British Cycling welcomes revised national standard for cycle training

British Cycling welcomes revised national standard for cycle training

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The DfT managed the six month review process, which included consultation with leading cycling organisations such as British Cycling and has concluded with a revision of standards for Bikeability training across all levels.

Having been actively involved in the process, British Cycling is looking forward to implementing the changes across all of its areas of Cycle Training delivery.

“We have been very pleased to be a part of the review process and we are fully committed to delivery of high quality training in line with the revised National Standard,” said Jenny Hotchkiss, British Cycling’s Recreation Education and Cycle Training Manager.

“Currently, we have an active Bikeability programme, introducing safe riding skills and road awareness to young people in schools and communities. We also train future Instructors through our highly respected Instructor training courses to ensure the life-long skills of safe cycling are delivered to as wide a number of people as possible.

“Since 2009, we have trained over 600 Cycle Training Instructors and strongly believe the recommendations will preserve Bikeability as the market-leading programme for Cycle Training.”

The National Standard was originally developed by a range of government and non-government organisations and provides a series of outcomes covering the skills necessary for making cycling trips in today’s road conditions.

The review, which has been undertaken to consider any necessary changes and to keep it in line with current best practice, has accepted recommendations to make Level 2 delivery more succinct and substantially boost Level 3 learning with 10 new outcomes introduced.

British Cycling will immediately begin to implement the recommendations across all delivery of Bikeability and Instructor training.

For more information on any upcoming Bikeability courses, or to find out how to become a Cycle Training Instructor, please visit