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Top tips on how to use your bike to get around. Including tips on riding to work, shopping by bike and making cycling part of your everyday life.

  NEW!!! Bike Storage Ideas on how to store your beloved bike without causing marital discord
    Safer Cycling - "Can't cycle to work - it's too dangerous!" "Drivers don't care about cyclists" "There aren't enough bike lanes." With a few of our top tips, you can make your cycling safer and more enjoyable. Cycling is actually one of the safest modes of transport, but also has the advantage of being fast, fun and good for your health.
    Essential Maintenance - get you home tips for all kinds of cyclist
    Cycle Security - don't let your bike become an statistic. Lock it up properly with the help of these wise words...
    Sweat-Free Commuting - after 'I'll get helmet hair', arriving at work sweatier than a Grand National winner is the most oft cited reason to give bike commuting a miss. But help is at hand... It is possible to arrive at work without that just stepped out of the sauna look.
    How to ride your bike and look normal - if you're riding to get around you want to look like a normal, well-adjusted member of society. You wouldn't dress like an F1 driver to drive to work, would you? So you don't have to do likewise if you commute by bike. However, some clever clothing tips will keep you looking good and feeling good.


  How to use your bike more - If you've got the choice between riding and driving it's all too easy to grab those car keys and take the easy way out. However, if you do you're missing out on a free-of-charge Zen like experience every time you commute. Read these top tips on how to make it easy to choose the bike.

  How to go car free - is it possible to live without a car? Many people do, and use the bike as their primary form of transport. We show you how.

  Folding Bikes - join the origami revolution and get a folding bike. If you're serious about waging war on your car dependency, a folding bike could be your secret weapon.
  Multi-Modal Commuting - What's that, you may ask? It's simply combining a number of different forms of transport to get from A to B. And combining the bike with other transport types can mean cutting your car dependency, achieving faster door to door times and getting your daily exercise fix.

  How to cope with rain - Another much-cited reason not to cycle to work in the UK. Our obsession with the weather knows no bounds, but it shouldn't put us off riding our bikes to work.