Sportive Blog - Lorna - Raindrops keep falling on my head

Sportive Blog - Lorna - Raindrops keep falling on my head


Our sportive blogger Lorna muses on the delights of the British summer (from the fallback position of the turbo trainer).

Isn’t the human psyche a weird and wonderful thing. Why is it that once the impulses travelling along the optic nerves have been transformed into images of large drops of precipitation streaking down a window pane against the backdrop of a low, grey sky do I instantly compute the message of, “no you’re alright, the turbo/gym will be fine today plus Wimbledon is on so you can watch it at the same time.”

Yet, set off on a ride whilst it’s still dry, blissfully unaware that in 10 miles time the heavens will open and when they do actually smile, dare I say enjoy it and continue with the planned mileage as after all it’s only a wee drop of water? Strange. Very strange.

Unless you have been lucky enough to spend some time abroad so far this year - no doubt smug on your return as to how fantastic the weather was, how well developed your cycling tan is and how wonderful the roads were - then, like me, you have been painfully aware of yet another British Summertime under water.

The mini heatwave in March and April saw the overshoes, long bibs and winter waterproofs beat a hasty retreat to the depths of storage only to be dragged out again on numerous occasions to the point that they are now no longer even put away. I haven’t quite gone as far as swapping my summer bike for my winter bike or resorted to mudguards, once again I think that’s down to psychology.

It doesn’t matter if I get a wet bum or my fellow rider gets a constant spray from my backwheel ‘cause it’s July, right? Plus, let’s look on the brightside. This is the time of year when ‘out of season’ stock is usually on offer so take the opportunity while you can. When else do you get to use the, ‘but it’s on sale, darling,’ excuse for buying new kit and actually be telling the truth?

We have a fabulous couple of months of televised cycling to enjoy anyway so if it really is too minging to get out and ride, pick yourself up a couple of UV tubes, turn your garage into a mini solarium, jump on the turbo with your sunnies and summer kit on and ride along with Brad, Cav and the boys. You’ll look every bit the pro in no time.

Or suck it up. Get out there and embrace the weather. As our club captain reminds our gloomy little faces every week, skin is waterproof!