London 'Cross League Round 11

London 'Cross League Round 11

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London Cyclo-Cross League Round 11

20 December 2009, Herne Hill Stadium
Promoted by Team Mule Bar and Condor Cycles
Report: Ben Spurrier | Images John Mullineux

By Sunday December 20th much of the snow which had covered London's Herne Hill Velodrome had disappeared, only to be replaced by sheet ice. A frozen venue obviously presents some headaches for organisers and racers alike. However, parents, riders and supporters responded to calls for volunteers and grabbed shovels and did everything possible to make the course usable.

The arctic conditions delayed the start of the main event by 15 minutes. When the gun fired, 111 senior men, veteran, women and junior riders thundered round the outside of the track centre, the charge led by Dan Duguid. Glued to Duguid's wheel was Matt Holmes of Arctic Premier with Phil Glowinski of Velo Club Londres making up the lead 3. Duguid was to relinquish his lead to Holmes and after suffering a series of mechanicals was later to retire from the race. Holmes led the race from the end of the first lap and never looked in any danger of losing his advantage.

Meanwhile, epic battles were being fought out further down the field with Dulwich Paragon's Andy Waterman riding up through the field to make his first podium despite puncturing in the later part of the race. Kevin Knox rode to 10th overall to take the win in the Veteran category from Mick Bell. Jo MacRae of Arctic Premier secured the team's second win of the day, taking the win in the women's category while Rapha Condor's Claire Beaumont, placing in 2nd scarcely had time to pre-ride the course following a busy morning of organiser-duties. Konrad Manning was the other Rapha Condor rider of note, finishing strongly in the Veterans race. Winning Junior Hugo Humphries put in a characteristically strong ride to finish in 6th place overall, beating many of his elders! Elsewhere the unprecedented conditions took their toll on bikes and riders alike as competitors battled to stay upright in places.

Peter Walker from The Guardian newspaper came down to have a go at 'cross and was presented with an icy baptism of fire! Condor provided a bike for his first slippery steps into cross running him through the basics before letting have a go at the course. The beauty of cross is that absolute beginners can take part not just cross junkies. Stopping only to relieve himself of his audio equipment he said: "wow, the bike handles really well doesn't it? It's all so fast, what fun!" before jumping back on and completing a further 6 laps.

Race organiser, Condor Cycles' Ben Spurrier said: "Right up until the last minute, we were in two minds as to whether to allow racing to go ahead. We did everything we could to make the course as ride-able as possible and without the tireless help of a large group of volunteers we would never have got through the day. My heartfelt thanks goes to everyone who picked up a shovel and to the event sponsors Mule Bar and Condor Cycles whose generosity and hard work help to make the event one of the few in the league with national points up for grabs."

When quizzed on how next year's event could ever be as memorable, the organisers were playing their cards close to their chests saying only that they had "something rather special" planned, though how anything could be quite so epic remains to be seen!


1 Matt Holmes Arctic - Premier Racing Team
2 Philip Glowinski VC Londres
3 Andrew Waterman Dulwich Paragon CC
4 Matthew Spurgin
5 Matthew Zietz Pearson Cycles
6 Hugo Humphreys Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
7 Brian Curtis Team Corridori
8 Nigel Ling Gemini BC
9 Jules Birks VC Londres
10 Kevin Knox Dulwich Paragon CC
11 Stuart Spies London Dynamo/Cyclefit
12 Michael Bell London Fire Brigade CC
13 Stuart Lockyear London Phoenix CC
14 Douglas Fox Crawley Wheelers
15 James Duguid Rapha Condor Sharp
16 Joss Miller London Phoenix CC
17 Konrad Manning Rapha Condor Sharp
18 Edward Clark Redmon CC
19 Nick Welsh GS Invicta/Eye Level Optical/Herbert Cycles
20 Patrick Scarboro Fit-For
21 James Wilson Sigma
22 Russell Jones Brixton Cycling Club
23 Martin O'Grady VC Deal
24 Felix English Team Corridori
25 Andrew Carnall Swindon RC
26 Symon Lewis VC Londres
27 James Drain Gemini BC
28 Nathan Russell Bayeux Landscapes
29 Alexander Christians London Phoenix CC
30 Krisztian Borbely Sigma
31 Jason Cattermole VC Londres
32 George Higgs Brighton Excelsior CC
33 Ian Paine London Dynamo/Cyclefit
34 Stephen Berry San Fairy Ann CC
35 Declan Higgins Twickenham CC
36 Chris Bracewell VC Londres
37 Simon Scarsbrook Mosquito Bikes Racing Team
38 Anthony Bartlett Team Corridori
39 Deke Strentz
40 Aodan Higgins Addiscombe CC
41 Kevin Ball Dulwich Paragon CC
42 Lukousz Evans
43 Glenn Hord
44 Philip Hersey Eagle RC
45 James Duoth
46 Stephen Blackmore Seeds Cycling
47 Keir Apperley Cycling Club Hackney
48 Robert Pisolkar Finsbury Park CC
49 Harvey Jones
50 Paul Warner Team Darenth
51 Russ Turner London Dynamo/Cyclefit
52 Joanne McRae VC Londres
53 Tony Berlin Crawley Wheelers
54 Graham Freer Finsbury Park CC
55 Alex Tyrrell Old Portlians CC
56 Charles Codrington Dulwich Paragon CC
57 Nigel Langridge Crawley Wheelers
58 Richard Roberts Dulwich Paragon CC
59 Samuel Cheesman Onelife-Fuga Racing Team
60 Thomas Rampulla
61 Paul Atkinson Seeds Cycling
62 Adam Platts Dulwich Paragon CC
63 Claire Beaumont London Dynamo/Cyclefit
64 Christopher Cole VC Londres
65 Bryan Taylor VC Londres
66 Mark Cooper
67 Rob Wood Team Darenth
68 Brock Duncumb-Rogers Preston Park Youth CC
69 Tracy Corbett London Dynamo/Cyclefit
70 Rafael Soares
71 Barry Allen London Phoenix CC
72 Mark Brown Dulwich Paragon CC
73 ? Wos
74 Kevin Perkins Seeds Cycling
75 Ciaran O'Grady Team Toachim
76 Kaj Scarsbrook Mosquito Bikes Racing Team
77 Matthew Levett
78 Phil Wright VC Londres
79 Ken Iino London Phoenix CC
80 Andrew Dumbleton Seeds Cycling
81 Melissa Wadams Dulwich Paragon CC
82 Richard Hemsley Crawley Wheelers
83 Mark Simmonds Kingsnorth International Whlrs
84 Peter Walker
85 Michael Curtis Team Corridori
86 Simon Edwards-Parton Kingston Whls CC
87 Helen Bullimore Crawley Wheelers
88 Roger Hornsby GS Avanti
89 Robert Jeffroy London Dynamo/Cyclefit
90 Nathan Smith London Phoenix CC
91 Alexander Murray London Dynamo/Cyclefit
92 Daniel Rudd Arctic - Premier Racing Team
93 Christopher Dick London Phoenix CC
94 Robert Pritchard Pearson Cycles
95 Gareth Welch Dulwich Paragon CC
96 Wilf Sinclair
97 Paul Gibbs
98 Steven Wood
99 Daniel Duguid Sigmasport Specialized Cycling Team
100 Astrid Wingler London Phoenix CC
101 Brian Scarboro
102 Mark Jary VC Londres
103 Giles Martin Dulwich Paragon CC
104 Cornelius McCann
105 Anna Glowinski
106 Mark Drayton London Dynamo/Cyclefit
107 Neil Simpson London Phoenix CC
108 Edward Sneddon Sigma
109 Paul Sheers
110 Andrew Newman London Phoenix CC
111 Richard Morrison London Dynamo/Cyclefit

1 Kevin Knox Dulwich Paragon
2 Mick Bell LFBCC
3 Stuart Lockyear London Phoenix
4 Douglas Fox Crawley Wheelers
5 Konrad Manning Rapha Condor

1 Hugo Humphreys Mosquito Bikes
2 Patrick Scarboro Fit-For
3 Felix English Corridori

1 Jo McRae Arctic Premier
2 Claire Beaumont Rapha Condor
3 Tracey Corbett London Dynamo

1 Dan Tulett HHYCC
2 Thomas Finch VCL
3 Fred Wright VCL
4 Freddie Argent HHYCC
5 Georg Jensen LVYCC
6 Matthew McGowen Sutton
7 ? Brown VCL
8 Toby Martin Team Darenth
9 Georgie Hopkins Go Ride Bexley 1st Girl
10 Toby Cook Sutton
11 Theo Coddrington HHYCC
12 Thomas Neville Sutton
13 Charlotte Cole-Hussain VCL 2nd Girl

1 Josh Mead Sutton CC
2 Nathan Martin Team Darenth
3 Hayden Cassidy HHYCC
4 Gemma Heath Sutton CC 1st Girl
5 Kitty Phillips HHYCC 2nd Girl
6 Dominic Cook Sutton CC
7 Max Taylor HHYCC
8 Lucas Mead Sutton CC

9 Lewis Glaysher Sutton CC