Lupus Lap offers chance to ride Stafford GP Elite Circuit Series course

Lupus Lap offers chance to ride Stafford GP Elite Circuit Series course


Location: Stafford College, Earl Street, Stafford
Event: 4 July 2012

A unique sportive event is set to grace Stafford with participants able to ride on the Stafford GP course prior to the Elite Circuit Series event taking place on July 4.

Up to 100 riders will have the chance to ride the 3km lap of the professional circuit on the evening of the second round of the British Cycling Elite Circuit Series. All profits from the ride go to The Hibbs Lupus Trust and all participants get a commemorative number and wrist band as a memento of their ride.

One rider looking forward to trying the course is Cyclevox’s Anthony McCrossan, who is taking time out from a busy evening of filming the Elite Circuit Series round for Sky Sports to try the 3km circuit.

“This is without doubt a unique sportive!” McCrossan said. “As an announcer, my job would be a lot shorter doing this event, than commentating at the finish of the Giro wouldn't it?! But why not do something different?

“The team at the Stafford GP are building an event and anything that gets riders to have a go and get a taste of the circuit the pros will be riding on is a good thing. Cycling is unique at pro level, the riders and courses are accessible and I hope the sport stays that way.”

“Anyone who has a go at this lap will be able to identify more closely with the pros that race at the end of the night. And then when they watch the coverage on Sky Sports they can try and work out how those top riders go round the corners so fast! It’s a great addition to the event. I always like to take part in initiatives like this. Tonight, I am going to be disguised as Graham Briggs, but I don't expect to be going quite so fast!”

As well as enjoying a lap of crit action in the heart of Stafford, particiapnts know that their entry fee will be helping The Hibbs Lupus Trust, a charity run entirely by voluntary trustees, friends and supporters who are dedicated team whose own lives have been affected by lupus.

“In all seriousness, the reason we are supporting the event is to raise money for the Lupus Trust. That’s why I agreed to take part. During the night, I am going to be pretty busy with the TV crew for Sky Sports, but this is 3k and I can take a little time out to highlight something important,” McCrossan added.