Santa is coming! Sportive bike buyers guide

Santa is coming! Sportive bike buyers guide


With Christmas looming it’s time to get that wish list off to Santa. On that list, no doubt, is a world of cycling goodies which you will enjoy during your sportive season, some small, some large, some downright extravagant.

There are many different bikes to choose from, in massively varying price ranges. Remember when putting a bike on your wish list for Santa to consider what you’re likely to get for your money.

Entry Level (£400-£500)

When riding your bike 4-7 hours a week on the British Cycling Sportive Training Plan, it would be unwise to buy a bike for less than £400. With this kind of usage, any bike under this price point will need parts replacing and services so quickly as to make it a false economy.

There are plenty of bikes in the £400-£500 price bracket that are worthy steeds for training and sportives but you might want to aim a little higher.

Mid Level (£700-£900)

Aluminium frames dominate this price point and will give you a strong and light ride. They’re also more resilient against day to day knocks and bangs than pricier carbon.

At the upper end of this price bracket you’ll find aluminium frames with carbon forks and sometimes stays. This will make your ride more comfortable, as the carbon will absorb vibrations from the road better.

Components on these bikes will be from dedicated manufacturers offering performance, durability and trickle down benefits from top tier kit.

Cycle to Work Level (£1000)

There’s a real manufacturers’ war at this price point due to the introduction of cycle to work schemes and their £1000 price cap, making this the best bang for your buck bracket.

At this price point you will find a range of bikes made from aluminium, full carbon and even some end of line titanium bargains.

Components will be mid tier from the big manufacturers giving barely discernible differences in performance and weight from top spec products.

Our advice is to try and spend that little bit more and hopefully that bike shaped package beneath the tree will be the ride of your dreams.