Commute with Confidence - Spring

Commute with Confidence - Spring


Spring in the UK is cycling’s seasonal sweet spot. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right. Memories of winter are behind you and the promise of summer is ahead. What better time to commute by bike?

Your winter cycling wardrobe can go into mothballs for another year as the mercury rises. But perhaps your bike has been in hibernation over winter too and needs coaxing back to life? Whatever the case, we’ve got a few handy guides on how the get the best out of biking to work in spring and some exclusive content for British Cycling Members.

Keeping cool – in recent years, April’s weather has been exceptional, so your focus switches from keeping warm to keeping cool. We show you how.

No cycling clothes? No problem – you don’t have to dress like Cav to ride to work, and spring weather is perfect for riding in ‘normal’ clothes.

Arriving office fresh – No showers in work? No problem. We show you the tricks of the trade.
Spring clean – If your bike has been laid-up over winter it won’t take long to get it back into service. Here’s how.
Beat the April showers – Spring can bring it's surprises, so take some advice on seasonal waterproofing.