Hundreds brave 'classics' conditions for Rawlinson Bracket

Hundreds brave 'classics' conditions for Rawlinson Bracket


Event: 26 February 2013
Location: Gaydon, Warwickshire
Report: Steve Jefferies

Almost 300 brave souls arrived in conditions typical of an early Northern European Classic – cold and windy. This didn’t seem to be dampening anyone’s spirits although the riders did seem to be keen to get down the road rather than listening to me wax lyrical about the areas of interest on the course.

The course was dry after several days of a bitter Northerly wind but some dandruff-like snow did make an appearance to remind all that this was a Winter Sportive.

Our first riders back were relieved to be directed to the free tea and coffee and warmth of event HQ.Based on the rider’s responses that I received on their return it looks as though the respective courses achieved their desired objectives, the majority of Bottom Bracket riders commented on the scenic nature of the route whilst there were several comments regarding the difficulty of the climbs on the Top Bracket. Whilst climbing the last climb, Sunrising Hill, a friend of mine told me that he could hear riders exclaiming ‘that’s not a climb! It’s a wall!’.

So far this event has raised over £4000 for SADS UK for them to continue save lives, providing information, funding research and medical equipment to prevent premature sudden cardiac death.

A heartfelt thanks goes to all our volunteers, this event would haven’t gone so smoothly and received such positive feedback without them. A special mention goes to Gavin Oag, whose relentless energy proved vital in getting every last detail sorted.

On a personal note I would like to thank my wife, Helen, for her support and for enjoying the BB route so much. I would like to also thank the organising team, the event day team, the sponsors and supporters for all of their hard work!

Organising Team  

  • Gavin Oag (HQ location/corporate liaison/logistics/route signage)
  • Dan Adams (stationery/signage/meeting secretary)
  • Simon Dane (course safety officer and route signage)
  • Edd Buggins (finishers bags and route signage)
  • Chris Spencer (trophy design and route signage)
  • Alan Gordon (event timing)
  • Chris Rawlinson (SADS UK liaison and website, logo design)
  • Anthony Purkiss (logo design, website)
  • Tom Witcherley (website)
  • Manuel Buck (flyer design)
  • Jan Rawlinson (entry packs)

 Event Day Team

  • Gavin Oag
  • Edd Buggins
  • Chris Spencer
  • Jan Rawlinson
  • Paul Anderson-Kirby
  • Simon Dane
  • Emma Duffy
  • Holly Duffy
  • Alan Gordon
  • Dave Parry
  • Jessica Muton
  • Dave Lewis
  • Stuart McConnachie
  • Rob Smith
  • Anthony Purkiss
  • Alfred Yu
  • Also a special thanks to the staff at the Heritage Motor Centre, especially their first aider!


  • Dr. Garry Palmer at Sportstest
  • CeriDipple at Twenty3c


  • Bryan Steel
  • Chris Lines at Epic Cycles
  • Kim Sabey at 10 Business Environments
  • Waitrose Kenilworth

And last, but not least, Nick Rawlinson for providing the inspiration for the courses through his passion for cycling and attitude to life.