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Eddie combines the bike and the train to get to work from Liverpool to Manchester - avoiding the stress and monotony of driving the dreaded M62.

Name: Eddie Allen

Job Title: Web Content Manager

Tell us about your commuting rig:
Ridgeback Flight 01 flat bar road bike in stealth black. Light, quick, nimble and lots of fun. 28mm tyres mean that I can take canal towpath shortcuts whenever I please. I've kept the bike light with just a rear crud catcher mudguard and lights - there's lots of carrying the bike up and down station stairways on my commute. For lighting I use a standard rear LED on the seatpost and a 1000 lumen flashlight adapted for bike use with a handlebar mount. Very effective and much cheaper than the equivalent cycling specific light. I carry my daily commuting gear in a waterproof military backpack, keeping the laptop safe from weather and road vibration.

What’s your commute like?
15 miles per day, one big hill out of Liverpool, with a 1 hour train journey thrown in for good measure. A combination of busy city streets, quiet shortcuts through parks and along canal towpaths.

How many days a week do you commute by bike?
Three days a week, wish it was more.

What do you enjoy the most about bike commuting?
The childlike joy of getting from A to B under my own steam.

What’s your least favourite thing about commuting by bike?
Punctures, headwinds, the horrible indecision of ‘bike/car’ on bad weather days.

What are your main reasons to commute by bike?
Simple, it keeps me (sort of) sane and keeps my weight (sort of) under control.

Have you got any funny or interesting bike commuting stories or experiences to share?
My commute runs along a section of canal towpath and geese are the bane of my life. They attack me with wings and beaks and if that doesn’t work, they sabotage my path with goose poo!

What’s your killer commuting tip?
Buy a bike that will allow you to run wider tyres and mudguards at the same time. Big tyres are essential for reliability on poor road surfaces and mudguards keep you and the bike clean and dry.

How does your British Cycling membership support your bike commuting?
It’s great to know that if I’m involved in an incident out on the roads, I’ve got professional, experienced legal support from solicitors who know about cycling. Oh, and the Wiggle discount is great too (for a compulsive purchaser like me!)

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