Sportive Tips - Planning your post ride kitbag


What's in the bag?There are many aspects to each individuals post ride kit bag and each person will take specific items. We have pulled together the top three areas and the reasons they should be in your post sportive Kit Bag:

Nutrition: Probably the most important item in your bag is a recovery snack or drink that should ideally be consumed within 15 minutes of finishing your ride. It should contain both carbohydrates and protein and you should know from training what you tend to fancy.

Hygiene: If there are going to be showers, make sure you have a towel and shower gel. If not, baby wipes and/or dry shower spray and a towel are good alternatives to get rid of the worst of the grime and sweat.

Clothing: Pack more clothes than you think you’ll need as, after a long hard ride, you can often feel cold and struggle to warm up. A beanie hat can make a real difference and comfy shoes are essential to avoid having to teeter around in cycling shoes.

Feeding, cleaning, and clothing will enhance your post ride recovery, making your next training ride or event that little bit easier. The full article on post ride recovery for your events can be accessed by British Cycling members in the Insight Zone, with more insight on the post ride kit bag from experts Matt Winston and Roger Hammond.