Sportive Training Plans - Driving on the Pedals

Sportive Training Plans - Driving on the Pedals


The British Cycling Sportive Training Plans are full of varied cycling techniques, all of which you will use a daily basis. To improve the technical aspects of your riding you should focus on one technical point per ride and try to perform that technique really well.

When training over the coming weeks you will be asked to focus on your out of the saddle climbing technique. Out of the saddle climbing is vital, as Sportives are usually full of short steep climbs that require a powerful burst of speed; this is while trying not to bring down other riders around you as your raise out of the saddle by slowing the bike down.

Remember the key points of climbing out of the saddle and staying upright with other riders around you are:

-   Climbing out of the saddle is not the most efficient way of climbing up a hill, but for short steep climbs this may be the only way to reach the top.

-   When riding in a group and rising out of the saddle, don’t forget to push really hard on the lead foot and the following two pedal revolutions, making sure the bike does not slow down and impacts the rider behind.

-   Before climbing out of the saddle you should change into a harder gear, this is to make sure that you are stable on the bike

So, step up with your lead foot forward and drive on the pedals hard, as this is taking you over that final steep climb on the road to Sportive glory.

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