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Xan Crees and Ben Chilton take first National Trophy victories at Gravesend

Xan Crees and Ben Chilton take first National Trophy victories at Gravesend

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Ben Chilton and Xan Crees took their first National Trophy Series victories with dominant solo rides at Cyclopark in Gravesend.


Ben Chilton (Ribble Collective) took an impressive victory at Round 5 of the National Trophy Series in Gravesend, dominating the race from early on and taking his first win of the series.

Chilton was present at the front of the race from the beginning, closely following Toby Barnes (Ribble - Verge Sport) before launching his own attack on the second lap. The gap continued to grow over the course of the race and, after eight technical laps, Chilton crossed the line in a comfortable first place.

After a fast start, Barnes led Chilton going into the #RideForCharlie staircases, 47 steps up to the highest point on the course. Series leader, Thomas Mein (Hope Factory Racing), was close behind, battling for third place with Joseph Blackmore (Team Inspired).

However, within half a lap, Barnes, Chilton and Mein pulled away from the rest of the field. By the second ascent of the steps, Chilton was gaining time on Barnes.

With one lap to go, the trio were still leading the race but the gaps between each rider was growing.

Barnes was chasing hard and reduced the gap to 48 seconds, but he couldn’t catch Chilton. The Ribble Collective rider crossed the line with plenty of time to celebrate ahead of Barnes, while Mein took third place, just under a minute behind Barnes.

After five rounds of the series, Mein remains the series leader with just the final round remaining in January.

National Trophy Series


It was a successful day for Team Spectra Cannondale in the elite female race with Xan Crees (Team Spectra Cannondale p/b DAS) taking her first National Trophy Series win ahead of teammate and series leader, Elena Day.

After a challenging season so far for Crees, this victory was a testament to her determination and resilience.

Crees led the race off the line with Millie Couzens (Fenix-Deceuninck) and Day on her wheel. Hope Inglis (Brother UK-Orientation Marketing) followed closely behind in fourth place. However, within the first lap, Crees started to show her dominance and built a substantial gap between herself and Couzens in second place.

Isla Short (Ghost Factory Racing) chased hard in fourth place and was closing the gap on series leader, Day.

With just one lap to go, Crees was strong and composed as she ascended the #RideForCharlie steps for the final time. Meanwhile, Short had now fought her way into second place, with Couzens and Day continuing to battle it out close behind.

Crees crossed the line with her arms aloft, taking her first National Trophy Series win with a smile on her face. Day rode an impressive last lap to take second place, making it a 1-2 for Team Spectra Cannondale p/b DAS. Short came in close behind to finish in third.

Day remains the series leader after finishing on the podium four times so far this series.

Women's race

Junior open

The national champion, Sebastian Grindley (Trinity Racing Cross), took the win ahead of series leader Oscar Amey (GKR Racing) after a hard fought race

Grindley was at the head of the race from the start alongside brothers Oscar and Alfie Amey (GKR Racing), with Jamie Stewart (Shibden Cycling Club) and Joel Hurt (Beeston Cycling Club) close behind. However, with two laps to go, Oscar Amey had established a 10-second lead ahead of Grindley, with Stewart battling in third place.

The situation remained the same until the final lap where Grindley closed the gap and overtook Amey. The Trinity Racing rider held on and ended up taking the win ahead of Amey, who crossed the line nine seconds later. Innes McDonald (Scotia Offroad Race Team) chased hard during the last lap to take third place.

Despite missing out on a victory in this round, Oscar Amey remains the series leader after three previous podium finishes so far in the series.

Junior women's race

Junior female

Alice Colling (Shibden Cycling Club) took her third victory of the series, continuing to underline her impressive form this season.

After a strong start, Colling closely followed Madeline Moorhouse Smith's (Hope Tech Factory Racing) wheel with Rebecca Woodvine (RR23 - in third.

Moorhouse Smith continued to lead up the steps on the second lap, holding a five-second advantage on Colling. The duo had gained a substantial lead ahead of the rest of the field, which was already strung out in small groups.

However, with three laps to go, Colling closed the gap to Moorhouse Smith and began to pull away into the lead.

The wet weather and muddy course did not hold Colling back as she crossed the line with a 17-second gap ahead of Moorhouse Smith. Woodvine crossed the line in third place, a further one minute and eight seconds back.

After her victory, Colling remains the series leader ahead of the final round in January.

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A full list of podium placings is below:

Elite female

  1. Xan Crees (Team Spectra Cannondale P/B DAS)
  2. Elena Day (Team Spectra Cannondale P/B DAS)
  3. Isla Short (Ghost Factory Racing)

Elite open

  1. Ben Chilton (Ribble Collective)
  2. Toby Barnes (Ribble-Verge Sport)
  3. Thomas Mein (Hope Factory Racing)

Under-23 female

  1. Elena Day (Team Spectra Cannondale P/B DAS)
  2. Millie Couzens (Fenix-Deceuninck)
  3. Kacey Eyeington (Derwentside CC)

Under-23 open

  1. Ben Chilton (Ribble Collective)
  2. Joseph Blackmore (Team Inspired)
  3. Simon Wyllie (Team Spectra Cannondale)

Junior female

  1. Alice Colling (Shibden Hope Tech Apex)
  2. Madeline Moorhouse Smith (Hope Tech Factory Racing)
  3. Rebecca Woodvine (RR23 -

Junior open

  1. Sebastian Grindley (Trinity Racing Cross)
  2. Oscar Amey (GKR Racing)
  3. Innes McDonald (Scotia Offroad Race Team)

Under-16 open

  1. Leon Atkins (Ribble - Verge Sport)
  2. Milo Wills (GKR Racing)
  3. Jody Mills (Inspire Racing Adaston Scape)

Under-16 female

  1. Peggy Knox (ViCiOUS VELO)
  2. Aelwen Davies (TORQ Performance)
  3. Zoe Roche (Ribble - Verge Sport)

Under-14 open

  1. Guy Rorke (Peebles CC)
  2. Rhuairdh Fulton (West Lothian Clarion CC)
  3. James Hardisty (Nottingham Clarion CC)

Under-14 female

  1. Olivia Poole (Deeside Thistle CC)
  2. Eva Gibson (4T+ Cyclopark)
  3. Lauren Fox (Mid Devon CC)

Female veterans 40-49

  1. Jennifer Andrews (Cycle Club Ashwell)
  2. Rowena Duffield (Cwmcarn Paragon CC)
  3. Delia Beddis (ViCiOUS VELO)

Open veterans 40-49

  1. Paul Lloyd (Banjo Cycles/Raceware)
  2. Paul Oldham (Hope Factory Racing)
  3. Robert Jebb (Hope Factory Racing)

Female veterans 50-59

  1. Helen Pattinson (Montezuma's Race Team)
  2. Alison Kinloch (Shibden Cycling Club)
  3. Lucy Siddle (Reifen Racing)

Open veterans 50-59

  1. Ian Taylor (Shibden Cycling Club)
  2. Nicholas Whitley (Team Enable M.I.Racing McCann)
  3. Stuart Marshall

Female veterans 60+

  1. Carolyn Speirs (Kendal Cycle Club)
  2. Lesley Wilkinson (Addiscombe CC)

Open veterans 60+

  1. Glenn Coltman (Pedal Power Loughborough)
  2. John McGrath Team TMC - Strada Wheels
  3. Grant Johnson