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IT support man Ian completes an impressive 40 mile roundtrip commute two to three days a week - a serious chunk of mileage that gives him a daily dose of fresh air, fitness and feelgood factor. 

Name: Ian Robathan

Workplace: IT Network Support

Tell us about your commuting rig:
I did have a Specialised Allez Elite but changed it for a Boardman Team Carbon only a couple of weeks ago. The difference is staggering really especially on the hills.

What’s your commute like?
I’ve been doing a 40 mile round trip on a fairly undulating trip for about six years. Some hills but nothing in the category stage! All on public roads including about 10 miles on the fast dual carriageway of the A5 from Tamworth.

How many days a week do you commute by bike?
Between two and three in a five day working week plus a leisure one at the weekend.

What do you enjoy the most about bike commuting?
The fresh air before work, a sense of elation before starting work that you are awake for the day ahead. Not many queues for me to whizz by but knowing I am staying fit doing it.

What’s your least favourite thing about commuting by bike?
The car drivers (I own a car) - their lack of patience and inability to see that I am slower than them when they turn left!!

What are your main reasons to commute by bike?
The usual for everyone; to save money and keep fit.

Have you got any funny or interesting bike commuting stories or experiences to share?
Not really, pretty standard stuff.

What’s your killer commuting tip?
Ride as if you are entitled to use the road as any car driver. Ride between 2/3 feet from the gutter, make car drivers realise that they cannot sneak by. Learned this after two painful experiences and tips from others.

Are you a British Cycling Member? If so how does your British Cycling membership support your bike commuting?
Yes, I love the tips and the community around it. Cycling will get ever more popular now and rightly so and British cycling has to stick up the rights we have.

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