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Neal Crampton won round seven of the Yorkshire Points series but it was far from an easy win for the Crosstrax rider as he had to change bikes to complete the race.

James Sharp was the early leader of the race and had opened up a good gap on Crampton who occupied second place.

But then on lap two, Crampton caught the leader up and they raced side by side until they came to a section of the course which was covered with thick mud.

The two riders dismounted to tackle the steep slope but Crampton suffered a mechanical fault and had to run back to the pits to change bikes.

By the time he had rejoined the race, he was in fourth and James Sharp had a 50 second lead over his rivals.

But Crampton worked hard to pull it back and battled his way back up to second and come the final lap, he was only 25 seconds down on Sharp.

It looked like there was no catching Sharp but then he too suffered from a mechanical fault and had to ditch his bike and sprint for the finish line.

Crampton went on to win by around half a minute but the race for second place was still on with Joshua Keep on his bike and Sharp on foot.

But the bike wasn’t as much as an advantage as you might think with a tough wooded section with lots of mud and tight corners deciding the contest.

As they approached the bends, Sharp had the advantage on foot, navigating them more easily than the bike of Keep and he went on to take second.

The veterans race was much more clear cut with Ian Taylor (Craven Energy) once again running away with it.

Mike Young (Pedalsport) was the early leader of the race but Taylor soon caught him up and went on to gradually build his lead before crossing the finish line a minute before Andy Peace (Crosstrax) who had overhauled Young.

And Young wasn’t comfortable in third – Pete Middleton (Zepnat) pushed him all the way. Graham Bird was riding alone in fifth but the rest of the top ten were very close and battled it out for most of the race

In the youth race, Rob Armstrong (Epic Cycles) put in a dominant display to take victory. He led from the start and was building his lead by 15 seconds a lap.

He finished 2:34 ahead of Bobbin Gardner (Harrogate Nova) and Robert Scott (East Bradford) who battled it out for second.


1 Neal Crampton (Crosstrax) 51:00
2 James Sharp (Hope Factory Racing) @30secs
3 Joshua Keep (unattached) @same time
4 James Dalton (Pedalsport)
5 Alex McNeill (VC Moulin)
6 Ben Cooper (Dirtwheels)
7 Andy Johnson (Yorkshire Velo)
8 Rick Crabtree (Pedalsport)
9 David Morris (Harrogate Nova)
10 Matthew Downes (Paul Milnes)
1 Ian Taylor (Craven Energy) 40:46
2 Andy Peace (Crosstrax) @1:08
3 Mike Young (Pedalsport) @2:07
4 Pete Middleton (Zepnat)
5 Graham Bird (unattached)
6 Dan Cook (Planet X)
7 Chris Taylor (pedalsport)
8 John Hick (Holme Valley Wheelers)
9 Dave Haygarth (Planet X)
10 Andy Carr (Sowerby Bros CRT)
1 Lynn Bland (Norton Wheelers)
2 Marie Jackson (Paul Milnes)
3 Juliette Horrocks (Team Hope)
1 Robert Armstrong (Epic Cycles) 25:54
2 Robert Scott (East Bradford) @2:34
3 Bobbin Gardner (Harrogate Nova) 2:41
4 Harry Hardcastle (Kirk Lees Cycle Academy)
5 Thomas Nelson (Pedalsport)
Youth girl :
1 Lucy Horrocks (Team Hope)
Under 14:
Harry Hardcastle
Under boys 12:
1 Jenson Young (Pedalsport)
2 Finn Cooper (Kirk Lees Cycle Academy)
3 Isaac Williams (Wakefield Junior Tri)
Under 12 girls:
1 Ava Oxley (Wakefield Junior Tri)
2 Lucy Wherarty (Pedalsport)
3 Juliette Branford (Wakefield Junior Tri)
Under 10 boys:
1 Toby Kershaw (Velo Cake)
2 Marcus Hiley (Pedalsport)
3 Cameron Branford (Wakefield Junior Tri)
Under 10 girls:
1 Kayleigh Wells (Yorkshire Velo)
2 Francis Hodgson (Holme Valley Wheelers)
3 Ruby Witham (Honeyfield Star Wheelers)
Under 8 boys:
1 Alex Beldun (Team Swift)
2 Oliver Hick (unattached)
3 Joseph Ibbotson (unattached)
Under 8 girls:
1 Astrid Hiley (Pedalsport)
2 Molly Kipling (East Bradford)
3 Lucy Milson (unattached)

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