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Thompson on form at Yorkshire Summer Series round 4

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| Location: Kippax, Leeds
Event: 13th Jun 2012
Report: Claire Crabtree

Hope’s Factory Racing James Thompson took the win at Kippax, taking the lead from the start and never letting up the pace as the chase was never far behind.

Thompson had company for the first half of the race with Mike Thompson but James Thompson managed to take a small gap which was never larger than 15 seconds through till the end of the race. Behind the top two a trio of riders which consisted of Young, Smith and Hick were chasing hard. With a few laps to go Smith was caught behind lapped riders in a wooded section and could not get back on terms with Young and Hick as they carried on driving forward to catch second place Mike Thompson, with one lap to go but Thompson had seen the danger and held his place to finish in second.

Under 14’s 

Pedalsport’s Thomas Nelson led out the start but was unable to hold off Young and Taylor as they took to the front by the end of the first loop of the field. Young and Taylor had taken a gap over Rushby but on the third lap Young dropped his chain and a lot of time which dropped him to sixth he then had to battle for the rest of the race to finish in third, this left Taylor at the front and he cruised to victory.



1. James Thompson Hope Factory Racing
2. Mike Thompson TEF Richardsons RT
3. Mike Young Pedalsport
4. John Hick Holme Valley Wheelers
5. Seth Smith Paul Milnes
6. Andy Peace Crosstrax
7. Josh Keep UA
8. Graeme Bird UA
9. Trevor Schofield Hambleton RC
10. Andy Carr UA


1. Victoria Wilkinson UA
2. Amira Mellor Holme Valley Wheelers
3. Marie Jackson Paul Milnes


1. Matt Taylor Pedalsport
2. Max Rushby Pedalsport
3. Jenson Young Pedalsport
4. Thomas Nelson Pedalsport
5. Joe Parker East Bradford