Cross: Hurlock races to victory in opening South West Lge event

Cross: Hurlock races to victory in opening South West Lge event

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Location: Dragon Leisure Centre, Bodmin, Cornwall
Event: 1 September 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Dexter Hurlock (unattached) drew first blood in the South West Cyclo-Cross League on Sunday, racing to victory ahead of experienced veteran Steve Davies (Hargroves Cycles) at the Dragon Leisure Centre in Bodmin.

Better known as a top mountain biker Hurlock, 22 and from Saltash, had 53-year-old Davies on his wheel for long periods before pulling away to victory over a challenging course.

“Last year I raced only MTB in the South West Series, but I bought a cross bike on Friday. I didn’t know what to expect, but I found some good lines and I’m pleased with it,” said Hurlock afterwards.

“I got quite a good start and kept a high pace up, but Steve Davies is a very experienced rider and he caught me. But in the last three laps I found a bit more pace and managed to keep him at bay.

“The course was bone dry and quite flat, but there was a nice wooded section which helped me out quite a bit. There were some nice banks and climbing, so it was a good course with something for everyone.

“I’m not sure how the season will go for me yet: I predominantly ride cross-country and I’m an elite for next year, so I may just train through the winter, or perhaps keep up with the cross and aim for some National Trophy races.”


1 Dexter Hurlock Unattached S 0h 56m 36s

2 Steve Davies Hargroves V +0h 0m 5s

3 Matt Loake Southfork S +0h 1m 49s

4 John Hollier Tour 2000' S +0h 2m 3s

5 Tim Carpenter 360 Performance V +0h 2m 13s

6 Roy Wyle-Smith EliteVelo S +0h 2m 56s

7 James Bovey MDCC V +0h 3m 13s

8 Jay Horton Fully Sussed V +0h 3m 49s

9 Matt Noble Plymouth CX S +0h 4m 22s

10 Simon Young Lanhydrock Wheelers V +0h 4m 24s

11 Martin Wenney Kernow Riders S +0h 5m 9s

12 Alan Drury MDCC V +0h 5m 20s

13 Gary Andrews Certini V +0h 5m 30s

14 Ben Farrer Certini S +0h 5m 33s

15 Richard Taylor Exeter Wheelers V +1 lap + 0h 6m 20s

16 Graham Roberts Tavi Wheelers S +1 lap + 0h 6m 29s

17 Michael Mulroy VeloCake V +1 lap + 0h 6m 32s

18 Alex Dawson Plymouth CX S +1 lap + 0h 6m 43s

19 Steven Holmes Plymouth CX S +1 lap + 0h 6m 56s

20 Alan Vicary SRC V +1 lap + 0h 6m 58s

21 Miles Young Unattached S +1 lap + 0h 7m 27s

22 Paul Hooper 360 Performance V +1 lap + 0h 7m 33s

23 Charles Hough Bike Cellar J +1 lap + 0h 7m 49s

24 Robin Delve MDCC V +1 lap + 0h 8m 6s

25 Carl Austen Elite Velo S +1 lap + 0h 8m 8s

26 Philip Collings Tavi Wheelers S +1 lap + 0h 8m 49s

27 Wayne Hitchcock SRC V +1 lap + 0h 8m 58s

28 Steve Whitehouse One & All V +1 lap + 0h 9m 17s

29 Lucy Allan Fully Sussed W +1 lap + 0h 9m 26s

30 Charlie Mcadzean Cyclo Sport Dynamo J +1 lap + 0h 9m 54s

31 Chris Mabey Plymouth CX V +1 lap + 0h 10m 10s

32 Tom Evans Unattached S +1 lap + 0h 10m 24s

33 Nick Jones VLC V +1 lap + 0h 10m 42s

34 Tom Finnemore Pave Velo S +1 lap + 0h 11m 26s

35 Lee Bradley Unattached V +1 lap + 0h 11m 43s

36 Alan Sanders CS South Hams S +2 laps + 0h 10m 11s

37 Matt Parsons Unattached S +2 laps + 0h 10m 17s

38 Michael poole One & All J +2 laps + 0h 10m 29s

39 Sam Sparks Unattached S +2 laps + 0h 10m 36s

40 Chris Mann 360 Performance V +2 laps + 0h 11m 18s

41 Daniel Young All Trax S +2 laps + 0h 12m 12s

42 Stacey Bray Kernow Riders V +2 laps + 0h 12m 14s

43 Steve Toze Plymouth Corintian S +2 laps + 0h 12m 27s

44 Will Amery PlymouthCX S +2 laps + 0h 12m 45s

45 John Hinds Chard Wheelers V +2 laps + 0h 14m 17s

46 Neil Ayres All Trax S +2 laps + 0h 15m 31s

47 Amy Gallacher Plymouth CX W +2 laps + 0h 15m 39s

48 Ian Warren VeloCake V +2 laps + 0h 16m 49s

49 Andy Collins Revo Racing V +2 laps + 0h 16m 58s

50 Jon Dodwell Unattached V +3 laps + 0h 15m 22s

51 Paul Morshead KWK Promo V +3 laps + 0h 17m 24s

52 Fiona Murphy Unattached W +3 laps + 0h 17m 25s

53 Iain Robinson Unattached V +3 laps + 0h 17m 43s

54 Richard Coleman-Taylor Trial Snail Racing S +3 laps + 0h 18m 4s

55 Nigel Worsey Lydford CC V +3 laps + 0h 19m 41s

56 Penny Allan Yogi W +3 laps + 0h 19m 50s

57 Nicola Shan Unattached W +4 laps + 0h 22m 16s

58 James Davey MDCC S +4 laps + 0h 1m 7s

59 John Morse VeloCake V +5 laps + 0h 3m 11s

60 +10 laps + 0h 3m 34s


1 Harry Birchall MDCC U14 0h 28m 40s

2 Charlie Meredith MDCC U16 +0h 2m 5s

3 Max Hinds Chard Wheelers U14 +0h 2m 24s

4 Ryan Dunn CS Dynamo U16 +0h 5m 2s

5 Evie Lane Unattached U14 +1 lap + 0h 6m 25s

6 Ross Pratt MDCC U14 +1 lap + 0h 13m 23s

7 Tom Gibbs MDCC U14 +2 laps + 0h 13m 37s


1 Freddy Birchall MDCC U12 0h 9m 0s

2 Evan Richards Chard Wheelers U12 +0h 0m 34s

3 Sam Medlyn One & All U12 +0h 0m 42s

4 Kerian Colling MDCC U12 +0h 0m 50s

5 Ruby Faun Unattached U12 +0h 2m 31s

6 Ethan Jones Chard Wheelers U12 +0h 2m 33s

7 Agnes Hamill RUTT U12 +0h 3m 3s

8 Solomon Drury MDCC U10 +0h 3m 17s

9 Felix Faun One & All U10 +0h 3m 29s

10 Jonny Pickering One & All U10 +0h 3m 43s

11 Eli Pickering One & All U8 +1 lap + 0h 4m 28s

12 Oliver Jones Unattached U8 +1 lap + 0h 5m 26s

13 Imogen Jones Chard Wheelers U10 +1 lap + 0h 6m 27s

14 Edward Young All Trax U8 +1 lap + 0h 6m 36s

15 Megan Dodwell Unattached U10 +1 lap + 0h 8m 49s

16 Hayley Wyle-Smith Elite Velo U8 +1 lap + 0h 9m 14s

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