Lambton tops Brooks Cycles League

Lambton tops Brooks Cycles League


Location: Lyme Valley Stadium, Newcastle-Under-Lyme
Event: 28st July 2011
Report: Chris Pyatt

The latest round of the Brooks Cycles sponsored Track League at the Lyme Valley Velodrome saw the next rounds of the handicap and kieren leagues with some close racing witnessed.

In the 500m handicap league Sassan Emadi took his first win in this event this year as he held off Joffie Houlton. In the kieren Dave Readle, first time rider this year, took a fine win from Sassan Emadi and Steve Cronshaw. The other sprint event was the team sprint with Steve Cronshaw, Sean Mayer and Barney Swinnerton taking a comfortable win.

The endurance races saw Robert Lambton win the points race, devil and the final 10 mile scratch. In this event he lapped the field with will Thomas and Andy Jackson. The other a class endurance event was won by Chris Mulson as he took the 8 lap scratch.

The B class races saw Alex Webb take the 8 lap scratch and the Devil. Neil Clarke scored well to win the course de primes and Neil Cummins won the final 10 mile scratch. The Youth races saw league leader Joel Partington make a clean sweep of wins as he won the block handicap, devil, points and scratch.

The freewheelers' league continues to grow with seven new riders this week with the attendance on the night hitting the 30 mark. This is a great turn out considering it is now holiday time. The top point's scorers in each group were as follows:

Group 1 James Brayford 8 points

Group 2 James Scott 7 points

Group 3 Rebecca Newman 7 points

Freewheelers Results

Group 1
Race 1
1. James Brayford
2. Megan Williams Lyme RC
3. Kieran Morris Mid Shropshire Wheelers

Race 2
1. Kieran Morris
2. James Brayford
3. Megan Williams

Race 3
1. Kieran Morris
2. James Brayford
3. Bradley Hill Lyme RC

Group 2
Race 1
1. James Scott Lyme RC
2. Sam Hall
3. Harrison Barber NTCA

Race 2
1. Sam Hall
2. James Scott
3. Ambrose Morris Lyme RC

Race 3
1. Harrison Barber
2. Sophie Bassett Lyme RC
3. James Scott

Group 3
Race 1
1. Jack Scott Lyme RC
2. Austin Scott Lyme RC
3. Lucy Scott Lyme RC

Race 2
1. James Gallon
2. Thomas Boyd
3. Edward Mulroy Congleton CC

Race 3
1. Rebecca Newman Lyme RC
2. Harry Ford
3. Luca Annese Lyme RC

Race 4
1. Edward Mulroy
2. Natasha Sandbach
3. Enrico Annese Lyme RC

Race 5
1. Rebecca Newman
2. Luca Annese
3. Harry Ford

Race 6
1. Natasha Sandbach
2. Enrico Annese
3. Edward Mulroy

Main League

Youth Block Handicap
1. Joel Partington Lyme RC
2. James Risk Weaver Valley CC
3. Sallie Birchall Lyme RC

Neil Potter 500m Handicap League
1. Sassan Emadi Tunstall Wheelers
2. Joffie Houlton PM
3. Steve Cronshaw Brereton Wheelers
4. Phil Houlton Newcastle RC 2001
5. Louis Preston Lyme RC

A Class Endurance 8 lap Scratch
1. Chris Mulson Science in Sport
2. Robert Lambton Brooks Cycles
3. Alex Simmons Lyme RC

B Class 8 lap Scratch
1. Alex Webb Lyme RC
2. Neil Cummins PM
3. Christine Higgs Macclesfield Wheelers

Youth Devil
1. Joel Partington
2. James Risk
3. Sallie Birchall

A Sprinter Team Sprint
1. Steve Cronshaw
Barney Swinnerton Science in Sport
Sean Mayer Lyme RC

A Class Endurance points Race
1. Robert Lambton
2. Chris Mulson
3. Will Thomas Team Velocity

B Class Devil
1. Alex Webb
2. Neil Cummins
3. Adrian Humpage Lyme RC

Youth Points Race
1. Joel Partington
2. James Risk
3. Becky Gray Lyme RC

A Sprinters keiren Final
1. Dave Readle Science in Sport
2. Sassan Emadi
3. Steve Cronshaw
4. Barney Swinnerton
5. Phil Houlton
6. Sean Mayer

A Class Endurance devil
1. Robert Lambton
2. Alex Simmons
3. Chris Mulson

B Class Course de Primes
1. Neil Clarke VC Nottingham
2. Sam Birchall Team Velocity
3. Neil Cummins

Youth Scratch
1. Joel Partington
2. James Risk
3. Becky Gray

10 mile Scratch
1. Robert Lambton
2. Will Thomas
3. Andrew Jackson i Optix RT

B Class
1. Neil Cummins
2. Joel Partington
3. Christine Higgs