Featherstone and Isidore crowned British champions in Derby

Featherstone and Isidore crowned British champions in Derby


Ellie Featherstone and Quillan Isidore were crowned British champions on day two of the HSBC UK | British BMX Championships in Derby.

Both won their maiden elite British title as Featherstone claimed the Championship Women and Isidore the Superclass category, two of a further 20 titles were awarded in glorious sunshine at Alvaston Park.

After a handful of second-placed finishes at this level, Isidore finally got his hands on the title, leading Curtis Manaton and Calum Strickland over the line after both Kyle Evans and Paddy Sharrock had crashed out.

Afterwards, Isidore said:

“Kyle had gate one, and he’s renowned for his fast starts, so I knew I had to get in front straight away. I got my best gate of the day and it was tight down the whole first straight, trying to shut them off. When I got in front I just held it from there and tried to stay smooth.

“After getting three seconds in a row, I’m very happy. I’ve been struggling this year to deliver a performance when it matters. I just wanted to come out here and get a win against some fast people, so I’m proud of myself for doing that.”

Also winning her first British title was Featherstone, who said:

“You never know what to expect – it’s tight racing, especially on this track. I’ve really enjoyed it though, and I wanted to give my best and prove myself, so being British champion for the first time is an amazing feeling.”

Elsewhere, Jay Bovill took victory in the Junior Men’s race – a category which has been incredibly closely-fought across the course of the season.

He said:

“I didn’t expect that. I’m not necessarily the quickest on the track, but it went my way this time. It’s amazing to get the win – it could have been anyone, as it’s so close between all of us.”

Earlier, there was a win in the Female 13 category for world champion Betsy Bax, while Freia Challis – also a world champion – took second place in the Male 11 category, as she continues to compete in the boys’ races.


British BMX Championships 2019

Podium placings:

Female 11

1 Elizabeth Brown
2 Micah Pritchard
3 Abigail Nequest

Male 11

1 Xander Mavolwane Wright
2 Freia Challis
3 Flynn Drelincourt

Female 12

1 Lucy Hutt
2 Jaya Jack-Bradshaw
3 Elsa Rendall Todd

Male 12

1 Billy Brown
2 Zak Greene
3 Harry Tanner

Female 13

1 Betsy Bax
2 Shani Harris-Sherwood
3 Sophie-May Harris

Male 13

1 Bradley Russell
2 Jude Green
3 Jack Bowditch

Female 14

1 Joanna Banks
2 Mia Farrow
3 Lily Gullon

Male 14

1 Alexander Talbott
2 Josh Barsby
3 Charlie Clare

Female 15

1 Ava Brown
2 Katie Daley
3 Louise Beck

Male 15

1 Leon Parker-Livesey
2 George Hunt
3 Harvey Short

Female 16

1 Elle Junker
2 Hannah Drew
3 Lucy Clark

Male 16

1 Ben Curling
2 Jayden Cooper-Nelson
3 Ethan Duffy

17+ Challenge Women

1 Darcie Taylor
2 Hannah Baker
3 Emilia Shakles

17-24 Men

1 Adam Brazil
2 Billy Luckhurst
3 Joshua Wallis

25-29 Men

1 Miguel Gaboleiro
2 Christopher Wimbledon
3 Darryl Taylor

30+ Women

1 Tabitha Rendall
2 Joanna Roberts
3 Kim Batsford


1 Shaun Issitt
2 Matthew Bourne
3 Benjamin Martinez


1 Zoltan Buday
2 Ian Archibald
3 Matthew Barnard

Grand Veteran (50+)

1 Michael Gough
2 Chris Carter
3 James Yeo

Junior Men

1 Jay Bovill
2 Tyreese Bradshaw
3 Chad Hartwell


1 Ellie Featherstone
2 Lauren Stack
3 Emily Hutt


1 Quillan Isidore
2 Curtis Manaton
3 Calum Strickland