Report: South West CX Round 6

Report: South West CX Round 6

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Report: South West CX Round 6

Event: 8th November 2009 | Report: Lester Young | Images: Roy Wyle Smith
Help For Heroes Cross, Filham Park, Ivybridge, Devon

Adam Bright slogs through the mud

Round six of the Southwest CX League took place at Filham Park, Ivybridge this Sunday. The race was a fund raising event, with all monies raised from the day going to the charity Help For Heroes.

Heavy rain in the week leading up to the event left the park in a pretty soggy state. Experience in the past has shown that although conditions were of the strength sapping kind, the mud wasn't of the bike clogging kind. A strong wind was blowing off the tors of nearby Dartmoor but the appearance of bright sunshine later in the morning improved the day no end.

The Under 12 racers were, as ever, eager to crack on with their race. Harry Birchall (EMBC) took off like the proverbial scalded cat and forged an impressive lead, which he never relinquished. Jack Hawtin (Mid Devon CC), Karla Hodson (Guerciotti / JJ Coach) and Matthew Bryant (EMBC) had a grand tussle behind Birchall. Hawtin proved the stronger from first girl & first under12 finisher Hodson. Further down the field Sam Birch (Unattached), Kora Olsen (Penzance Wheelers) & Rosie Andrews (Team Certini) could have easily been mistaken for taking part in a smiling competition as they chuckled and laughed their way round the course.

Before the commencement of the Youth race a period of silence was observed in remembrance of those that gave their lives in service of this country.

Multi talented sportsman Dan Nash (St Austell Wheeers) quickly took a stronghold on the race that others could not match. After the race Dan said ‘I am looking forward to the challenge of stepping up to racing amongst the juniors and seniors next season. Can't wait'. Although conditions were tough the youngsters soon got to grips with the course and found some fast lines. Laura Clode (Guerciotti / JJ Coach) used her cyclo-cross experience by coming home in seventh place to take first girls honours.

Steve Davies won the main race

Veteran racer, Steve Davies (Unattached) used his guile and verve to expertly win the Senior/Jun/Vets/Womens race. Like several other competitors, choosing not to pre-ride the course, saving his strength and bike, and picking up the spoils with consummate ease. Fast improving cross rider Gary Pike (All Trax) chased Davies hard in the early stages but seemed to pay for his efforts towards the end, eventually placing sixth. Another rider getting better race by race, Ben Price (Unattached) powered through to second place and earn top points in the senior category. The next rider across the line was Luke Eggar (Southfork Racing) who loses his normal quiet demeanour once he steps onto his bike, always puts on a fine fighting display. Veteran riders filled fourth & fifth place with Tim Carpenter (Empella getting the better of Cornish rider Stuart Pickering (Unattached).

Will Hornby grits his teeth as he climbs a slippery banking

All action girl Shred Racing's Angie Pike cycled to the event, assisted with the sign on before picking up a maiden victory in an impressive display of cross riding. Behind Fiona Verney (Exeter Wheelers) & Liz Tier (MI Racing) cheerfully smiled their way round the parkland course.

Shred Racing picked up the Junior win also with James Birch finishing ninth two places in front of Robin Delve (Mid Devon CC), who was first Grand Vet prize-winner.

To wrap up, a grand day's sport, in aid of a worthy cause on this day of remembrance. A huge thank you to organiser Roy Wyle Smith and his wife Karen and other stalwart helpers.

Next weekend the league moves onto a new venue with Holyrood School, Chard, Somerset hosting round seven of the series. Both a new area and venue to the league and we hopefully will see some new faces to join in the fun.


1 Steve Davies Unattached Vet
2 Ben Price Unattached
3 Luke Eggar Southfork Racing
4 Tim Carpenter Empella Vet
5 Stuart Pickering Unattached Vet
6 Gary Pike All Trax
7 Adam Bright Unattached
8 Pete Dawe Southfork Racing
9 James Birch Shred Racing Jun
10 Adrian Clode Guerciotti / JJ Coach Vet
11 Robin Delve Mid Devon CC Vet
12 Tim Fey Unattached Vet
13 Adrian Bellew Don't Push It, Bude Vet
14 Nick Percival Guerciotti / JJ Coach Vet
15 Harry Smith Shred Racing Jun
16 Lester Young Empella Vet
17 Andrew Retter Okehampton CC
18 Andy Parker Mid Devon CC
19 Dan Maror Shred Racing
20 Alan Sanders CS South Hams
21 Michael Alden Unattached Vet
22 Mark Percival Guerciotti / JJ Coach Jun
23 Matt Loake Southfork Racing
24 Will Hornby CS South Hams
25 Mark Deakin RAF CC Vet
26 Steven Birchill Unattached
27 Martin Crocker Southfork Racing
28 John Morse Velocake PVC Vet
29 Mike Murray Velocake PVC
30 Nick Butler Southfork Racing Vet
31 Steve Toze Shred Racing
32 Peter Robinson Bikinmotion Jun
33 Jay Worbey Unattached
34 Angela Pike Shred Racing Wom
35 Brian Bullen Shred Racing
36 Dan Young All Trax
37 Neil Vingoe Trail Snail Racing
38 M. Alexander Unattached Vet
39 Richard Coleman-Taylor Trail Snail Racing
40 Fiona Verney Exeter Wheelers Wom
41 Ray Retter North Devon Wheelers Vet
42 Rob Clay Unattached Vet
43 Chris Slough Unattached
44 Liz Tier MI Racing Wom
45 Simon Barnes Velocake PVC
46 Julian Wilson Trail Snail Racing
47 Ian Ferguson Unattached
Lee Bradley DNF
Tim Bridgeman DNF
Tony Chope DNF

1 Ben Price Unattached
2 Luke Eggar Southfork Racing
3 Gary Pike All Trax
4 Adam Bright Unattached
5 Pete Dawe Southfork Racing
6 Andrew Retter Okehampton CC
7 Andy Parker Mid Devon CC
8 Dan Maror Shred Racing
9 Alan Sanders CS South Hams
10 Matt Loake Southfork Racing
11 Will Hornby CS South Hams
12 Steven Birchill Unattached
13 Martin Crocker Southfork Racing
14 Mike Murray Velocake PVC
15 Steve Toze Shred Racing
16 Jay Worbey Unattached
17 Brian Bullen Unattached
18 Dan Young All Trax
19 Neil Vingoe Trail Snail Racing
20 Richard Coleman-Taylor Trail Snail Racing
21 Chris Slough Unattached
22 Simon Barnes Velocake PVC
23 Julian Wilson Trail Snail Racing
24 Ian Ferguson Unattached
Tim Bridgeman Okehampton CC DNF
Tony Chope CS South Hams DNF

1 Steve Davies Unattached
2 Tim Carpenter Empella
3 Stuart Pickering Unattached
4 Adrian Clode Guerciotti / JJ Coach
5 Robin Delve Mid Devon CC
6 Tim Fey Unattached
7 Adrian Bellew Don't Push It, Bude
8 Nick Percival Guerciotti / JJ Coach
9 Lester Young Empella
10 Michael Alden Unattached
11 Mark Deakin RAF CC
12 John Morse Velocake PVC
13 Nick Butler Southfork Racing
14 M. Alexander Unattached
15 Ray Retter North Devon Wheelers
16 Rob Clay Unattached
Lee Bradley DNF

1 Angela Pike All Trax
2 Fiona Verney Exeter Wheelers
3 Liz Tier MI Racing

1 James Birch Shred Racing
2 Harry Smith Shred Racing
3 Mark Percival Guerciotti / JJ Coach
4 Peter Robinson Bikinmotion

1 Dan Nash St Austell Wheelers U16
2 Adam Fursdon Mid Devon CC U16
3 Joel Kelly Mid Devon CC U14
4 Will Kelly Mid Devon CC U14
5 Silas Clay Unattached U16
6 Finley Clay Guerciotti / JJ Coach U14
7 Nathaniel Olson Penzance Wheelers U14
8 Laura Clode Guerciotti / JJ Coach U16
9 Jack Hewlett Guerciotti / JJ Coach U14
10 Steven Sims Unattached U16
11 Charles Hough Unattached U14

Under 12's
1 Harry Birchill EMBC U10
2 Jack Hawtin Mid Devon CC U10
3 Karla Hodson Guerciotti / JJ Coach U12
4 Matthew Bryant EMBC U12
5 Lucy Watkins Unattached U12
6 Chester Clay Unattached U12
7 Freddie Birchall EMBC U8
8 Robert Waddy Unattached U12
9 Kora Olsen Penzance Wheelers U10
10 Sam Birch Unattached U8
11 Rosie Andrews Team Certinin U8