Cross: Oldham wins North of England Champs

Cross: Oldham wins North of England Champs

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National Trophy Series leader Paul Oldham (Hope Factory Racing) proved a convincing winner of the North of England Championships staged around the Keepmoat Stadium in Doncaster on Sunday.

The Lancashire rider (pictured) crossed the line 1-46 ahead of his nearest rival at the end of a hilly and muddy race, while Endura Racing rival Ian Bibby was second, Adam Martin (Cestria Cycles) third.

Becky Preece (Red Rose Olympic) made it another Lancashire victory in the women’s race, while Yorkshire riders took wins in the junior and veteran races.

Oldham broke clear on the very first lap, alongside team-mate Jack Clarkson and Adam Dirt Wheels rider Dieter Droger.

Slideshow images from the North of England Cyclo-Cross Championships, by Clare Crabtree

But by the end of the first circuit Martin had hit the front alongside Clarkson and Oldham, while a group of chasers were gathering not far behind, including Bibby, Rob Jebb and Team Scott’s Tony Fawcett.

Oldham was consistently pulling out a few seconds per lap on his rivals, and his strength eventually led to him building a large lead. Bibby had attacked from the chase group and caught Martin and Jebb, before attacking alone in search of Oldham.

Jebb and Martin looked set for a close battle for third, until a mechanical forced Jebb into the pits. Although he managed to get back in the race in time to preserve fourth, his podium hopes had gone.

Making it a double winning weekend for Lancashire was Becky Preece (Red Rose Olympic) who took the win after leading from start to finish. Second spot went to Pedalsport CC’s Nikola Butler, who tussled throughout with Marie Jackson (Paul Milnes-Bradford Olympic).

Craven Energy rider Ian Taylor was crowned veteran North of England Champion after a strong ride which saw him hold off the challenge of Andy Peace (Crosstrax).

The duo hit the front early in the race and took control, but it was always Taylor who looked the stronger and he broke clear to win by 49 seconds from Peace.

Slideshow images from the North of England Cyclo-Cross Championships, by Jo Allen

Having made his customary slow start, Pedalsport CC’s Chris Young – a former senior British Champion – took third place, just five seconds behind Peace.

And in the juniors race, Jake Womersley (Sportscover-Altura) and Michael Thompson (TES Richardson) tussled throughout, but it was the Yorkshire rider who took the win by around 20 seconds, with Ferryhill Wheelers’ James Edmond third.

Taylor had led by around five seconds at the bell, but a storming final lap from Womersley saw him take the win.

Paul Oldham said afterwards: "The race was tough, its a very hilly course and quite muddy, I didn't know how well Ian Bibby would go as it was his first cross race of the season and he is going well so I didn't want to take any chances and changed bikes every lap, I wanted to pull out a gap to give myself a bit of a buffer."


North of England CX 2012 U8 results

1 James Donaldson Mossley CRT U8
2 Alex Beldon Team Swift U8
3 Matthew Warriner Pedalsport U8
4 Astrid Hiley Pedalsport U8G 1st G
5 Bryn Lawrence Eastlands velo U8
6 James Homa Hudd Star Wh U8
7 Oliver Dawson S/TAT Lions U8
8 Imogen Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels U8G 2nd G
9 Lucy Milsom Calder Clarion U8G 3rd G
10 Amy Scott Sheffield stars U8G
11 Kate Shaw Hudd Star Wh U8G
12 Harry Scott Sheffield stars U8
13 Jamie Milsom Calder Clarion U8
14 Hannah Shaw Hudd Star Wh U8G

North of England CX 2012 U10-12 results

1 Jenson Young Pedalsport U12
2 Issac Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels U12
3 Robert Donaldso Mossley CRT U12
4 Ben Dowson hetton hawks U12
5 Louis Cook Holme Valley Wh U12
6 Adidan Lawrence Eastlands Velo U10 1st U10 Boy
7 Henry Hollyman K.C.A. U12
8 Toby Kershaw Velocake U10 2nd U10 Boy
9 Lucy Whearty Pedalsport U12G 1st U12Girl
10 Ava Oxley Wakefield JT U12G 2nd U12 Girl
11 Benjamin Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels U10 3rd U10 Boy
12 Matthew Baptista Eastlands Velo U10
13 Marcus Hiley Pedalsport U10
14 Tom Whitwort Hudd RC U12
15 Zack Harrop Manchester BMX U10
16 Oliver Walton Pedalsport U13
17 Evan Ward NYP Tri U12
18 Thomas Wood Oldham Ruffyeds U12
19 Joe Thorp Manchester BMX U10
20 Adam Bailey Hudd Star Wheeler U12
21 Tom Sheard K.C.A U10
22 Tom Scott Sheffield Stars U10
23 Amy Hinchliffe Wakefield JT U12G 3rd U12 Girl
24 Daniel Reynolds Oldham Ruffyeds U10
25 Alex Bailey Hudd Star Wh U10
26 Matthew Homa Hudd Star Wh U10
27 Will Thackray U12
28 Nic Bradshaw Oldham Ruffyeds U10
29 Chloe Hinchliffe Wakefield JT U10G 1st U10 Girl
30 Ruby Boyes Hudd Star Wh U12G
31 Kayleigh Wells Yorkshire Velo U10G 2nd U10 Girl
32 Holly Wheeldon U12G
33 Dylan Boyes Hudd Star Wh U10
34 Ella Hampson Hudd Star Wh U10G 3rd U10 Girl
35 Enya Stoves Hetton hawks U10G

North of England CX 2012 Youth results

1 Chris Barnes Zepnat U16
2 Mark Donovan Beacon wheelers U14
3 Thomas Mein MTS Sport/Inkland?Elvet RT U14
4 Miles Worner Teesdale CRC U16
5 Matthew Walls Velocity WD-40 U16
6 Matthew Worton Hetton Hawks CC U16
7 Alfie Moses Bronte Wheelers U16
8 Joseph Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels U16
9 Jake Dobson Newcastle Phoenix CC U16
10 Tom Seaman Wakefield JT U16
11 Adam Hartley Velocity WD-40 U16
12 Robert Scott East Bradford CC U16
13 Joseph Howard Cleveland Wheelers U16
14 Thomas Clarke Red Rose Olympic U16
15 Jamie Ridehalgh Airedale Chem U14
16 Matt Taylor Pedalsport U14
17 Abby-Mae Parkinson RSR Racing team-Trigon U16G Ist U16G
18 Bobbin Gardner Harrogate Nova U16
19 Bailey Payne Cycl Sport Pendle U16
20 Alistair Leivers Blackpool Youth CA U14
21 Harry Hardcastle K.C.A. U14
22 Lewis Hartley Sports City Velo U14
23 Jacob Feetham Wakefield JT U14
24 Henrietta Colborne Beacon Wheelers U16G 2nd U16G
25 Kim Baptista Eastlands Velo U14G 1st U14G
26 Euan Cameron East Bradford CC U14
27 Ben Turner Doncaster Wheelers U14
28 Joe Williams Holme Valley Wh U16
29 Christian Worner Teesdale CRC U14
30 Corinne Side Bolton Hot Wheels U14G 2nd U14G
31 Cory Edmondso Cycl Sport Pendle U14
32 Hannah Saville Norton Wheelers U16G 3rd U16G
33 Luke O'Connell East Bradford CC U14
34 Ben Wait Lincsquad U14
35 Lucy Horrocks Hope U14G 3rd U14G
36 Harry Cooper-Ol K.C.A. U14
37 Louis Mason Harrogate Nova U14
38 Rhianna Stoves Hetton Hawks CC U14G
39 Simeon Young Pedalsport U14
40 Sophie Thackray Paul Milnes U14G
41 Joe Parker East Bradford CC U16
42 Thomas Longden Manx MTB U14
43 Joe Faichney City Road Club Hull U14
44 Arran Brayshaw East Bradford CC U14

North of England CX 2012 Junior results

1 Jake Womersley
2 Michael thompson
3 James Edmond
4 Luke Parkin
5 Seb Marsh
6 Edwyn Oliver-Evans
7 Peter Hook
8 Conor Palliser
9 Kyle Watts

North of England CX 2012 Junior results

1 Rebecca Preece
2 Nikola Butler
3 Marie Jackson
4 Lynn Bland
5 Juliet Horrocks
6 Bev Blakeman
7 Rebecca Rimmington
8 Rachel Mellor
9 Alison Kinloch
10 Andrea Rogers
11 Laura Jolly
12 Nicola Hartle
13 Amy O'Halloran
14 Hilary Bloor
15 Libby Greatorex

North of England CX 2012 Senior results

1 Paul Oldham (Hope Factory Racing) 1:00:26
2 Ian Bibby (Endura Racing) @ 1:46
3 Adam Martin (Cestria Cycles) @ 2:24
4 Rob Jebb (Hope Factory Racing)
5 Jack Clarkson (Hope Factory Racing)
6 Tony Fawcett (Team Scott UK)
7 Neal Crampton (Crosstrax)
8 Giles Drake (Team Elite)
9 Dieter Droger (Dirt Wheels)
10 James Dalton (Pedalsport CC)
11 Keith Murray
12 Nick Barnes
13 Jack Humphreys
14 James Thompson
15 Martin Woffenden
16 Scott Wilson
17 Rick Crabtree
18 Tim Kershaw
19 Andrew Johnson
20 Adam Newall
21 Matt Downes
22 Anthony Morris
23 Simon Davison
24 David Beachill
25 Paul Davies
26 Ivan Boyes
27 Lee Cairns
28 Denis Mason
29 Paul Milsom
30 Daniel Ladle
31 Steve Bone

North of England CX 2012 Vet-40 results

1 Ian Taylor (Craven Energy) 44:26
2 Andy Peace (Crosstrax) @ 49sec
3 Chris Young (Pedalsport CC) @ 54sec
4 Pete Middleton (Zepnat RT)
5 Chris Taylor (Pedalsport CC)
6 Adrian Lawrence (Team Bglobal)
7 Seth Smith (Paul Milnes-Bradford Olympic)
8 Richard Noble (Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue)
9 Matt Denby (Jewson)
10 Dan Cook (Planet X)
11 Mike Young
12 Keith Ashbridge
13 Noel Clough
14 John Mein
15 Sean Beswick
16 Mick Style
17 Robin Bradbury
18 Philip Hinchcliffe
19 John Wright
20 Richard Atkinson
21 Marcus Spencer
22 Andrew Wainwright
23 Richard Allen
24 Darrell Bradbury
25 Richard Dobson
26 Daveid Headon
27 Andy Whitworth
28 John Savage
29 Paul Lamb
30 Mark Jacobi
31 Dave Jennaway
32 David Thorp
33 Lee Emerson
34 Steven Wood
35 Graham Piccavey
36 Andrew Faichney
37 Nick Dorsey
38 David Kinloch
39 Mark Mather
40 Ian Kendall
41 Ian Chapman
42 Andy Woodward
43 Paul Nutton
44 Peter Dukes
45 Steve Barnes
46 Giles Bailey
47 Robery Longden
48 Darren O'Toole
49 Edward Sarmiento
50 Nick Waggett
51 Andrew Cook
52 Gary Worton
53 Tim Evans
54 Andrew Moxon

North of England CX 2012 Vet-50 results

1 Barry Kipling (MTS Cyclesport)
2 Mark Ferguson (High Peak Cycles)
3 Chris Leger (Zepnat RT)
4 Cliff Featherstone
5 Ian Robson
6 Steve Wilson
7 Brian Perks
8 John Galway
9 Peter Howarth
10 Kevin Homes
11 Charles Warren
12 Stephen Rimmer
13 Tim Beachill
14 Paul Sleaford
15 John Ginley
16 John Carr
17 John Graveling
18 Owen Henrickson
19 Colin Murley
20 Jonathan Allan
21 Nigel Middlehurst
22 Michael Scott
23 Ian Shearsmith
24 Duncan Stuart
25 Philip Jones
26 Nick Mason
27 Gary Marsh
28 Chris Parker
29 Fred Rothwell
30 Peter Milsom