Cross: Drake secures fifth victory in North West League

Cross: Drake secures fifth victory in North West League

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Location: Stadt Moers Country Park, Merseyside
Event: 24 November 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports
Photo: Adrian Japp

League frontrunner Giles Drake (Herbalife-Leisure Lakes) extended his lead in the North West League when he notched up his fifth victory in the series at Stadt Moers Country Park in Merseyside on Sunday.

The 29-year-old from Upton, who won last week’s Clayton Vale cross in Manchester, bagged another win, this time at the expense of Scott Wilson (Manchester Wheelers).

Under-23 ace Martin Woffindin (CS Pendle) took third in the senior race, while fourth spot went to junior rider Bryn Davies (unattached).

Pete Middleton (Zepnat RT) won the veterans race while Adrian Lawrence (Team Elite) was second, and fastest female was Rebecca Preece (Contessa Scott Syncros) in 22nd spot.

Velocity RT rider Adam Hartley was fastest in the youth race, with Joseph Peatfield (Bolton Hot Wheels) second, while Tim Jones (CS Pendle) took third and just held off first Under-14 rider Alistair Leivers who was fourth.

Best of the girls was Nicole Clarke (Birkenhead North End CC) in 13th overall.



1 Giles Drake Herbalife-Leisure Lakes S

2 Scott Wilson Manchester Whlrs Club S

3 Martin Woffindin Cycle Sport Pendle U23

4 Bryn Davies Private Member J

5 Ian Rutherford Lune RCC S

6 Christian Smith Manchester Whlrs Club S

7 Richard Bott Team-Elite/Paul Bethell Electrical S

8 Paul Lally Frodsham Wheelers/Twelve50 Bikes S

9 James Bailey Congleton CC S

10 Thomas Figgins Bolton Hot Wheels CC J

11 Kristian Spreckley Private Member S

12 Adam Newall Horwich CC - 4 Season Cycles S

13 John Backhouse Cyclesport International RT S

14 Paul Rowley Manchester Wheelers S

15 Anthony Morris Private Member S

16 John Holmes Private Member S

17 Chris Thomas Frodsham Wheelers/Twelve50 Bikes S

18 Paul Davies High Peak Cycles RT S

19 Ryan Ashcroft St Helens CRC J

20 Ashton Payne Team Hope Factory Racing S

21 Andrew Nixon Horwich CC - 4 Season Cycles U23

22 Craig Sefton Horwich CC - 4 Season Cycles S

23 Stanley Boyd St Helens CRC S

24 Steven Freear V40

25 David Clark Macclesfield Wheelers S

26 Steven Simpson Private Member S

27 Denis Mason Horwich CC - 4 Season Cycles S

28 Andrew Butler Lune RCC S

29 Paul James 0 S

30 Ian Boydon Lune RCC S

31 Peter Ware St Helens CRC S

32 Christopher Bodenham Horwich CC - 4 Season Cycles S

33 Stephen Stuart Picton Cycles S

34 Edward Hibbert Private Member S

35 Bryan Bates Red Rose Olympic CC S

36 Dean Smith Frodsham Wheelers/Twelve50 Bikes V45

37 Samuel Bakewell Port Sunlight Wheelers S

38 Paul Woodrow 4 Star S

39 Stuart Ream NCRC 2001 S

40 Mike Plant North Cheshire Clarion S

41 John Hussey Private Member S

42 Eric Fitzhenrg 0 U23

43 Joseph Earley Liverpool Century S

44 Geraint Parry Liverpool Century RC S

45 Simon Oliver Chester Tri S

46 Danny Reilly UA S


1 Pete Middleton RT/Kuota/GSG Clothing V45

2 Adrian Lawrence Team-Elite/Paul Bethell Electrical V40

3 Jerrod Hartley Horwich CC - 4 Season Cycles V40

4 Roy Davies Team-Elite/Paul Bethell Electrical V40

5 Steffan Chandler Horwich CC - 4 Season Cycles V40

6 Sean Beswick RT/Kuota/GSG Clothing V50

7 Roy Hunt BH Tomr Elite V55

8 Joseph Heywood Horwich CC - 4 Season Cycles V45

9 Andrew Brindle Horwich CC - 4 Season Cycles V40

10 Tony Sowden Private Member V45

11 Mick Style Manchester Whlrs Club V50

12 Nick Shaughnessy Team-Elite/Paul Bethell Electrical V40

13 Dean Smith Frodsham Wheelers/Twelve50 Bikes V45

14 David Headon Horwich CC - 4 Season Cycles V45

15 Steven Wood Mossley CRT V45

16 Michael Lund Lancs Fire Racing V40

17 Alan Dorrington Planet X V45

18 Peter Howarth Private Member V50

19 David Thorp Manchester BMX Club V40

20 Dermot McKee UA V40

21 Rebecca Preece Contessa Scott Syncros WU23

22 Colin Davies Private Member V45

23 Andy Porter Horwich CC - 4 Season Cycles V40

24 Ian Ashworth Cycle Sport Pendle V40

25 Craig Tabiner Port Sunlight Wheelers V40

26 Glyn Baines Lune RCC V40

27 Tim Kelly Horwich CC - 4 Season Cycles V50

28 Brian Gough Private Member V55

29 Clive Wilkinson Birkenhead North End CC V50

30 Stephen Hilton The Endurance Store V40

31 Jessica Wilkinson Birkenhead North End CC WJ

32 Derek Schofield Rossendale RC V60

33 Anthony Coughlan Stockport Clarion CC V40

34 Ray Pugh Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC V55

35 Stewart Dwyer St Helens CRC V50

36 Ian Kendall Liverpool Century RC V40

37 Jan Shearsmith Manchester Whlrs Club V50

38 Mark Rowson Macclesfield Wheelers V45

39 Tony Hood Ribble Valley CRC V40

40 Michael Speirs Horwich CC - 4 Season Cycles V55

41 Matthew Shillabeer Ashurst Bike Club V40

42 Simon Cunningham Manchester Wheelers V55

43 Dave Lovatt Ashurst Bike Club V55

44 Mark Barker Manchester Triathlon Club V45

45 Phillip Braybrooke Manchester Whlrs Club V50

46 Peter Murray TES V45

47 Kevin Mcsweeney Private Member V50

48 Mike Jones Congleton CC V40

49 Phil Hunt 0 V40

50 Brian Renshaw Macclesfield Wheelers V45

51 Gus French Here Come The Belgians V55

52 Hans Forhaug Unattached V45

53 Ian Clarke Birkenhead North End CC V45

54 Simon Locke Liverpool Century RC V45

55 John Gillmore East Liverpool Whls V55

56 Darren Ball Private Member V40

57 Graham Kennerley Lancaster CC V55

58 Alan Cook Wills Wheels Cycling Club V50

59 Christopher Wilson Ashurst Bike Club V45

60 John Murray Manchester Tri V45

61 Richard Watts Rossendale RC V45

62 Dave Martin Red Rose Olympic V45

63 Robert Longden North Cheshire Clarion V40

64 Claire Munton Vegetarian C & AC WS

65 Mike Cleary Manchester Whlrs Club V45

66 John Parker JP Cycles V55

67 Mary White Horwich CC - 4 Season Cycles WV60

68 Ray Blow Cyclesport International RT V45

69 Carolyn Speirs Horwich CC - 4 Season Cycles WV55

70 Paul O'Halloran Private Member V45

71 Simon Bold 0 V40

72 Paul Burgess Ashurst Bike Club V50

73 Mike Browne North Cheshire Clarion V55

74 Alan Shuttleworth Altrincham RC V65

75 Brian Clayton Private Member V60

76 Ian Mcdermott Manchester Whlrs Club V50

77 Glen Wilkie Private Member V50

78 Michael Gregson Ribble Valley Juniors V50

79 Caroline Humphreys Red Rose Olympic WJ

80 Chloe Parrington Red Rose Olympic CC WS

81 Peter Leadbeater Liverpool Century V45

82 Martin Holden Inspire Cycling Team V40

83 Michael James Private Member V55

84 Carol Oakwell????? 0 WV40

85 David Halman Altrincham RC V65

86 Matthew Field Ribble Valley Juniors V40

87 Sarah Grimshaw 0 WV40

88 Steven Minton Horwich CC - 4 Season Cycles V40

89 Marc Wells 0 V40

90 Robert Duckworth Bury Clarion Cycling Club V65

91 Sinead Carroll Unattached WS

92 Peter Hawes 0 V40

93 Johnathon Camm 0 V45

94 Sarah Gregson Ribble Valley Juniors WJ

95 Steve Williams 0 V40


1 Adam Hartley Velocity RT U16B

2 Joseph Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels U16B

3 Timothy Jones Cycle Sport Pendle U16B

4 Alistair Leivers BYCA U14B

5 Thomas Clarke Red Rose Olympic U16B

6 Lewis Hartley Eastlands Velo U14B

7 Tyla Loftus Beacon Wheelers U16B

8 Cory Edmondson Cycle Sport Pendle U14B

9 Nathan Hawthorn Cycle Sport Pendle U14B

10 Bailey Payne Cycle Sport Pendle U16B

11 Michael Hall Furness Future Flyers U16B

12 Isaac Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels U14B

13 Nicole Clarke Birkenhead North End CC U14G

14 Tom Martin Bike Treks U16B

15 Kim Baptista Mid Lancs BMX U14G

16 Tom Bowers Macclesfield Wheelers U16B

17 Dexter Sparrow BYCA U14B

18 Brendan Thompson Liverpool Century U14B

19 Charlie Paige Clitheroe Bike Club U14B

20 Rosa Martin BYCA U16G

21 Andrew Hathaway Bolton Hot Wheels U16B

22 Jack Burton Furness Future Flyers U14B

23 Thomas Wood Mossley CRT U14B

24 Dan O'Halloran Sport City Velo U16B

25 Georgia Savory Cycle Sport Pendle U14G

26 Thomas Longden North Cheshire Clarion U14B

27 Eve Martin Ribble Valley Juniors U14G

28 Becky Gregson BYCA/RVJ U16G

29 Harry Wrycroft North Cheshire Clarion U14B

30 Jack Scott Liverpool Mercury U14B


1 Aiden Lawrence Eastlands Velo U12B

2 George Ball Furness Future Flyers U12B

3 Tyler Koch Bolton Hot Wheels U12B

4 Matthew Baptista Mid Lancs BMX U12B

5 Ben Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels U12B

6 Zack Harrop Manchester BMX U12B

7 Robert Rowson Macclesfield Wheelers U12B

8 Addam Hathaway Bolton Hot Wheels U12B

9 Joe Thorp Manchester BMX U12B

10 Shannon Hawthorn Cycle Sport Pendle U12G

11 Jocasta Minton Bolton Hot Wheels U12G

12 Iestyn Keir unattached U12B

13 Carys Field Ribble Valley Juniors U12G

14 Ben Wells Liverpool Century U12B

15 Melissa Boylin Bolton Hot Wheels U12G


1 Scott Fisher Furness Future Flyers U10B

2 Sam Kendall Liverpool Century R. C. U10B

3 Simeon Kilroy North Cheshire Clarion U10B

4 Luke Fagan unattached U10B

5 Deetry Jarrett Blackpool Youth CA U10B

6 Bryn Lawrence Eastlands Velo U8B

7 Grace Porter unattached U8G

8 Ethan Grimshaw Bolton Hot Wheels U10B

9 Evelina Black Bolton Hot Wheels U10G

10 Casey Mortimer Midlands BMX U10B

11 Wil Lampkin unattached U8B

12 Erin Corrigan Bolton Hot Wheels U10G

13 Imogen Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels U8G

14 Jake Holland Red Rose Olympic U8B

15 Isobel Koch Bolton Hot Wheels U10G

16 Kitt Heywood unattached U10B

17 Dan Eastham Red Rose Olympic U10B

18 Traydon Jarrett Blackpool Youth CA U8B

19 Owen Woollard North Cheshire Clarion U8B

20 Luke Swift unattached U10B

21 Tom Elliot Liverpool Century R. C. U10B

22 Daniel Porter Bolton Hot Wheels U10B

23 Millie Baptista unattached U8G

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