Track: Hime Makes His Way Home For Welwyn Win


Location: Gosling Sports Park, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire
Event: 17 August 2012
Report: Peter Waghorn

Attacking with two laps to go, Simon Hime (Finchley RT) secured a fine solo victory in the 10-mile scratch race which closed a good evening of racing at Gosling Park marred only by a crash just after the start of the Senior A 10-lap block pursuit, three riders coming down and Nigel Stephens (Finchley RT) sustaining a broken collarbone and broken ribs.

Around a dozen riders were in contention with three laps remaining in the 10-mile race, and when Hime made his move, the others spent a lap watching each other as he established a good led which he held to the finish.

Tony Gibb (Metaltek-Scott), who had won the 10-lap scratch race, took second place and was also second in the re-run of the block pursuit behind Lewis Atkins (

Honours were spread in the well-contested Senior B group races. In the 10-lap handicap, the scratch group finally reeled in the leaders with a lap to go and Simon Howes (Spirit RT) used his experience to lead in the sprinters.

Louis Modell (East LondonVelo), making a rare appearance at Welwyn, was in good form in the Youth A events but was pressed hard by Luke Morgan (Welwyn Wheelers).


Senior A
10-lap scratch: 1 Tony Gibb (Metaltek-Scott), 2 Kristian Woolf (Prestige VC), 3 Lewis Atkins (
10-lap block pursuit: 1 Lewis Atkins, 2 Tony Gibb, 3 Kristian Woolf.
10-mile scratch: 1 Simon Hime (Finchley RT), 2 Tony Gibb, 3 Joe Fry (Welwyn Wheelers)

Senior B
10-lap scratch: 1 Barry Neal (PCA Ciclos Uno), 2 Ben Smith (Welwyn Wheelers), 3 Simon Howes (Spirit RT).
10-lap handicap: 1 Simon Howes, 2 Anthony Morris (CC Ashwell), 3 Martin Meades (PCA Ciclos Uno).
Devil: 1 Anthony Morris, 2 Ben Smith, 3 Glen O’Brien (CC Luton).

Youth A
8-lap scratch: 1 Luke Morgan (Welwyn Wheelers), 2 Jack Plumley (Welwyn Wheelers), 3 Louis Modell (East London Velo).
Devil: 1 Louis Modell, 2 Dan Maynard (Welwyn Wheelers), 3 Luke Morgan (Welwyn Wheelers).
8-lap points: 1 Louis Modell, 2 Luke Morgan, 3 Jon Chapman (CC Ashwell).
7-lap handicap: 1 Louis Modell, 2 Luke Morgan, 3 Jack Plumley.

Youth B/C
5-lap scratch: 1 Cameron Gutteridge (Welwyn Wheelers), 2 Connor Woodford (Willesden CC), 3 Josh Roberts (Welwyn Wheelers).
Devil: 1 Cameron Gutteridge, 2 Connor Woodford, 3 Josh Roberts.
6-lap points: 1 Cameron Gutteridge, 2 Connor Woodford, 3 Josh Roberts.
5-lap handicap: 1 Josh Roberts, 2 Connor Woodford, 3 Michael Parry (Welwyn Wheelers).

Youth C/D/E
3-lap scratch: 1 Owen Williams (Lee Valley YCC), 2 Alexi Edwards (Welwyn Wheelers), 3 Olivia Howard (Welwyn Wheelers).
3-lap handicap: 1 Olivia Howard, 2 Harry Towning (Welwyn Wheelers), 3 Alexi Edwards.
500-m scratch (A): 1 Alexi Edwards, 2 Owen Williams; (B) 1 Kye Lewis (Hillingdon Slipstreamers), 2 Harry Towning, 3 Olivia Howard.

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.