bikes V40 M 42:50.6

14 Andy Moss Adept Precision RT V50 M 43:19.2

15 Brad Tooze Derwentside CC V40 M 43:23.1

16 Clifford Featherstone MTS Cycle Sport V50 M 43:32.9

17 Sarah Murray W F 43:34.9

18 Sean Hoban VC Cumbria V40 M 43:37.9

19 Ray Honour MTS Cycle Sport V40 M 43:57.2

20 Ian Robson MTS Cycle Sport V50 M 44:18.6

21 Bill Kay Hetton Hawks CC V40 M 44:40.0

22 Alan Lamont Leslie Bike Shop V40 M 45:29.3

23 Andrew Isherwood Peebles CC V40 M 45:33.3

24 John Woodrow Sandy Wallace V40 M 46:14.1

25 Mick Aspey Northumbria Police CC V40 M 46:34.2

26 Andy Kitchen Edinburgh RC V40 M 46:36.1

27 Martin Worner Teesdale CRC V50 M 46:54.0

28 Stephen Grey Derwentside CC V40 M 47:22.0

29 Piers Mortimer VC Velocake V40 M 48:17.7

30 Mark Mather Adept Precision RT V40 M 48:33.0

31 Gordon Johnson Barnesbury CC V40 M 48:34.0

32 Derek Hurton Beacon Wheelers V40 M 48:36.1

33 Paul Whitehill Houghton Cycling Club V40 M 48:54.5

34 Nicola Davies Beacon Wheelers W F 49:03.8

35 Greg Tognarelli VC Cumbria V40 M 49:15.1

36 John Gilling unattached V50 M 49:17.7

37 James Fawcett Hetton Hawks CC J M 49:49.1

38 Neil Raitt Angus Bike V40 M 50:17.9

39 Gary Worton Stockton Wheelers CC V50 M 50:58.8

40 Tony Fawcett Hetton Hawks CC V50 M 53:15.6

41 Colin Murray unattached V40 M 37:12.2

42 Paul Steadman Sunderland Clarion CC V40 M 37:21.5

43 Jonathan Allan Here Come The Belgians V50 M 37:32.4

44 Wayne Coates Derwentside CC V40 M 37:43.8

45 Thomas Hordon Marton Race Team J M 38:08.1

46 Paul Robson Houghton Cycling Club V50 M 38:23.1

47 Dave Mclean Hetton Hawks CC V40 M 39:26.9

48 Paul King Border City Wheelers CC V50 M 40:52.1

49 Simon Rhodes Hamsterley Trailblazers V40 M 42:04.2

50 Dave Simpson Beamish Oddsox V40 M 42:07.5

51 Howard Davies unattached V40 M 42:21.9

52 Stuart Gordon Stockton Wheelers CC V50 M 44:08.0

53 Gillian Palmer Sandy Wallace W F 45:13.2

54 Ian Murray Hetton Hawks CC V40 M 46:25.6

55 Jackie Brady unattached W F 46:40.3

56 Danny Winthorpe Tyneside Vagabonds CC V50 M 47:00.3

57 Pamela Glover Derwentside CC W F 55:35.5

58 David Jackson unattached V50 M 57:05.0


1 Thomas Mein MTS Cycle Sport U16B M 32:25.9

2 Feargus Scherczer Derwentside CC U16B M 38:18.2

3 Daniel Hadnum Hetton Hawks CC U16B M 38:59.1

4 Rhianna Stoves Derwentside CC U16G F 40:24.3

5 Connie Hurton Beacon Wheelers U16G F 51:52.1

6 Joseph Allan Hetton Hawks CC U14B M 32:36.5

7 Sophie Enever Tyneside Vagabonds U16G F 34:22.5

8 Christian Worner Teesdale CRC U14B M 37:17.8

9 Mathew Hadnum Hetton Hawks CC U14B M 39:43.1

10 Annie Doron Beacon Wheelers U14G F 41:44.1

11 Ben Dowson Hetton Hawks CC U14B M 32:27.1

12 Patrick Lally One Life Racing U14B M 37:51.7


1 Matty Eggleston Beacon Wheelers U12B M 15:32.0

2 Hugo Lutz Atkinson MRT U12B M 16:34.4

3 Barnarby Walkingshaw Beacon Wheelers U12B M 16:44.1

4 Jenson Brown Cyclista Borders U12B M 18:56.3

5 Adam Bent Border City U12B M 15:45.7

6 Charlie Harding Beacon Wheelers U12B M 16:25.8

7 Matt Lutz Atkinson MRT U10B M 17:26.0

8 Dylan Slack Beacon Wheelers U10B M 18:16.8

9 Roisin Lally One Life Racing U12B M 18:17.3

10 Lewis Kennedy AYCC U10B M 18:46.0

11 James Moffat AYCC U10B M 16:14.7

12 Beau Walkingshaw Beacon Wheelers U10G F 16:23.9

13 Enya Stoves BCC U10G F 16:26.5

14 Katy Hadwin Hetton Hawks U10G F 17:15.5

15 Ben Scott Newcastle Pheonix U8B M 19:40.6

Esme Walkingshaw Beacon Wheelers U8G F

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