Brooks Cycles Track League


Brooks Cycles Track League | 9 Aug 2012

The ever changing summer weather this year has been a feature of the Brooks Cycles Track League, Newcastle under, Staffs with this week seeing the sun shining with temperatures in the high 70's. The success of the British Olympic Team is having a huge effect on the Freewheelers attending each week with this week seeing the registered number of riders hitting a record 66 which is good for the future. All races in the Freewheelers League were contested keenly by all riders with plenty of personal best times in the opening flying 200m time trial. After the 12 race programme the top points scorers in each group were as follows;

Group 1 Ewan Giles 6 Points

Group 2 Farley Barber 9 Points

Group 3 Harry Boulton 7 points

In the main league there was a good turnout of 40 riders with the A Class endurance and B Class events well supported. In the A Class events Talent Team Rider Joe Evans ( Velocity RT) showed his form is starting to build for the end of the month Youth Track Nationals as he won the devil and placed second in the 8 lap scratch and third in the points race. 2011 Champion Robert Lambton ( Brooks Cycles) used is finishing sprint to easily win the opening 8 lap scratch. Other wins went to Paul Whatmough ( Shepherds Cycles) in the points race and to National Masters Champion James Notley who took a very quick 10 mile scratch. The B events saw Matthew Walls ( Velocity RT) dominate the four races to take maxium points and he now looks favourite for the B league trophy with four event remaining.

The Sprint events saw Sean Mayer ( Swinnerton Cycles ) and Sassan Emadi (Tunstall Wheelers) win the opening 2-up time trial and then the pair along with Dave Smith ( Stafford RC) won the Team Sprint. Sean Mayer made it three wins in a row as he won the Sprint Final from Steve Cronshaw and Phil Houlton, both of Brooks Cycles.

The Youth races saw Sallie Birchall mathematically secure the league win as she won three events of the four contested. the other event was the 200m time trial where sisters Sophie and Emily Capewell ( Lichfield CCC) took the top two places with great times before deciding to ride the B races for the rest of the night.


Group 1

Race 1

1st James Brayford Lyme RC

2nd Sam Hall Lyme RC

3rd Bradley Hill Lyme RC

Race 2

1st James Adamson

2nd Ewan Giles

3rd Jake Meir

Race 3

1st Ewan Giles

2nd Jake Meir

3rd Sam Hall

Race 4

1st Brandon McMillan Lyme RC

2nd Louis Perry Lyme RC

3rd Bradley Heath

Group 2

Race 1

1st Aaron Mansell Lyme RC

2nd Farley Barber

3rd Joe Boulton

Race 2

1st Chloe Tennant

2nd Sam Tennant

3rd Farley Barber

Race 3

1st Farley Barber

2nd Mark Adamson

3rd Sam Tennant

Race 4

1st Sam Tennant

2nd Farley Barber

3rd Mark Adamson

Group 3

Race 1

1st Isabelle Barber

2nd Izaak Curtis Lyme RC

3rd Hattie Giles

Race 2

1st Cameron O'Neil Lyme RC

2nd Oliver Pennill

3rd Amelie Coates Lyme RC

Race 3

1st Harry Boulton

2nd Cameron O'Neil

3rd Anna Barber

Race 4

1st Harry Boulton

2nd Anna Braber

3rd Hattie Barber


Youth 200m TT

1st Sophie Capewell Lichfield CCC

2nd Emily Capewell Lichfield CCC

3rd Sallie Birchall Lyme RC

A Sprinters 2 - Up Flying lap

1st Sean Mayer Swinnerton Cycles

Sassan Emadi Tunstall Wheelers

2nd Ryan Whatmough Shepherd Cycles

Joel Partington Sportcity Velo

3rd Dave Smith Stafford RC

Phil Houlton Brooks Cycles

A Class 8 lap Scratch

1st Robert Lambton Brooks Cycles

2nd Joe Evans Velocity RT

3rd Ryan Whatmough

B Class 8 lap Scratch

1st Matthew Walls Velocity RT

2nd Chris Pyatt NTCA

3rd George Edwards Lyme RC

Youth Devil

1st Sallie Birchall

2nd James Brayford Lyme RC

3rd Liam Zwetschnikow Lyme RC

A Class team Sprint

1st Sean Mayer

Seassan Emadi

Dave Smith

A Class endurance 12 lap Points

1st Paul Whatmough Shepherd Cycles

2nd James Notley Planet X

3rd Will Thomas and Joe Evans Velocity RT

B Class Devil

1st Matthew Walls

2nd Chris Pyatt

3rd Robert Strandring V Sprint Racing

Youth Points

1st Sallie Birchall

2nd James Brayford

3rd Liam Zwetsnikow

A Class Endurance Devil

1st Joe Evans

2nd Paul Whatmough

3rd James Notley

B Class 8 laps Points

1st Matthew Walls

2nd Robert Strandring

3rd George Edwards

A Class Sprint Final

1st Sean Mayer

2nd Steve Cronshaw Brooks Cycles

3rd Phil Houlton

Minor Final

1st Joel Partington

Youth Handicap Scratch

1st Sallie Birchall

2nd James Brayford

3rd Liam Zwetschnikow

10 Mile Scratch

1st James Notley

2nd Ryan Whatmough

3rd Adrian Adgar Balanced Performance


1st Matthew Walls

2nd Robert Strandring

3rd George Edwards