Manchester cyclists speak out in commuter survey

Manchester cyclists speak out in commuter survey


A recent survey amongst Manchester commuters revealed some fascinating findings on bike theft, cycle parking provision and barriers to cycle commuting.

Amongst its findings, the survey, conducted by Transport for Greater Manchester, revealed that 38% of respondents weren’t always able to find secure parking in the city centre, with lack of CCTV coverage and lack of protection from the weather being key complaints on existing provision. It is perhaps not surprising that over 60% of the 491 people surveyed said that they would be willing to pay a nominal fee for ‘bike hub’ style facilities (secure, weatherproof parking, lockers, showers etc).

These results are set against significant reports of cycle theft – 21% of respondents reported that they had experienced at least one cycle theft in the last 12 months. Among other barriers to commuting, Manchester survey respondents cited a lack of dedicated cycle lanes as the major barrier to travelling by bike.

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