Cross: Bjergfelt wins opening South West League race

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Location: Dragon Leisure Centre, Bodmin, Cornwall
Event: 9 September 2012
Report: David Hamilton/Snowdon Sports

Cycle Premier-Kovert rider Will Bjergfelt drew first blood in the South West Cyclo-Cross League at Bodmin on Sunday, winning by almost three minutes ahead of his nearest rival in the North Cornwall Cycling Festival event.

The event fell on a dry, overcast and ultimately warm day at Dragon Leisure Centre in Bodmin. Organiser Vin Cox produced a shorter than normal course owing to a double booking by the centre for a triathlon on the same day.

Both events went off really well considering the number of participants and spectators in each discipline. Vin and his helpers produced a course with some technical bits behind a bank of fir trees and some off-camber banks, the rest being dry and firm playing field.

The day started with the under 12 race over a shortened course but still taking in the technical bit of track behind the fir trees which would have been quite challenging for the Under 8's. There were 11 competitors facing the starter, Freddie Birchall MDCC led from the gun for a fine win followed home by Ross Pratt (Taw Velo) who was first under-12.

Next up the youth category with seven riders on the line, they raced for 30 minutes over the full course. Will Kelly MDCC set a strong pace from the off closely followed by Harry Birchall MDCC. Birchall found this pace a little fast and was overtaken by Charlie Meredith Taw Velo who finished second with Birchall third.

The main event attracted 48 competitors equally divided into seniors and vets. The inevitable cavalry charge from the off on the flat dry grass saw Steve Davies (Southfork) and Will Bjergfelt (Cycle Premier) lead out, closely followed in the early stages by Alan Drury ( MDCC) and Stuart Pickering (One and All) with the chasing riders filing into order after the first pinch point on the course.

After the initial flurry of the opening lap the start of lap two settled into a rhythm with Davies and Bjergfelt taking a comfortable 20 second lead over Matt Loake (Southfork), still preferring his 29er MTB, while a further 20 seconds back was first Vet Tim Carpenter (Elite Velo).

These gaps increased as the laps progressed and with Davies making an error on the bank at the far end of the course, the pressure was off Bjergfelt who soloed his way, untroubled to victory.

Davies rode the last lap with a deflated tub but still managed to hold on to second spot and Loake back in third. First veteran home was Tim Carpenter followed by Pickering with Andrew Parker (MDCC) in third.



1 William Bjergfelt Cycle Premier Covert Sen 0h 59m 31s

2 Steve Davis South Fork Racing Sen +0h 2m 43s

3 Matthew Loake South Fork Racing Sen +0h 2m 53s

4 Tim Carpenter Elite Vet +0h 3m 26s

5 Ian Legg Primria Specialised Sen +0h 3m 34s

6 James Bovey MDCC Sen +0h 4m 1s

7 Stuart Pickering One & All Vet +0h 6m 11s

8 Alan Drury MDCC Senior +1 lap + 0h 7m 11s

9 Andrew Parker MDCC Vet +1 lap + 0h 7m 13s

10 Adam Fursdon MDCC Sen +1 lap + 0h 7m 26s

11 Michael Mulroy Velo Cake Vet +1 lap + 0h 7m 44s

12 Tim Fey Elite Velo Vet +1 lap + 0h 9m 8s

13 Sam Sparks Unattached Sen +1 lap + 0h 9m 12s

14 Stephen Brown Dreamcycling Vet +1 lap + 0h 9m 19s

15 Paul Fursdon MDCC Vet +1 lap + 0h 9m 26s

16 Ben Farrer Unattached Sen +1 lap + 0h 9m 38s

17 Richard Taylor Exeter Wheelers Vet +1 lap + 0h 9m 41s

18 John Morse Velo Cake Vet +1 lap + 0h 9m 48s

19 Dan Nash unattached Sen +1 lap + 0h 9m 50s

20 Stacey Bray PaveVelo Vet +1 lap + 0h 9m 53s

21 Tim McEvoy Newquay Velos Sen +1 lap + 0h 9m 57s

22 Alan Sanders CSSH Sen +1 lap + 0h 10m 1s

23 Theo Brumhead Uni Exter CC Sen +1 lap + 0h 10m 13s

24 Colin Tyrer Sid Valley CC Vet +1 lap + 0h 10m 19s

25 Peter Robinson UPC Sen +1 lap + 0h 12m 56s

26 Chris Mann Elite Velo Vet +2 laps + 0h 12m 24s

27 Steve Whitehouse One & All Vet +2 laps + 0h 12m 27s

28 Brian Bullen Elite Velo Vet +2 laps + 0h 12m 30s

29 Tom Evans Unattached Sen +2 laps + 0h 12m 32s

30 William Hornby CSSH Sen +2 laps + 0h 12m 37s

31 Carl Austen Elite Velo Sen +2 laps + 0h 14m 32s

32 Matthew Noble Unattached Sen +2 laps + 0h 14m 48s

33 Michael Alexander Callington Cycles Vet +2 laps + 0h 15m 11s

34 Aiden Bradley Exeter Wheelers Sen +2 laps + 0h 15m 27s

35 Lester Young Vet +2 laps + 0h 17m 54s

36 Wayne Hitchcott SRC Vet +2 laps + 0h 18m 15s

37 Michael Richardson Unattached Vet +2 laps + 0h 18m 31s

38 Neil Ayres Alltracks Sen +2 laps + 0h 18m 33s

39 Nicholas Finnemore PaveVelo Vet +2 laps + 0h 18m 37s

40 Matt Parsons unattached Sen +3 laps + 0h 18m 5s

41 Josh Priest unattached Sen +3 laps + 0h 21m 2s

42 Jason Jones Somerset Sen +3 laps + 0h 23m 26s

43 Chris Treaise Unattached Sen +3 laps + 0h 23m 47s

44 Kris Pratt MDCC Vet +3 laps + 0h 23m 50s

45 Darren Lanyon Cornwall BMX Vet +3 laps + 0h 24m 55s

46 Ian Warren Velo Cake Vet +4 laps + 0h 28m 56s

47 Miles Earl Yogi Sen +6 laps + 0h 6m 50s

48 Nathan Grisgy Unattached Vet +8 laps + 0h 7m 29s


Position Name Team Category Time

1 William Kelly MDCC U16 0h 29m 48s

2 Charlie Meredith Taw Velo U16 +0h 0m 42s

3 Harry Birchall MDCC U14 +0h 1m 38s

4 Michael Hasting Hardy U14 +0h 6m 16s

5 Harry Meredith Taw Velo U14 +1 lap + 0h 9m 17s

6 Morwenna Hasting 1st Chard Wheelers U16 +1 lap + 0h 16m 30s

7 Luke Wilton Unattached U16 +1 lap + 0h 18m 10s


Position Name Team Category Time

1 Freddy Birchall MDCC U10 0h 11m 36s

2 Ross Pratt MDCC U12 +0h 2m 19s

3 Jonny Pickering One & All U10 +0h 3m 36s

4 Solomon Drury MDCC U8 +1 lap + 0h 3m 59s

5 Ethan Jones SRC U12 +1 lap + 0h 4m 27s

6 Felix Faun Unattached U8 +1 lap + 0h 5m 0s

7 Skyla Coate Unattached U10 +1 lap + 0h 5m 4s

8 Ruby Fawn Unattached U12 +1 lap + 0h 5m 16s

9 Henry Howlles CSSH U8 +1 lap + 0h 5m 52s

10 Haydn Treise-Smith One & All U12 +1 lap + 0h 7m 8s

11 Imogen Jones SRC U8 +1 lap + 0h 7m 32s

12 Monty Coate Unattached U8 +1 lap + 0h 8m 2s

13 Eli Pickering One & All U8 +2 laps + 0h 7m 31s

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.