Whatmough keeps lead in Brooks Cycles Track League

Whatmough keeps lead in Brooks Cycles Track League


Location: Lyme Valley Stadium, Newcastle-under-Lyme
Event: 28 June 2012

After weeks of rain there was a full night’s racing at the Brooks Cycles Track League on Thursday 28 June 2012. This in fact was the first main league event at the track in June. Luckily heavy showers from earlier in the day disappeared and racing was run off under clear blue warm skies.

In the A class endurance events league leader Ryan Whatmough (Shepherd Cycles) won the opening 10 lap scratch and it looked like he was set to dominate the events. However the wins were then spread around as Alex Simmons (Swinnerton Cycles) attacked at half way in the 12 lap points race to take a fine win. The 10 mile scratch was won by Paul Whatmough (Shepherd Cycles) in a very tight finish with last years overall winner Robert Lambton (Brooks Cycles) who is now back from University for the summer.

The A class sprint events were depleted by the Masters being away at the National Championships however Sean Mayer ( Swinnerton Cycles) consolidated his lead by winning the sprint final in 11.7 seconds and the keirin final.

The B class events saw the biggest field of the night with 14 riders competing. The events were dominated by Bernard Swinnerton (Lyme RC) who won every event in the eight lap scratch, devil, points and 10 mile to establish himself as the favourite for this league this year.

The youth events were keenly contested with Sallie Birchall (Lyme RC) extending her already big lead in the overall competition to win the 200m TT, devil and handicap scratch. Liam Zwetschnikow (Lyme RC) was the next top scorer as he came second in the devil and the scratch.

The Freewheelers Events were well supported with 26 riders present at this Go ride registered event. After a 15 race programme the top points scorers were in each group as follows:

Group 1 James Brayford Lyme RC 7 points, Brandon McMillan Lyme RC 7 points

Group 2 Thomas Hughes 9 points

Group 3 Christian Bartram Lyme RC 9 points

Freewheelers results

Group 1
Race 1

1st James Brayford Lyme RC

2nd Bradley Hill Lyme RC

3rd Brandon McMillan Lyme RC

Race 2

1st James Brayford

2nd Brandon McMillan

3rd Ambrose Morris Lyme RC

Race 3

1st Andrew Williams

2nd Ambrose Morris

3rd Brandon McMillan

Race 4

1st Bradley Hill

2nd Brandon McMillan

3rd Ambrose Morris

Group 2
Race 1

1st Aaron Mansell Lyme RC

2nd Harry Brayford Lyme RC

3rd Natasha Sandbach

Race 2

1st Sam Tennant

2nd Thomas Hughes

3rd Austin Scott Lyme RC

Race 3

1st Thomas Hughes

2nd Sam Tennant

3rd Natasha Sandbach

Race 4

1st Thomas Hughes

2nd Austin Scott

3rd Aaron Mansell

Group 3
Race 1

1st Evie Davis Lyme RC

2nd Jessica Hughes

3rd Christian Bartram

Race 2

1st Christian Bartram

2nd Sam Towey

3rd Izaak Curtis Lyme RC

Race 3

1st Christian Bartram

2nd James Turner Lyme RC

3rd Sam Williams

Race 4

1st Jessica Hughes

2nd Evie Davis

3rd Christian Bartram

Race 5

1st Olly Davis Lyme RC

2nd Frazer Bartram

3rd Nicholas Sandbach

Race 6

1st Olly Davis

2nd Nicholas Sandbach

3rd Frazer Bartram

Race 7

1st Olly Davis

2nd Nicholas Sandbach

3rd Frazer Bartram

Main league

Youth 200m TT

1st Sallie Birchall Lyme RC

2nd Joe Swinnerton Lyme RC

3rd Liam Zwetschnikow Lyme RC

A Class Endurance 10 lap Scratch

1st Ryan Whatmough Shepherd Cycles

2nd Robert Lambton Brooks Cycles

3rd James Notley Planet X

B Class 8 lap Scratch

1st Bernard Swinnerton Lyme RC

2nd Paige Millward Lyme RC

3rd Kieran Senior Sportcity Velo

Youth Devil

1st Sallie Birchall

2nd Liam Zwetschnikow

3rd Joe Swinnerton

A Class Endurance Team Pursuit

1st Paul Whatmough Shepherd Cycles

Christian Braybrooke Velocity RT

Alex Braybrooke Velocity RT

Robert Lambton

A Class Sprinters Sprint Final

1st Sean Mayer Swinnerton Cycles

2nd Braney Swinnerton Swinnerton Cycles

3rd Jack Payne Sportcity Velo

B Class Devil

1st Bernard Swinnerton

2nd Neil Clarke VC Nottingham

3rd George Edwards Lyme RC

Youth Team Sprint

1st Megan Williams Lyme RC

James Duncalf Lyme RC

Ashleigh Williams Lyme RC

Joe Swinnerton

A Class Endurance Points

1st Alex Simmons Swinnerton Cycles

2nd Ryan Whatmough

3rd James Risk Sportcity Velo

B Class Points Race

1st Bernard Swinnerton

2nd Jack Fearon Weaver Valley

3rd Connor Fearon Weaver Valley

Kieren League Final

1st Sean Mayer

2nd Jack Payne

3rd Joel Partington Sportcity Velo

4th Christian Braybrooke Velocity RT

5th Alex Simmons

6th Lauren Quenby Newcastle RC 2001

Youth Handicap Scratch

1st Sallie Birchall

2nd Liam Zwetschnikow

3rd James Duncalf

10 Mile Scratch

1st Paul Whatmough

2nd Robert Lambton

3rd Christian Braybrooke

B Class

1st Bernard Swinnerton

2nd George Edwards

3rd Becky Gray Lyme RC