Yorkshire Summer Cyclo-Cross RD 1

Yorkshire Summer Cyclo-Cross RD 1

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Yorkshire Summer Cyclo-Cross Round 1

Paul Milnes Summer Cyclo-Cross Series (Sponsor's Website)
Round 1, Oakbank School, Weds 6 May 2009

Steps at the highest point of the course

Cyclo-Cross racing returned to the Yorkshire region on Wednesday 6th May with the start of the Paul Milns Cycles sponsored YCCA Summer series. Oakbank School, near Keighley, was the venue for this first of ten events. With time at a premium with evening racing, the series splits riders at 14 years of age, so the older Youths compete in the senior race.

Set on a hillside, the school's playing field are surrounded by scrubby woodland and the venue is ideal for 'Cross. And the organizers had set up a tough and relatively lengthy course, with several sapping transits of the playing fields interspersed with singletrack woodland sections and a handful of short, steep bankings which constantly challenged riders to make a decision between riding and running.

Ian Taylor (left) won from Oli Webster

Recent dry weather had given way to rain over the days leading up to the race and with the grassland sections lush and verdant and the woodland muddier and heavier than normal, it was a course which refused to flow for the riders and proved a test of endurance as much as speed.

The senior (over-14) race saw a big field of over 80 riders line up for the start. A quick blast across a playing field led into a lengthy stretch of tightly taped single file riding, so a rapid start was the prescription for those wishing to make progress.

Ian Taylor, Scott Thwaites, Neil Crampton and Oli Webster were all out of the traps very quickly and it was this quartet who proceeded to battle for the win. Thwaites, Taylor and Webster got away from Crampton, who held on well and kept the leaders in sight. Keith Murray was also going well, but couldn't quite bridge across to the leaders.

In the closing stages, Thwaites, perhaps penalized by riding his mountain bike, dropped back and was passed by Crampton. Meanwhile Taylor was able to hold off Webster to claim the win in gathering gloom. Crampton was third, Thwaites fourth and Murray fifth. Grand-vet legend Roy Hunt came through well to claim sixth. There was a notable ride by youth rider, Joseph Moses, who came in 8th.

Scott Thwaites & Roy Hunt

The Under-14 race underlined the depth in talent in the Yorkshire region, with Edwyn Oliver-Evans eventually prevailing with Billy Harding second and Jake Womerlsey third. Madeline Robinson was the first female rider in 7th place.


Senior/Over 14
1 Ian Taylor Paul Milnes RT/Bradford Olympic Sen
2 Oliver Webster Crosstrax Jun
3 Neal Crampton Crosstrax Sen
4 Scott Thwaites Crosstrax Sen
5 Keith Murray Hope Factory Racing Sen
6 Roy Hunt Colnago V50-59
7 Richard Binks Holme Valley Wheelers V40-49
8 Joseph Moses Bronte Wh U16
9 Jough Watson Zepnat.com V40-49
10 Darrell Bradbury Norton Wheelers V40-49
11 Simon Maudsley Crosstrax Sen
12 Mike Harper Moonglu RT Sen
13 Robin Bradbury Aire Valley RT Sen
14 S Woodhead Crosstrax U16
15 Ed McParland JD Cycles U16
16 Alistair Jowett Pendle Forest Sen
17 Nick Kotlarewski Aire Valley RT Sen
18 Paul Whatmough Shepherds Cycles V40-49
19 Jonathan Hobson Chevin Cycles Bang & Olufsen RT Sen
20 Jason Wiltshire Lancs RC Sen
21 Simon Watts Zepnat.com Sen
22 Nick Barnes Seacroft Wh U16
23 Ian Chapman Moonglu RT Sen
24 Johnny Limebear Batley CC Sen
25 Richard Crabtree Pedalsport Sen
26 John Ginley Condor Road Club V60-69
27 Mike Young Pedalsport V40-49
28 Andy Whitworth Huddersfield RC Salamander Fabrications V40-49
29 Mark Rushby Pedalsport Sen
30 Myles Chandler Batley CC Sen
31 Darren Bibb Yorkshire Velo/UK Bathrooms.com V40-49
32 Charles Warren U/A V40-49
33 Tom Jolly Aire Valley RT U16
34 Scott Weston Crosstrax Sen
35 D Woodhead West Pennine V40-49
36 Giles Bailey Huddersfield Star Wheelers V40-49
37 ? McParland U/A V40-49
38 Ian Featherstone Moonglu RT Sen
39 J Breenwell Triangle RT Sen
40 John Belson U/A V40-49
42 James Dyson Pedalsport Sen
43 Phil Ingham U/A V40-49
44 Chris Jones Sowerby Bros CRT V40-49
44 Adella Carter Crosstrax Sen Lady
45 Simon Pickard JD Cycles V40-49
46 Steve Sears Sowerby Bros CRT V40-49
47 Paul Milsom Calder Clarion Sen
48 Chris Donohue Otley CC V40-49
49 Paul Stephenson U/A Sen
50 Richard Burnham Condor Road Club V50-59
51 Richard Durham Team Swift V50-59
52 Julian Hodgson U/A V40-49
53 Graham Bird JD Cycles V40-49
54 Paul Smithson Keighley & Craven AC V40-49
55 Kevin Hickie Bronte Wh V40-49
56 Owen Henrikson U/A V40-49
57 Tim Evans East Bradford CC V40-49
58 Adam Baker Wharfedale Harriers Sen
59 John Redmond Paul Milnes RT/Bradford Olympic V50-59
60 Martin Jones Colnago Sen
61 Paul Morris Keighley & Craven AC V50-59
62 Steven Cavell Condor Road Club V50-59
63 John Gravling U/A V40-49
64 Jonathon Jolly U/A V40-49
65 N Rollinson U/A V40-49
66 Peter Hamilton Paul Milnes RT/Bradford Olympic V40-49
67 A Lord U/A V40-49
68 Clare Crabtree Pedalsport Sen Lady
69 James Meehan U/A Sen
70 Fred Rothwell Paul Milnes RT/Bradford Olympic V50-59
71 Richard Stansfield VC Bradford Sen
72 Suneil Curwen Pedalsport Sen

Youth Under-14
1 Edwyn Oliver-Evans East Bradford CC
2 Billy Harding Paul Milnes RT/Bradford Olympic
3 Jake Womersley Sowerby Brothers RT
4 Ben Pygott Pedalsport
5 Alfie Moses Bronte Wheelers
6 Joseph Parker Crosstrax
7 Madeleine Robinson Eastlands
8 Robin Howie U/A
9 Chris Barnes Seacroft Wh
10 Bryan Barrett Pedalsport
11 Lewis Haworth East Morton
12 Sam Moses Bronte Wheelers
13 Patrick Dennis U/A
14 Oliver Moses Bronte Wheelers
15 Rebekah Lord Eastlands
16 Mason Hollyman Sowerby Brothers RT
17 Tom Whitworth Huddersfield RC Salamander Fabrications
18 Henry Hollyman Sowerby Brothers RT
19 Glesni Jones KJRCC
20 Abigail Gilert KJRCC