Report: Brooks Cycles Track League


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Brooks Cycles Track League

Story posted June 23, 2010; thanks to Chris Pyatt

Due to a date clash with the Tour Series event taking place in Stoke Town Centre, the Brooks Cycles Track League was moved from its traditional Thursday night to Wednesday. The organisers were concerned that they may have taken the wrong decision when looking at the Freewheelers league attendance however there was a healthy turnout in the main league that raced under blue skies.

The A Class League saw Robert Lambton, Brooks Cycles, the top points scorer. Robert is gradually getting back to his best form after missing a month with a knee injury. He won the opening 10 lap scratch race as he attacked with three quarters of a lap to go to win by 10 metres. Veteran Steve Clayton, Planet X, was another who had a good night as he scored 7 points with wins in the Course de primes and the final 10 mile Scratch.

The B Class races saw Ryan Whatmough, Shepherd Cycles, dominate the nights events with wins in all the races to score 14 points. This has also increased his overall league lead to 22 points over Sam Birchall of Lyme RC. Sam had a good night also as he scored 9 points. The Youth races saw a good spread of point’s scorers with league leader Joel Partington, Lyme RC, top scoring with 8 points. Joel won the Devil and Scratch races displaying good bursts of speed.

The Neil Potter sponsored handicap league event, saw league leader Phil Houlton again win from his ever decreasing mark from the fast improving Joffie Houlton, Lyme RC. The Freewheelers League saw a lower than usual turnout which could have been due to the day switch however the thirteen riders who did attend put in some great rides with all scoring points. The top point’s scorers for each age group were;

Group 1 Joel Partington and Sam Pattison Lyme RC
Group 2 Liam Zwetschnikow   Lyme RC
Group 3 Olivia Braybrooke    Eastlands Velo



Group 1

Race 1
1st Joel Partington  Lyme RC
2nd Megan Wynn  Lyme RC
3rd Ashleigh Williams  Lyme RC

Race 2
1st Ashleigh Williams
2nd Sam Pattison  Lyme RC
3rd Joel Partington

Race 3
1st Sam Pattison
2nd Ashleigh Williams
3rd Megan Wynn

Race 4
1st Joel Partington
2nd Sam Pattison
3rd Megan Wynn

Group 2
Race 1
1st James Duncalf  Lyme RC
2nd Bradley Hill   Lyme RC
3rd Brandon McMillan Lyme RC

Race 2
1st Liam Zwetschnikow Lyme RC
2nd James Duncalf
3rd Megan Williams

Race 3
1st Liam Zwetschnikow
2nd Bradley Hill
3rd James Duncalf

Race 4
1st Megan Williams
2nd Liam Zwetschnikow
3rd James Duncalf

Group 3
Race 1
1st Olivia Braybrooke  Lyme RC
2nd Andrew Williams 
3rd Holly Mulroy

Race 2
1st Holly Mulroy
2nd Olivia Braybrooke
3rd Heidi Simpson  Lyme RC

Race 3
1st Olivia Braybrooke
2nd Holly Mulroy
3rd Andrew Williams

Race 4
1st Heidi Simpson
2nd Olivia Braybrooke
3rd Holly Mulroy.


Youth 400m TT
1st Louis Preston  Lyme RC
2nd Sean Mayer   Lyme RC
3rd Joel Partington  Lyme RC

A Class 10 lap Scratch
1st Robert Lambton  Brooks Cycles
2nd Adrian Adgar  Dinnington RC
3rd Paul Whatmough  Shepherd Cycles

B Class 10 Lap Scratch
1st Ryan Whatmough  Shepherd Cycles
2nd Sam Birchall   Lyme RC
3rd Joe Evans   Newcastle RC 2001

Youth Block Handicap
1st Alex Webb   Lyme RC
2nd Paige Millward  Lyme RC
3rd Alex Braybrooke  Sportcity Velo

Neil Potter Handicap League
1st Phil Houlton  Newcastle RC 2001
2nd Joffie Houlton  Lyme RC
3rd Ryan Whatmough
4th Barney Swinnerton Lyme RC
5th Sam Easterbrook  Loughborough Students CC
6th Paul Barber    Scunthorpe Poly CC

Youth Team sprint
1st Liam Zwetschnikow Lyme RC
 Sallie Birchall  Lyme RC
 Paige Millward  Lyme RC
 Alex Webb   Lyme RC
 George Edwards  Lyme RC
 Sean Mayer   Lyme RC

A Class Course de Primes
1st Steve Clayton  Planet X
2nd Andrew Jackson  Go Sport Spex RT
3rd Oliver Davies  Dinnington RC

B Class Devil
1st Ryan Whatmough
2nd Sam Birchall
3rd Sam Easterbrook

Youth Devil
1st Joel Partington
2nd George Edwards
3rd Christian Braybrooke

A Class Team Sprint
1st Alex Simmons  Lyme RC
 Barney Swinnerton Lyme RC
 Oliver Davies
 Robert Lambton

B Class Unknown Distance
1st Ryan Whatmough
2nd Sam Birchall
3rd Martyn Shaw  Lyme RC

Youth Scratch
1st Joel Partington
2nd George Edwards
3rd Alex Webb

10 Mile Scratch
1st Steve Clayton
2nd Robert Lambton
3rd Adrian Adgar

B Class
1st Ryan Whatmough
2nd Sam Birchall
3rd Christine Higgs   Macclesfield Wheelers