Applications invited for Madison National Schools of Racing in three venues across the country



In August the Olympic Talent Programme is off on a Madison coaching road trip! We are often asked the question: “Why madison? It is not even an Olympic event anymore.”

It is our belief that as a development tool there is no better event to use to gain, progress and hone a riders technical, tactical and physical elements and bring them out the other side a better snickers!

When asked why madison is a key discipline for development Rod Ellingworth Team Sky Race coach said: “I would always recommend madison training for development riders because it incorporates many aspects of cycling, awareness, speed, technical and tactical skills. With all young British pros - Cavendish, Swift, Thomas, Kennaugh and Stannard - I used to run up to three sessions a week of Madison Training as part of their academy development.”

Tim Buckle, Talent Development coach team leader, added: “As programme we feel that the public perception of why we deliver certain disciplines is to assure we continue to get champs in these particular events / disciplines and in turn we get hit with the question why are you doing madison when it is not an Olympic event?

“Everything we deliver form coaching to racing opportunities is based on what disciplines / events we feel deliver key physical technical and tactical skills the best within and race relevant environment!”

We will deliver three madison specific National Schools of Racing. They will be held at three venues. The first is to be held at the Bournemouth track on 14 August, the second to be held at Wolverhampton (Aldersley) track on 15 August and finally we will be in Scunthorpe on the 16 August.

With the National Track Championships just around the corner there will be no better way to top up on your bunch riding, track awareness, skills, speed and endurance than with a day of Madison coaching.


To be eligible for these sessions riders need to have the following;

- Hold a British Cycling race licence

- Born in the following years 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 (youth A & B)

- Capable of riding safely in a bunch on the track

- Preferably Track League standard

- Ideally preparing for the National Champs.

Please follow the link and enter the session you would like to take part in.




Once the entries have closed, applicants will be sent a letter with the vital information for the session.

Please riders these are not sessions to learn to ride the track! Any riders who as a programme we have no knowledge of will be contacted to confirm they are up to the session.