Cross: Collins top of the heap in Derby

Cross: Collins top of the heap in Derby

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Location: Markeaton Park, Derby
Event: 21 September 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

David Collins went one better than his second-place finish in round one to top the podium in round three of the SRAM Notts and Derby League.

The third round, which took place at Markeaton Park, pitted riders against each other over eight laps of racing.

And it was the 37-year-old Hope Factory Racing rider who claimed top spot, crossing the line 13 seconds before Zepnat RC’s Nicholas Barnes.

Collins’ team-mate Dan Booth finished in third, almost a minute down on under 23 rider Barnes. The top junior was Danny Fox of RST Trigon, down in 11th place.

The top veteran was Dave Ash of Nottingham Clarion with first woman going to Diane Lee of Muel Bar Girl.

Top youth rider was Joshua Waters (Sherwood Pines Cycles - Sram Race Team) and in the under 9s, Ben Chilton (Derby Mercury RC) took top spot.



1 David Collins Hope Factory Racing 00:52:21.20

2 Nicholas Barnes Zepnat RC 00:52:34.30

3 Dan Booth Hope Factory Racing 00:53:29.45

4 Daniel Alexander Zepnat RC 00:53:36.75

5 Ben Eedy Team Empella Cyclo-Cross.Com 00:54:27.70

6 Lee Shunburne Fossa Racing 00:54:36.35

7 Gareth Whittall Clay Cross Road Team 00:54:55.80

8 Paul Cox Pedal Power Loughborough 00:55:23.55

9 Nathan Miller Team Zenith 00:55:29.90

10 Jonathan Harper Mansfield RC 00:55:32.55

11 Danny Fox RST Trigon 00:55:50.95

12 Christopher Rathbone Unattached 00:56:02.30

13 Chris Metcalfe Charge Bikes 00:56:03.35

14 Kyle Burleigh Fossa Racing 00:56:03.60

15 Arthur Green Matlock CC 00:56:44.20

16 Rob Parkin Buzz Cycles 00:56:53.40

17 Simon Maudsley Dirtywheels Cycles 00:57:00.45

18 Andrew Hilton Bolsover and District CC 00:58:02.95

19 Alan Duncan Sherwood Pines CC 00:58:22.40

20 Lewis Tarnai-Wilson Ashfield RC 00:58:51.75

21 Chris Barnes Zepnat RC 00:59:21.70

22 Chi Tang Buzz Cycles 00:59:37.25

23 Pete Wilbrham Team Elite 00:59:57.55

24 Alex Jones 4 Star 00:52:30.60

25 Richard Baldwin Bike Box 00:52:45.55

26 Carl Dyson Clay Cross Road Team 00:53:08.20

27 Freddy Griffiths Nottingham Clarion CC 00:53:20.00

28 William Perrett Heanor Clarion CC 00:53:41.75

29 Nathan Smith Velo Club Rutland 00:53:44.85

30 Jim Cresswell Cycle Derby CC 00:53:53.00

31 Matthew Hall Buzz Cycles 00:54:46.80

32 Tom Weeds Derby Mercury RC 00:54:59.60

33 Joshua Walling Norwood Cycles 00:55:07.50

34 Christopher Hayes Bolsover and District CC 00:55:11.30

35 Kevin Fearnshaw TFN Triathlon Club 00:55:24.70

36 David Steed Bolsover and District CC 00:55:38.55

37 Steven Reed Leicestershire RC 00:55:42.75

38 Peter Steed Bolsover and District CC 00:56:05.40

39 Rob Smith Cycle Derby CC 00:56:20.50

40 Craig Wood Nottingham Clarion CC 00:56:24.05

41 Emil Bobok TFN Triathlon Club 00:56:32.15

42 Daniel Featherstone Bolsover and District CC 00:56:34.35

43 David Evans Belper BC 00:56:35.45

44 Alex Whiting Bolsover and District CC 00:56:45.90

45 James Hinchliffe Leicester Forest CC 00:57:04.05

46 Damon Hammond Unattached 00:57:31.00

47 Jake Hubbard Welland Valley CC 00:57:38.80

48 Simon Hanken ACVU/RUTT 00:58:22.65

49 David Archer Bolsover and District CC 00:58:23.05

50 Karl Wooffindin Unattached 00:58:40.05

51 Trevor Allt Unattached 00:58:40.45

52 Hugo Reynolds Bolsover and District CC 00:59:11.95

53 Mark Barron Beeston Cycling Club 00:59:12.25

54 Lee Hibbett Beeston Cycling Club 01:00:14.75

55 Michael Beech Matlock CC 00:52:32.25

56 Feargal Ryan Nottingham Clarion CC 00:53:13.80

57 Robin Cawser Leicester Forest CC 00:53:26.15

58 Eddie Brailsford Derby Mercury RC 00:53:31.30

59 Jamie Walker-Jones Nottingham Clarion CC 00:53:42.95

60 Jonathan Radford Unattached 00:53:49.80

61 Dan Lewin Bolsover and District CC 00:54:34.85

62 James Shields Unattached 00:54:50.55

63 Alex McCristal DVATC 00:55:02.05

64 Lee Blades DMRC 00:55:25.10

65 Shaun Dean Unattached 00:55:58.85

66 Richard Vine Bolsover and District CC 00:56:33.05

67 Rob Atkinson Matlock CC 00:56:42.75

68 Chris Bates Beeston Cycling Club 00:58:17.20

69 Dave Coleman-Jones Sky Velo 00:58:31.40

70 Jack Symmons Unattached 00:59:08.35

71 Joseph Hammerton Unattached 01:00:43.75

72 Gareth Norman Beeston Cycling Club 01:00:59.50

DNF David Kingshot TFN Triathlon Club

DNF Paul Silverman Buzz Cycles

DNF Daniel Storey RST Trigon

DNF Paul Chambers Mercia CC

DNF Joe Noreledge BlackhawkSen

DNF Dave Saunderes Unattached

DNF Keiron Tennyson Buzz Cycles


1 Dave Ash Nottingham Clarion CC

2 Matthew Crouch Derby Mercury RC

3 Jonathan Marshall Zepnat RT

4 Tom Haines Leicestershire Road Club

5 Kristian Bravin Leicestershire Road Club

6 Jererod Hartley Horwich CC

7 Robert Wimble Zepnat RT

8 Harvey Levamn VC Charnwood

9 Chris Bradley Zepnat RT

10 Christopher Green Matlock CC

11 Nigel Gregory Leicestershire Road Club

12 Lee Edmonds Welland Valley

13 Michael Davies Team Pedal Power

14 Geoff Giddings Zepnat RT

15 Adam Ellis Spalding CC

16 Andrew Wainwright Bolsover and District CC

17 Jess Elliott Zepnat RT

18 Richard Edge Naked Bikes

19 Neil Mansfield Nottingham Clarion CC

20 David Wells Leicestershire Road Club

21 Gary Strickland VC Long Eaton

22 Richard Shenton-Mcqueen Beeston Cycling Club

23 Jason Marriott Bolsover and District CC

24 Chris Smith Team Milton Keynes

25 Peter Harris Pearce Cycles RT

26 Paul Parker Heanor Clarion CC

27 Simon Avery Nottingham Clarion CC

28 Andrew Riley Army Cycling Union

29 Simon Whitham

30 Justin Waters Mercia CC - Lloyds Cycles

31 Christopher Rowe Team Zenith

32 Peter Turner Derby Mercury RC

33 Ian King Coalville Whls CC

34 Andrew Prince Stafford RC

35 Craig Ingram VC Long Eaton

36 Richard Gould Matlock CC

37 John Billsborrow Derwent Valley ATC

38 Michael Fairest Bolsover and District CC

39 Stephen Taylor Arrow Cycles

40 Steve Seamark Beeston Cycling Club

41 Paul Dobson Ashfield RC

42 Paul Lamb

43 Andrew Prince Unattached

44 Ian Drake Ashfield RC

45 Christopher Hunt TFN Triathlon Club

46 Karl Webster Matlock CC

47 David Husselbee Belper BC

48 Shaun Warbrick Belper BC

49 Conor Mcguigan Bolsover and District CC

50 Paul Hodgkinson Matlock CC

51 Mike Webb Lichfield City CC

52 Martin Stocks Matlock CC

53 Simon Dunsby LCCC

54 Diane Lee Muel Bar Girl

55 Simon Dighton Beacon RCC

56 Brian Swindell Unattached

57 Simon Hookway Pines Cycles/Sram

58 Martin Boddy VC Long Eaton

59 Brian Lindecke Bolsover and District CC

60 Rob Carr Unattached

61 Stephen Crapper Bolsover and District CC

62 Paul Dalton Matlock CC

63 John Hind Bolsover and District CC

64 Andrew Woolf Nottingham Clarion CC

65 Eric Varley Mercury

66 Michael Shepherd Goldtec

67 Gus French Here Come The Belgians

68 Craig Turner Pines Cycles/Sram

69 Chris Watts Matlock CC

70 Russell Baeardmore Swinerton Cycles

71 Christopher Riley Heanor Clarion CC

72 Marie Jackson Paul Milnes

73 Rory Screaton VC Long Eaton

74 Julian Stiff Mercia CC - Lloyds Cycles

75 Tim Jackson Bolsover and District CC

76 Sarah Kennedy Squadra Donne - Shutt VR

77 Charles Sheilds Lichfield City CC

78 Craig Devonshire Bolsover and District CC

79 Martin Young Bolsover and District CC

80 Nicholas Weatherall Heanor Clarion CC

81 Diane Moss Zepnat RT

82 Tim Doyle TFN Triathlon Club

83 Ian Fairy Unattached

84 James Sutherland Bolsover and District CC

85 Gary Ditheridge Derwent Valley ATC

86 Robert Longden North Cheshire Clarion

87 Michael Barrie Beeston Cycling Club

88 Charles Price Derby Mercury RC

89 Christine Howard Matlock CC

90 Graham Whiting Bolsover and District CC

91 David Barber DMRC

92 Maddi Smith Bolsover and District CC

93 Michael Townend Unattached

94 Andrew Mucklestone TFN Triathlon Club

95 Andy Chambers Mercia CC - Lloyds Cycles

96 Chris Dussek Nottingham Clarion CC

97 Steven Robertson Unattached

98 Darren Kerry Nottingham Clarion CC

99 Phoebe Sneddon

100 Nick Hook South Pennine RC

101 Owen Core Lichfield City CC

102 Ian Bradley Heanor Clarion CC

103 David Riley Goldtec

104 Louise Clowes Matlock CC

105 Kevin Astle SPRC

106 Caroline Mansfield Nottingham Clarion CC

107 John Dowell Heanor Clarion CC

108 Gary Glendenning Matlock CC

109 John Bailey Unattached

110 Rebecca Richards Newark Castle CC

111 Marianne Heffron Matlock CC

112 Glyn Horsfield Nottingham Clarion CC

113 Sarah Naylor Fossa Racing

114 Alan Maddocks Bolsover and District CC

115 Emilie Verroken Langsett Cycles

116 Bex Wager Bolsover and District CC

117 Tony Williamson Scunthorpe RC

118 Paul Charlesworth Heanor Clarion CC

119 Anthony Wood Bolsover and District CC

120 Karen Partington Bolsover and District CC

121 Adrian Waters Mercia CC - Lloyds Cycles

122 Jill Gould Matlock CC

123 Lucy Kong Unattached

124 Elisa McDonagh Hackney CC

125 Charlotte Jolly Mercury

126 Holly Gould Matlock CC

127 Paul Homan Matlock CC

128 Louise Glysen Matlock CC

129 Andrea Atkinson Matlock CC

130 Joanne Mallinson Beeston Cycling Club

131 Jane Warbrick Belper BC

132 Susan Smith Beeston Cycling Club

133 Chloe Astle SPRC

134 Donald Flint Heanor Clarion CC

135 Joanne Barnett Unattached

DNF Charlotte Shields Durham Uni

DNF Mandie James Ashfield RC

DNF Julie Phelan Club Goldtec

DNF David Bough Unattached

DNF Ian Burdis Bolsover and District CC

DNF Andrew Flaherty Unattached

DNF Anthony Goldstraw Team Empella Cyclo-Cross.Com

DNF Chris Blount Derby Mercury RC

DNF Tim Berrie


1 Joshua Waters Sherwood Pines Cycles - Sram Race Team

2 Tim James Bourne Whls CC

3 Kieran Howarth Nottingham Clarion CC

4 Adam Harltley Velocity WD

5 Scott Hookway Sherwood Pines Cycles - Sram Race Team

6 Oliver Dighton Halesowen

7 Daniel Gibson Derby Mercury RC

8 Alan Avery Nottingham Clarion CC

9 Tom Dussek Nottingham Clarion CC

10 Bailey Wilmot Derby Mercury RC

11 Max Williamson Linesgood

12 Matthew Ellis Sherwood Pines Cycles - Sram Race Team

13 Joshua Bonner Derby Mercury RC

14 James Swadling Nottingham Clarion CC

15 John Webster Matlock CC

16 Adam Botteley Bourne Whls CC

17 Lewis Harltley Eastlands

18 Oliver Snodden Sherwood Pines Cycles - Sram Race Team

19 George Swindell Sherwood Pines Cycles - Sram Race Team

20 Poppy Wildman Nottingham Clarion CC

21 Timothy Elsmore-Martin

22 Jack Bradley Heanor Clarion CC

23 Harry Purdell Unattached

24 Alex Haines Leicestershire Road Club

25 Joshua Scales Derby Mercury RC

26 Finn Mansfield Nottingham Clarion CC

27 Lewis Rivers Nottingham Clarion CC

28 Robbie Sturdy Linesgood

30 Joseph Tuffin 4Life Tri

31 James Luscombe Derby Mercury RC

32 William Barker 4Life Tri

33 Cale Lindecke Bolsover and District CC

34 Amy Garner Welland Valley

35 Taylor Marshall Unattached

36 Elena Smith Matlock CC

37 Jack Mansfield Nottingham Clarion CC

38 Thomas Longden North Cheshire Clarion

39 Mark Zanker Leicestershire Road Club

40 Finn Lydon Leicestershire Road Club

41 Tom Wood Derby Tri

42 Harry Parkinson Leicestershire Road Club

43 Rosie Wildman Nottingham Clarion CC

44 Luke Hind Bolsover and District CC

45 April Tracey Leicestershire Road Club

46 Peter Avery Nottingham Clarion CC

47 Madeleine Hubner Nottingham Clarion CC

48 Callum Furbee South Pennine

49 James Ingram VC Longeaton

50 Xan Crees Derby Mercury RC

51 Sophie Beckingham 4Life Tri

52 Ewan Jones Lichfield City CC

53 Callum Core Litchfield

54 Louis Evans Heanor Clarion CC

55 Claudia Ash Nottingham Clarion CC

56 Lucas Crapper Bolsover and District CC

57 Will Breezy Nottingham Clarion CC

58 Thomas Shaw Heanor Clarion CC

59 Jacob Gray Derby Mercury RC

60 Benjamin Palmer Nottingham Clarion CC

61 Sam Marriott Bolsover and District CC

62 Olivia Stone Cycle Derby CC

63 Isobel Conibear Nottingham Clarion CC

64 Sara Gould Unattached

65 Jessica Cobe Leicestershire Road Club

66 Ella Ingram Matlock CC

67 Aaron Young Unattached

68 Lana Horsfield Nottingham Clarion CC

69 Marrianna Kuszynsia Matlock CC

70 Joel Mcguigan Unattached

DNF Harry Shepherd Goldtech

Under 12s:

1 Ben Chilton Derby Mercury RC

2 Emile Alexander Litchfield

3 Alec Gregory Leicestershire Road Club

4 Christian Boon Belper BC

5 Joshua Giddings Heanor Clarion CC

6 Ava Oxley KCA

7 Xari Salcedo 4LifeTri

8 Edward Warbrick Belper BC

9 Liam Northridge Belper BC

10 Amelie Wayte Matlock CC

11 Jack Brough Heanor Clarion CC

12 Kieran Riley Leicestershire Road Club

13 Henri Cox Derby Mercury RC

14 Carter Howe Heanor Clarion CC

15 Jack Husselbee Belper BC

16 Matt Garner Welland Valley

17 Alfie Lofthouse Nottingham Clarion CC

18 Taylor Carr Litchfield

19 Sam Gould Matlock CC

20 Harry Large Matlock CC

21 Matthew Luscombe Derby Mercury RC

22 Daniel Carter Nottingham Clarion CC

23 Ben Conibear Nottingham Clarion CC

24 Libby Smith Matlock CC

25 Amber Scales Derby Mercury RC

26 Fred Shenton-McQueen Unattached

27 Elliot Palmer Nottingham Clarion CC

28 Oliver Cole Nottingham Clarion CC

29 Lotta Mansfield Nottingham Clarion CC

30 Daniel Reynolds Unattached

31 Elizabeth Webster Matlock CC

32 William Towes Nottingham Clarion CC

33 Dylan Richardson Bolsover and District CC

34 Grace Fishleigh Bolsover and District CC

35 Codie Strickland Unattached

36 Alex Gordon Matlock CC

37 Henry Pawson Nottingham Clarion CC

38 Joshua Pine Matlock CC

39 Nathan Gould Matlock CC

40 Ella Rastall Heanor Clarion CC

41 Sonny Jamieson Cycle Derby CC

42 Archie Wania Unattached

43 Ernie Creswell Cycle Derby CC

44 Tom Hadfield Matlock CC

45 Stephen Wildman Nottingham Clarion CC

46 Louis Smith Cycle Derby CC

47 Ben Kerry Nottingham Clarion CC

48 William Trafford Unattached

49 Rose Price Derby Mercury RC

50 Elliot Barnes Newark Castle

51 Khian Vasain Leicestershire Road Club

52 Noah O'Connell Unattached

53 Megan Neave Cycle Derby CC

54 Ethan Rastall Heanor Clarion CC

55 Holly Bailey Heanor Clarion CC

56 Ella Gregory Leicestershire Road Club

57 Oliver Carr Bolsover and District CC

58 James Silvester Derby Mercury RC

59 Dominic Hubner Nottingham Clarion CC

60 Caitlin McGuigan Unattached

61 Jasper Elliot Unattached

62 Finlay Hill Matlock CC

63 Finlay Preece Unattached

64 Freddie Bellamy Unattached

65 William Stewart Unattached

66 Aidan Fretter Leicestershire Road Club

Under 9s:

1 Otto Chilton Derby Mercury RC

2 Louis Swindell Matlock CC

3 Jack Lofthouse Nottingham Clarion CC

4 George Timmins Welland Valley

5 Ben Mellor Matlock CC

6 Leo Shepherd Goldtec

7 Charlie Newing Beeston CC

8 Dominic Switler Welland Valley

9 Owen Prince Cycle Derby CC

10 Adam Hague Heanor Clarion CC

11 Doouglas Main Derby Mercury RC

12 Fay Garner Welland Valley

13 Holly Hoy Matlock CC

14 Thomas Prince Cycle Derby CC

15 Sam Hadfield Matlock CC

16 Jacob Steed Bolsover

17 Seb Varley Mercury

18 Betty Cresswell Cycle Derby CC

19 Rosie Mansfield Nottingham Clarion CC

20 Oscar Atkinson

21 Tia Carr litchfield CCC

22 Jasmine Alexander litchfield CCC

23 Lara Husselbee

24 Evie Steed Bolsover and District CC

25 Freya Carr Bolsover and District CC

26 Ben Johnston Bolsover and District CC

27 George Cooper

28 Ross Ferguson Lyme RC

29 Evie Carr Bolsover and District CC

30 Oliver Hodgkinson Matlock CC

31 Tom Woolf Matlock CC

32 Lola Wania Unattached

33 Freddie Salcedo 4Life Tri

34 Jacob Simpson Doncaster

35 Caspar Reynolds Bolsover and District CC

36 Lola Jamieson Cycle Derby CC

37 Jacob Kerrry Nottingham Clarion CC

38 William McCristal Derwent Valley ATC

39 Thomas Silvester Derby Mercury RC

40 Dillon Preece Bolsover and District CC

41 Bradyn Glendenning Matlock CC

42 Barnaby Smith Unattached

43 Riley Howe

44 Max Newing Beeston CC

45 Alfie Steed Bolsover and District CC

46 Hugo Atkinson

47 Harriet Claxton Unattached

48 Maddie O'Connell Unattached

49 Max Atkinson

50 Pasco Reynolds Bolsover and District CC

51 Max Horsefield Nottingham Clarion CC

52 Amelie Johnston Unattached

53 Matilde Claxton Unattached

54 Lauren Hammerton Unattached

55 Jago Reynolds Bolsover and District CC

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