Duggleby equals Manchester Premier Track League wins record

Duggleby equals Manchester Premier Track League wins record


Location: Manchester Velodrome
Event: 4 December 2012

The Manchester Regional Track League has now drawn to a close for 2012 with Adam Duggleby (Maxgear Championsystems) taking his fourth win for the overall league only equalled by Jonathon Hargreaves, this is the third consecutive year that he has won it.

Duggleby said: “I have ridden the track league now for a number of years and believe this to be one of, if not, the best track league in the world!

“Every week there is a chance to race against up and coming Great Britain riders and sometimes even Olympic and world champions.

“It is good to for me to be able to compete at this level and winning the National Scratch race this year was amazing.

“I don't think I could have done that without the Track League. I thank Carole and the team for making it happen.”

The league finished with Duggleby, Ryan Mullen and Alistair Rutherford taking the top three positions consecutively.

Alistair had a close run for third with Chris Latham and was fought all the way down to the second to last race of the league season but Alistair made sure to keep his position by coming in second in the Devil.

Duggleby and Rutherford are now set to join the Wheelbase racing team for 2013 and both look forward to the start of the track league in January.

If you wish to ride the Manchester Track League in 2013 registration is online only, please see the new MRTL website for details.