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Cross: Dyson wins Thetford Enduro

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Thetford Cyclo-Cross Enduro
Location: Brandon Country Park, Suffolk
Event: 2 September 2012
Report: Mark Wyer

Carl Dyson from Clay Cross Road Team secured victory in the Thetford Cyclo-Cross Enduro staged at Brandon Country Park in Suffolk on Sunday.

Dyson, 27 and from Leicester, took the win by around ten seconds after pulling away from his rival Michael Cowland (St Ives CC) on the final climb.

Organised by the Eastern Cyclo-Cross Association and Timber, the event saw riders tackle a five-mile course consisting of fire roads, sandy lanes and grassy tracks finishing with a stiff climb to the arena. The leaders completed nine laps just within the allotted three-hour schedule.

Punctures had a big impact on the results with many riders losing ground or giving up. Those that stayed puncture free benefited whether from tyre choice, line choice, tyre pressure choice or just plain good luck.

Dyson and junior Cameron Woolsey were the early pacesetters after the initial lead group of six broke up but Cowland always had them in sight.

Eventually Woolsey punctured on the seventh lap and dropped away to come in tenth overall and second junior. Gabor Doroghazi started steadily but rode consistently to finish third.

One of the first lap group of six, Junior Theo Doncaster had an early mechanical but battled back to finish fourth overall and first junior.

The veterans started two minutes later than the seniors and juniors but that didn’t stop David Perry from overtaking all but five of the seniors and juniors to take the veterans prize from Mike Bowen.

Early leader Julian Parker pulled out after a couple of punctures. Emma Johnson was the early women’s leader but punctures put paid to her chances. Jackie Field then took over and stormed away to win by over a lap from Louise Rickard.



1 Carl Dyson Clay Cross Road Team 2:51:21.9

2 Michael Cowland St Ives CC 2:51:32.7

3 Gabor Doroghazi Fruit4London 2:54:17.6

4 Hayden Wood unattached 2:56:17.6

5 Steven Halsall Velo Club Moulin 3:01:52.7

6 Chris Clayton Dyson Cycles 3:05:50.9

7 Stuart Carmichael Flitch Bikes 3:12:03.3

8 Weston Ullrich Cambridge CC 2:59:37.6

9 Graham Anderson Cambridge CC 2:52:24.4

10 Matthew Hims2:52:34.6

11 James Wilson La Fuga - Sigma Sport 2:55:18.8

12 Mike Plant North Cheshire Clarion 2:57:30.3

13 Mark Pottinger3:00:19.3

14 Lewis Levingbird3:04:26.5

15 Richard Clarke BRJ Run and Tri 2:59:39.2

16 Joel Redwood3:21:36.3

17 Andrew Poodle St Neots CC 2:22:27.8

18 Cameron Fraser La Fuga - Sigma Sport 1:20:18.3

19 Richard Xerri Kingston Wheelers 1:32:51.7

20 David Walton Judean Riders Front 3:00:55.0

21 Neil Stevens Pedal Revolution 18:55.7


1 David Perry V.C Charnwood 2:59:54.9

2 Michael Bowen West Suffolk Wheelers & Triath 3:04:29.5

3 Len Delicat3:04:56.2

4 Tim Brown North Road CC 3:06:50.4

5 Philip Peacock St Ives CC 3:07:59.6

6 Harvey Levann VC Charnwood 3:09:20.2

7 Russell Jones Hackney GT/Push 2:49:27.8

8 Simon Clarke GS Avanti 2:49:45.8

9 Mark Wingar Club member 2:49:52.9

10 Ian Robson MTS Cycle Sport 2:50:32.2

11 Martin Graves Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon 2:50:37.5

12 Gregory Andrews Colchester Rovers CC 2:51:09.8

13 David West2:52:18.2

14 James Stephens2:53:15.6

15 Andrew Hill2:53:59.8

16 Dave Dickie Finchley RT 2:58:22.2

17 Robert Pisolkar Finsbury Park CC 2:59:09.6

18 Peter Green Cycle Club Ashwell 2:59:19.0

19 Mark Remon Dysons Cycles 2:59:57.0

20 Andrew Postings Archer RC 3:02:36.5

21 Steven Drew London Phoenix CC 3:04:49.4

22 Stuart Brown Icycle.cc 3:05:00.7

23 Darren Myers Crest CC 3:05:06.4

24 Stephen Dunnett Diss & District CC 3:05:09.9

25 Tim Stevens TIMBER MTB 3:05:20.0

26 Daniel Doncaster Cycle Club Ashwell 3:07:06.0

27 Trevor Marshall ICycle 3:08:05.5

28 Mark Gibbs Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon 3:08:24.9

29 Darren Baker3:10:02.9

30 Mark Winstanley St Ives CC 3:11:18.6

31 Matthew Berry South Western RC - Evans Cycle 3:11:47.6

32 Paul Driver Ipswich BC 2:42:14.1

33 Kevin Carter Finchley Racing Team 2:49:38.7

34 Barry Denny West Suffolk Wheelers & Triath 2:49:40.4

35 Jim Clayton Colchester Rovers CC 2:51:08.3

36 Jason Rogers Gateway Cycling 2:52:18.6

37 Mark Henderson2:53:34.6

38 Ian Watson2:55:06.3

39 Rob Martin-Smith ICycle 2:55:54.0

40 Graham Berry3:01:46.0

41 Julian Parker gipping racing team 1:59:17.9

42 Mark Allen Finchley RT 2:15:35.4

43 Gary Cairns ICycle 2:49:41.0

44 Duncan Murray ICycle 2:49:52.3

45 matthew Denny West Suffolk Wheelers & Triath 2:52:05.8

46 Andy Laflin3:01:58.5

47 Colin Cracknell Ipswich BC 1:45:02.5

48 Chris Smith Team Milton Keynes 1:46:09.1

49 Mark Cushing1:54:10.0

50 Robert Smith Stowmarket & District CC 2:13:16.9

51 Stuart Hocknell Unattached 2:14:36.1

52 Stuart Field CCAshwell 2:17:35.4

53 Simon Strong ICycle 2:25:24.2

54 michael Pell unattached 2:58:54.2

55 Konrad Manning Rapha Condor CC 1:21:08.0

56 David Fraser1:41:02.8

57 Steven Wood Pearson Cycling Club 1:41:04.3

58 Bob Hillier Treads MTB Club 1:42:41.3

59 Stuart Lockyear London Phoenix CC 1:00:03.5

60 Graham Berridge Pearson Cycling Club 1:18:11.5

61 David Stockwell Shaftesbury CC 1:23:10.9

62 Martin Carter44:09.8


1 Jackie Field Cycle Club Ashwell 3:00:09.3

2 Louise Rickard XRT - Elmy Cycles 3:01:09.8

3 Rachel Clarke Ipswich BC 3:03:46.4

4 Lesley Auchterlonie Archer RC 48:12.9

5 Emma Johnson XRT - Elmy Cycles 49:01.3


1 Theo Doncaster Cycle Club Ashwell 2:55:09.2

2 Cameron Woolsey Cycle Club Ashwell 3:05:25.2

3 Bryn Davies Cycle Club Ashwell 3:09:13.0

4 Jonathan Chapman Cycle Club Ashwell 3:13:27.9


1 Thomas Timberlake1:08:16.1

2 Michael Parry Welwyn Wheelers 1:17:14.2

3 Kiera Tippett Essex Roads 1:30:32.2

4 Noah Field Cycle Club Ashwell 50:10.8

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.


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